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Wednesday, Michelle Cretella, executive director of American College of Pediatricians along with Chris Woodward and Steve Jordahl, propagandists for American Family Association, claim that gender and sex are the same thing. They do so in denial of medical science. Their assertion is: Sex, gender two different things – a ‘foundational lie’.

American College of Pediatricians and American Family Association are both anti-LGBT hate groups. Both groups refuse to accept the fact that gender is a separate construct from natal sex. Cretella does so in an attempt to conform medical science to the catechism of the Catholic Church.

Woodward and Jordahl do so because conservative evangelical Christians seek to align medical science with scripture. Both are factually wrong. The AFA guys drank the Kool-Aid while Michelle Cretella is simply a liar.

[The] AP asked the following question of Dr. Jason Rafferty of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP): Aren’t sex and gender interchangeable terms?

“Sex typically refers to anatomy while gender goes beyond biology,” Rafferty told The Associated Press. “Gender identity is more an inner sense of being male, female or somewhere in between – regardless of physical anatomy. It may be influenced by genetics and other factors, but it’s more about the brain than the sex organs.”

According to Rafferty, transgender is a term “accepted across science and medical groups” to mean people whose gender identity doesn’t match what Rafferty calls their “sex assigned at birth.”

That all sounds about right to me.

And away we go:

OneNewsNow spoke with Dr. Michelle Cretella, executive director of the American College of Pediatricians, who sees things differently.

“The lie is that people have sex and that they have something else called gender,” she begins. “That’s the foundational lie – and Dr. Rafferty is the author of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ pro-transgender policy statement that was just torn to shreds by an openly gay psychologist who looked at the AAP’s policy statement, authored by Dr. Rafferty, and pulled all the references.”

Dr. Jason Rafferty is a board certified psychiatrist and pediatrician. In addition to his MD (from Harvard), he has a master’s degree in public health and another master’s in education. Dr. Rafferty has published scores of peer-reviewed papers. Rafferty was the prime author of the AAP’s statement recommending the affirmative-care treatment model.

Michelle Cretella, in contrast, is not currently licensed, was once board certified in pediatrics but has never published any research to an academic journal. She does not identify the “openly gay psychologist” or cite anything that said psychologist has written. Nor does she explain why his or her sexual orientation is germane. There is always a reason why people do not identify their sources.

According to Cretella, the references that Rafferty cites for the AAP do not support the claims that he makes.

I find this rather ironic given the fact that Cretella is quoting the opinion of an unnamed psychologist and provides no references whatsoever.

But let’s test Cretella’s claim. According to the AAP statement:

Gender identity is not synonymous with “sexual orientation,” which refers to a person’s identity in relation to the gender(s) to which they are sexually and romantically attracted. Gender identity and sexual orientation are distinct but interrelated constructs.

That is just the opposite of what Cretella is saying. The cite for the above paragraph is (link added): American Psychological Association. Guidelines for psychological practice with transgender and gender nonconforming people. Am Psychol. 2015;70(9):832–864pmid:26653312.

American Psychology is a peer-reviewed academic journal. Quoting just part of the opening paragraph (the paper is 33 pages in length):

Transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) people
are those who have a gender identity that is not fully
aligned with their sex assigned at birth. The existence of
TGNC people has been documented in a range of historical
cultures …

Obviously there is much more but at the very outset, contrary to Cretella’s claim, the reference (or citation) supports the initial conclusion. I can do this all day long because Dr. Rafferty happens to be very anal. His detail is extremely precise. You can test this yourself if you like. I just picked the first paragraph asserting that gender and natal sex are separate constructs. I have looked at several others. Same thing.

Cretella is so desperate to support the teachings of the Catholic Church that she will say just about anything, regardless of whether or not it is true. Isn’t there also a teaching about lying? Cretella is a bald-faced liar.

Woodward and Jordahl continue with Cretella:

“He claims, and the AAP claims, that every child – regardless of how young – must be accepted for whatever gender identity they declare and that we need to go ahead and raise them as the opposite sex, whether they are two or sixteen or eighteen,” she continues. “That is demonstrably false [and] that’s what the AP story is basing their so-called science on.”

What the AAP statement actually says:

In a gender-affirmative care model (GACM), pediatric providers offer developmentally appropriate care that is oriented toward understanding and appreciating the youth’s gender experience. A strong, nonjudgmental partnership with youth and their families can facilitate exploration of complicated emotions and gender-diverse expressions while allowing questions and concerns to be raised in a supportive environment.

Cretella’s claim is simplistic sophistry. Note that the first task of the pediatrician is “understanding and appreciating.” That is a long way from transition and that is in advance of a presumed psychiatric referral. Suggesting that some mad scientist is going to cause the transition of a two-year-old is just dishonest hyperbole. Michelle Cretella is a liar.

The truth, says Dr. Cretella, is that every human being is conceived with a biological sex, which is determined by an individual’s DNA alone.

That is true. Other than the fact that a minuscule minority of people have ambiguous chromosomes no one is arguing otherwise.

“Our identity, our self-awareness of being male or female, is something that is learned, and it develops over time,” she adds. “It is not until the child is seven years old that a child’s brain is capable of understanding that sex does not change when you change your appearance. That is the science … the psychological science, the neurological science … that the transgender activists – including the transgender activists who wear white coats and stethoscopes – are ignoring.”

Cretella is actually (and unintentionally) admitting that gender is something other than natal sex. If that is the science, as she claims, where are the cites? Where is the research from psychologists and neurologists to support her claims. I do not know of any science to support the claim that gender is “learned.” By the way, any scientist who disagrees with Cretella (the overwhelming majority it seems) is automatically deemed a “transgender activist.” She is essentially claiming that Dr. Rafferty has abandoned his medical and scientific training to advocate a social agenda. Where is the evidence to support that charge?

So far she has not cited a single piece of scientific evidence to support any of her claims. Not so much as one peer-reviewed article. What does that tell you? Again, this is ironic given that her criticism of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ statement is bad references. Aside from the fact that the AAP references are consistent, Cretella provides no references at all.

A bit further down:

American Family Association’s Sandy Rios says the madness has gone far enough. “We’ve allowed that to happen because we have not spoken back firmly and said, No – this is biology. This is the way God designed things,” she exclaims.

So, …, … the Bible, an ancient chronicle, is an acceptable substitute for current research published to respected academic journals that subject articles to rigorous peer review? How the hell does she know what her god designed if s/he designed anything at all? This is all infuriating. God also seems to have created a hell of a lot of intelligent scientists who disagree with that drivel.

A call to a different authority:

But she contends there are signs many Americans are ready to stand up to those who continue to peddle the “gender identity” lie.

“I think that’s one of the biggest reasons why President Trump has taken the imagination of the American people, because he’s willing to say the things that the American people have been afraid to say,” she shares.

If Rios ever contracts a serious illness I think that she should poll the American public and Donald Trump regarding the best course of treatment. She can throw in Mike Pence while she is at it.

What matters with the care of people, particularly children, is the professional opinions of people with the necessary training and experience. If hate groups like AFA can convince Christians that gender identity does not exist in the form that it does, that still does not alter the science.

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