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Brian S. Brown’s latest email on behalf of National Organization for Marriage is titled: “Don’t let them erase the reality of male and female.” Brown, a fundamentalist Catholic, believes that his god created everyone male or female and that gender, as a separate construct, does not exist.

According to Blowhard Brian:

The radicals on the left are beside themselves because a key Trump Administration agency has recommended that the administration actually follow the law when it comes to sex discrimination, defining a person’s sex the way it has always been defined, a biologic [sic] reality of being male or female determined at birth. The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights reportedly argued in a memo obtained by the New York Times that key government agencies needed to adopt an explicit and uniform definition of sex as determined “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.”

No one is “beside themselves.” The community is very concerned that this is an effort to declare that transgender people do not exist. If they do not exist then they cannot be a suspect class. If they are not a suspect class then they are not entitled to accommodations or nondiscrimination protections.

Brown’s biological reality does not consider that gender is a separate construct from natal sex. In a very small minority of people, their gender is not congruent with their natal sex. I thought that this was indisputable scientific fact. Apparently it can be disputed by people with a religious agenda who want science to conform to scripture.

Roger Severino, like Brian S. Brown, is a Defender of the Faith. Severino is the director of the Office of Civil Rights at HHS. In accordance with his office’s memorandum, transgender people are not entitled to civil rights. Who knew that his office was responsible for such qualifications?

It is hardly a radical idea that science should not be politicized. The idea that gender is synonymous with sex (which is what they are saying) is “grounded in science” is preposterous. This form of upisdownism has people pushing back, not just out of concern for transgender and gender nonconforming people but for it’s appalling intellectual dishonesty.

Brown continues:

The radicals led by the grossly misnamed Human Rights Campaign immediately declared that President Trump was proposing to “erase” transgender Americans. Right on cue, their false claim has been breathlessly reported by the mainstream media.

Of course Brown does not explain what is false. He cannot.

What this is really all about:

Translation: “Send us some money so that I can feed my nine (est) children!”

Brown is quite verbose. He writes, in part:

What’s at stake here is critically important. Acting at the behest of LGBT radicals, President Obama illegally took it upon himself to redefine the term “sex” in federal law to mean “gender identity.” This had the effect of making it discriminatory to treat biological men as men if they claimed a female identity.

There is nothing radical about conforming to science and sex was not redefined. Rather, gender was recognized. And, yes, Blowhard Brian, in a civilized society we should protect transgender people (a very small and vulnerable minority) from discrimination.

I was watching Hardball last night. Chris Matthews, who is not L,G,B or T and who is pretty mainstream and who is almost 73 years of age, said, in effect, that people should use public bathrooms that correspond to their presentation. Matthews spoke as if it were obvious common sense because it is.

I immediately thought of Laverne Cox:

Laverne Cox

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Brian S. Brown argues that Ms. Cox should be addressed as “Mr.” and with male pronouns. Furthermore, according to Blowhard Brian, if Ms. Cox has to pee she should do so in a men’s room. Ms. Cox is a highly accomplished, award winning performer and media executive. None of that matters at all to Brown. She is to be degraded and humiliated if Brown and Severino have it their way because her gender and natal sex are incongruent.

More money grubbing:

But it is all a lie. Sex and gender are not an emotional condition, but a biological reality.

NOM will fight for the reality of male and female under federal law because it is an essential condition of the human condition. God made us male and female, equal, but different. The two halves of humanity are complimentary, each essential for human flourishing. Will you help us defend the reality of God’s design of mankind as male and female?

Thanks Brian for quoting some of the arcane catechism of the Catholic Church. That is very helpful for establishing policy in a country that is constitutionally prohibited from recognizing religion in law. Mr. Brown thinks that none of that applies to Catholicism. His folks have a special pass on constitutional prohibitions.

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