Freedom March

The May, 2018 Freedom March in DC was not exactly a blazing success. The same potty people are at it again this November.

Photo: Doug Mainwaring/LifeSiteNews

Some familiar loons are planning a Freedom March in Los Angeles on November 4. “Freedom” as in claiming to no longer have sexuality that conservative Christians disapprove of because of their ancient texts.

Last May, Jeffrey McCall, along with M.J. Nixon and Edward Byrd, organized a march on Washington. Elizabeth Johnston, the so-call Activist Mommy was supposed to speak. As you can see from the photo, above, it was not exactly a massive demonstration. This time around they have added a Californian, Kimberly Zember, to the dysfunction.

This is quite some crew:

  • Jeffrey McCall, from Georgia, runs For Such a Time ministry. Is is not a federally recognized nonprofit. McCall claims that he was gay then trans. He also says that he was an alcoholic addicted the meth and prescription drugs. Mr. McCall does not seem to be gainfully employed.
  • Mary Jenna Nixon (MJ), of Canton, GA, just formed her own tiny ministry called Uprooted Heart. It was approved as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in July, 2018. It is the recipient of donations to the march. Jesus saved MJ from the Homosexual Lifestyle™. According to her it was a transformation from death to life.
  • Edward Byrd, from Washington, DC, claims that Jesus “turned his pain and longing into love and purpose.” Byrd claims to run Red Hause, LLC which has no business license and no corporate record in DC. It also doesn’t seem to have a web presence. Mr. Byrd does not seem to be gainfully employed.
  • Kimberly Zember also claims to be an ex-gay who runs Overcome Ministries. Zember appears to have been a San Diego area real estate agent. Overcome Ministries is not registered as a California charity and has no business license.

I have confirmed with LAPD that they do have a demonstration permit for Pershing Square. The Pershing Square Farmers’ Market probably generates far more traffic. The question I have: Who is paying for this? These are people without a pot to piss in. Three of the four are east coast people.

My guess is that California Family Council is involved. Money still seems to flow to people who claim to be ex-gay. The supposed ability of people to alter their sexuality is an important justification in Christian circles for discrimination and opposition to nondiscrimination laws.

No research, published to a respected academic journal, exists to support the notion that people can changed their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.