This offensive photo is part of an article on LifeSiteNews objecting to transgender accommodations in Sarasota, Florida schools. It dishonestly depicts a transgender school girl as an adult male who poses a threat to the little girl in the adjoining stall. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center no longer lists hate sites as hate groups. If the SPLC resumed that practice then would surely be included.

LifeSiteNews is an ultra-orthodox Catholic operation. I get faith. I really do. While I am not a believer I am not wed to the notion that people of faith are either stupid or pernicious. Orthodoxy diminishes critical thinking but that does not connote evil intent independent of actual malevolent conduct.

LifeSiteNews publishes articles and incorporates content authored by various hate group leaders including Tony Perkins, Peter LaBarbera, Mat Staver, Brian Camenker (MassResistance), Michelle Cretella, Linda Harvey and many others. Editor-in chief, John-Henry Westen and managing director, Steve Jalsevac make decisions to include this content without considering the possible consequences.

Westen and Jalsevac simply do not care. LGBT people are the enemy. We are all activists with an inimical “agenda.” We are part of a conspiracy which includes medical science. It also includes some priests and prelates. Enemies everywhere! The extreme paranoia does not result in the best editorial decisions.

Jalsevac, for example, appears to be an anti-Semite who blames everything he does not approve of on George Soros. He has written about a war financed by “elites;” a war that is “aggressively secular, borderless, de-populationist New World Order and world government.” The enemy’s conspiracies are everywhere!

LifeSiteNews started as an anti-abortion site. For years they have falsely portrayed pro-choice people as “pro-abortion.” They have adapted the same tactic for sexuality that they do not approve of. Any academic or organization that provides peer-reviewed research regarding LGBT people is tagged as “pro-LGBT” which implies a bias that does not exist. This comprises an intellectually dishonest effort to diminish the credibility of science that they do not like.

There are priests and bishops LifeSiteNews calls “pro-LGBT.” It is an ad hominem attack without having to critique the message that they do not like.

In addition to providing an outlet for the lunatic fringe, LifeSiteNews has its own staff of paid writers who defame LGBT people every day. It should be unacceptable.

LifeSiteNews is based in Canada. What should also be unacceptable is their probably fraudulent 501(c)3 set up to make US contributions tax deductible. I will be looking into that further in January (with the seating of a new Congress). These moralists appear to be unscrupulously gaming the system and all U.S. taxpayers subsidize their apparent deception.

LifeSiteNews should be capable of defending the teachings of the Church without denigrating or marginalizing minorities. They have an additional moral obligation to identify their defense of the faith as just that. In contrast they make a deliberate effort to masquerade religious objections as secular grievances.

The existence of LGBT people does not threaten the Catholic Church. The use of inflammatory content to disparage LGBT people, day after day after day, has no positive purpose. It reinforces the persecution of, and discrimination against, a minority group. Most appalling is the fact that some of the offensive material is aimed at parents. Some of those mothers and fathers, in turn, are going to diminish the self-esteem and dignity of their LGBT children.

Take away self-respect from a child and he or she may no longer have the ego-strengths to rebuild their self-confidence. Westen and Jalsevac do not care. LGBT children are combattants in their imagined war. They are part of the evil conspiracy. They are fair game because they choose to be gay or transgender. As such they are volunteers in an imagined army financed by elites.

None of this is necessary to defend the catechism of the Catholic Church. Not only is it unnecessary but it is counter-productive because negatively conveyed ideas have far less effect than positively delivered messages.

Instead of positive messages, LifeSiteNews actively smears our community every single day. Ironically, these people, who are so terrified of an imagined enemy, have become very real antagonists of people who have done them no harm. The reaction from me and others is one that they have induced with no return on their investment.

We are easy to disarm. Simply leave us the hell alone and stop slandering our community.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.