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I am sure this is just temporary but the hosting company for LifeSiteNews (LSN) has pulled the plug on their rabid hate site. LSN is led by irrational Canadian extremists who believe that the current pope is “pro-homosexual.” Managing director, Steve Jalsevac, is absolutely crazy. He is wed to the belief that George Soros is the leader of a New World Order© conspiracy which is behind Trump’s poor approval ratings.

Last night I received an “urgent” email from John-Henry Westen and Steve Jalsevac, the top two executives of LSN. At 8:30 PM their web host gave them 12 hours to find a new hosting company. Of course this was all blamed on evil gays.

The site is down. Both the site and DNS are — were — provided by Cloudflare in San Francisco. LSN has a major headache on their hands which has been further complicated by the fact that the DNS and host are provided by the same company.

Good. They are absolutely vile in their anti-LGBT hate.

LSN has a United States 501(c)3 nonprofit. I have evidence that this is a sham. Its only purpose is to attract tax-deductible donations from U.S. citizens. I will be taking that up with the Internal Revenue Service in the very near future.

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By David Cary Hart

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