Democrat Chris Pappas wants to represent New Hampshire’s First Congressional District. Pappas happens to be gay – Enter Peter LaBarbera.

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According to American Family Association propagandist, Chad Groening:

The race in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District is a battle between black conservative Republican Eddie Edwards and homosexual liberal Democrat Chris Pappas, who currently has a five point lead in the polls. Some political pundits have warned Republicans not to make an issue out of Pappas’s sexual orientation, but Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) does not really agree with that.

Just in passing, what does Edwards’ race have to do with anything? I digress. Of course LaBarbera doesn’t agree. He thinks that voters can be persuaded with: “Don’t vote for homosexual Pappas!” He assumes that voters will be attracted to the other guy’s bigotry rather than being turned off.

Derangement and delusion:

“What’s sad is even conservatives don’t want to talk about this anymore. So if you can’t talk about an issue, how can you actually defend your social position,” he poses. “If homosexuality is off limits now, how can you debate gay marriage? How can you debate the transgender issue if the media and the power structures are telling us you can’t even talk about it?”

LaBarbera says it is really about how Pappas’s homosexuality drives his positions on the issues.

Sad? There is no debate on same-sex marriage. It is settled law of the land and even with Kavanaugh highly unlikely to ever change. New Hampshire legalized same-sex marriage 3½ years before Obergefell. What, exactly, is the “transgender issue?” Talk about what? Issues are fair game. Smart Republicans do not campaign with homophobia. Sane, educated people do not think that sexual orientation is a choice or evil because of ancient writings.

Campaigns are about issues. Campaigns are not about perceived sexuality-embraced issues. The primary pitted Mr. Pappas against ten other people (including Bernie Sanders’ son). I would bet that any heterosexual Democratic would have held the same positions as Pappas.

According to WMUR the issues are opioids, immigration, U.S./Russia relations, cybersecurity, gun laws and campaign finance reform. The “social issues” that LaBarbera refers to are pretty much settled. In addition to LGBT matters, reproductive choice is clearly settled with only two restrictions: Parental notification and the availability of public funds only for life endangerment, rape and incest.

Pappas is vying to replace retiring Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, a Democrat. However, the district voted for Trump in 2016. Pappas has a 55%-33% lead in at least one poll with 12% undecided.

Peter LaBarbera needs to purchase a new watch. One that advances the time to the current millennium.

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By David Cary Hart

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