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Hate group leader Tony Perkins demonstrates his contempt for transgender people.

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Wednesday, hate group leader Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) writes: Even ‘sex change’ surgeons now expressing doubt about transgenderism. Perkins’ purpose is to dishonestly defame and marginalize transgender people because of his greed and a religious objection to their very existence.

According to Perkins:

Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic is not your normal physician. He came to fame more than two decades ago, making a name for himself as one of the world’s premiere genital reconstruction surgeons.

Taking nothing away from his surgical skills, Dr. Djordjevic is an aggressive self-promoting physician who really likes ink. It is difficult to separate Djordjevic’s accomplishments from Djordjevic’s marketing. Djordjevic is one of a number of people who perform gender-affirming surgery.

After years of helping men and women transition into a body they weren’t born with, he’s started to realize something: the procedure called sex reassignment surgery isn’t making patients happy.

Perkins’ claim is not true. That is not was Djordjevic is saying. To produce truth we have to change the text that I highlighted to: a few patients are not satisfied with the results of gender-affirming surgery. Dishonest, pejorative hyperbole is Perkins’ weapon of choice for dealing with LGBT people, all of whom he rabidly disapproves of.

Over the last five years, in particular, Dr. Djordjevic says he’s been overwhelmed by the number of people who’ve approached him about reversing their procedure. … Six people, he says, made appointments to undo a procedure that’s not only excruciatingly painful – but expensive. “They came from countries all over the Western world, Britain included, united by an acute sense of regret.”

Perkins contradicts himself. Six people over five years is not exactly “overwhelmed” and, as he says, these are people from all over the world. Djordjevic does about 100 of these surgeries each year. According to the article in the National Post some, perhaps all, of the reversals had surgery performed by someone other than Dr. Djordjevic.

Therefore, the unhappy patients are not a percentage of Djordjevic’s procedures. They are a percentage of many more gender-affirming surgeries performed by many surgeons around the world.

Djordjevic makes a living doing these surgeries and no one forced this interview on him. I suspect that Djordjevic had a different agenda. The National Post is a conservative outlet and the story is really about Bath Spa University in England turning down an application for research on gender reassignment reversal. Add some victimization of the potential researcher (whose self-promoting website has suddenly disappeared) and this story is a Canadian version of a typical Breitbart piece.

All that aside, there are people who should not have had gender-affirming surgery in the first place. There are probably even some people who were good candidates but later regretted the procedure. No one said that being transgender is easy and transgender people are targets for ridicule.

There is a dearth of hard data but a handful of regrets must be balanced by what appears to be large majority satisfaction with the procedure.

In the United States candidates for gender-affirming surgery are usually required to live as their gender for at least a year. During this period of time they are required to have regular psychological counseling and their psychologist will have to approve of the surgery.

We do not know what was required of the people who are now seeking reversals from Dr. Djordjevic.

Getting back to Mr. Perkins

Tony Perkins, the hate group leader, is exploiting surgical regret by a small number of people, to float, as he puts it: “doubt about transgenderism.” Doubt? Doubt that people should become transgender in the first place? Perkins’ overall goal is to license discrimination against transgender people because of his religious disapproval.

It is more than disapproval. Perkins incites hate and anger to bolster Family Research Council. For the year ended June 30, 2017, Perkins received compensation of $240,000.

Perkins attempts to further his agenda through abject dishonesty. Tony Perkins, the self-righteous Christian moralist, is thoroughly unprincipled; unscrupulous if you prefer. Perkins was corrupted by greed a very long time ago.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.