“Who portrays themselves as disordered? Gays or people like Morse?”

Jennifer Roback Morse
Hate group leader Jennifer Roback Morse
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In an email to supporters, Jennifer Roback Morse, leader of Ruth Institute, writes:

Did you here [sic] the news about the two priests arrested in Miami for “lewd and lascivious behavior?” It’s a disgusting story, but we’re turning it into a “win” for sexual morality.

Last Labor Day two priests from Chicago were arrested for blowing each other in a parked car on Ocean Drive in South Beach at about 3:00 PM (amid two-lane traffic advancing at a very slow crawl). Responding to a complaint, two Miami Beach police officers walked up to the vehicle. Through the windows they caught these two geniuses in the act. The pair were arrested.

Morse tries to make a point:

The Sexual Revolutionaries have created a Grand Gay Narrative that “makes gay ok,” but the story of these two priests gives us a chance to challenge that narrative and stand it on its head.

In other words, according to this hate group leader, those two priests depict what gay men do. Is that what most Catholic priests do?

I would wager that 99% of the “lewd and lascivious” arrests in Miami Beach involve the actions of heterosexuals. Are heterosexuals compelled to have sex midday on the beach, perhaps beneath an undulating towel?

Just to make sure that Morse’s readers get the point:

1. Having sex in a parked car in a public place is not a “normal variation of healthy human sexuality.”

Morse thinks she is clever by substituting sex in a parked car for homosexuality and then quoting the American Psychological Association. She is attempting to merge gay men with two priests giving each other blowjobs. It is an obviously false equivalence.

But there is more:

2. These men are certainly not in command of themselves and their impulses.

Using the word “are” rather than “were” she is claiming that gay people are out of control. It is a call to stereotype. The truth is that we are as boring as most people.

And of course we are diseased perverts:

3. Judging from the high rates of sexually transmitted diseases among men who have sex with other men, a lot of them are not in command of themselves.

Morse coalesces the hate speech:

Use these take-away points in your conversations with others troubled by this incident but who are afraid to say anything “anti-gay.” Try this sample dialogue.

“Having sex in a public place is not normal behavior.”

   “But not all gay men do that.”

“True. But evidently quite a few are not in command of themselves. Look at the high rates of STDs. A lot of them must be engaging in a lot of risky behavior.”

   “Well, my nephew is gay, and he would never do a thing like that.”

“I believe you. (Don’t argue with someone about a person whom they know better than you do.) But I’m concerned about some of the people he may be hanging around with. Do you know all his friends and everything he is doing?”

Morse whines about Ruth Institute being designated a hate group. Yet here she is encouraging people to go out and disparage gays. Why is it so important for Morse to denigrate a minority group?

And if you still don’t get it:

At this point, just listen to what the person says. You may have done all you can in one conversation. You’ve planted the seed of doubt that “being gay is a normal variation of healthy human sexuality.”

This incident of the priests in Miami gives us a chance chip away at the Grand Gay Narrative. Don’t let that chance go to waste!

Morse is determined to propagandize homophobia, presumably in order to bolster the teachings of the Catholic Church that gay people are “objectively disordered.” She is also trying to support the fictional teaching about gays as parents:

Allowing children to be adopted by persons living in such unions would actually mean doing violence to these children…

The facts:

  1. Sexual orientation is a continuum where all points are natural, healthy variants of human sexuality.
  2. Gay people are not “objectively disordered.” People making this claim are, or were, catechists and theologians. They are not qualified to judge human sexuality.
  3. Being gay is not unhealthy.
    • Having unprotected sex is unhealthy.
    • Being the object of bigotry is unhealthy.
  4. Gay couples raise perfectly healthy, happy and secure children.

Jennifer Roback Morse is encouraging people to confront others. Go ahead. Do it! Tell people that their gay relatives are diseased and disordered perverts like those two priests who could not control themselves. Make sure that you tell them that their relatives are part of the conspiracy known as The Homosexual Agenda™.

Normal people will flee from this bigotry in utter disgust. Who portrays themselves as disordered? Gays or people like Morse?

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.