“Outside of religious faith, we expect a reasonable correlation of beliefs to evidence. That connection usually forms the basis for our actions.”

Brian Camenker, MassResistance

Hate Group Leader Brian Camenker (MassResistance) claims that trans people are lunatics. Apparently, his home is without mirrors.

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MassResistance, an anti-LGBT hate group, has an outlet for their rabid bigotry with LifeSiteNews. Their latest post Tuesday (attributed to Mass Resistance) is titled: Massachusetts keeps transgender bathroom law. How do we move forward? I am assuming that this was written by Hate Group Leader Brian Camenker.

Camenker as medical expert

On November 6, a nightmare happened in Massachusetts. There’s no way to whitewash this. Two-thirds of Massachusetts voters voted to keep a lunatic “transgender anti-discrimination” law in place. It’s a law that punishes people with fines and even jail time if they refuse to treat mentally dysfunctional men wearing dresses as if they were actual women.

The above challenges not only medical science but common sense. Apparently treating people decently is lunacy. The lack of empathy is appalling. Intellectual curiosity is absent from Camenker’s argument. He understands nothing about gender dysphoria or transgender people because he has not taken the time to learn. He hasn’t asked anyone and it shows.

Camenker as political strategist

The rallying cry of the LGBT lobby trying to keep the law in place was that this is about “civil rights.” (And they portrayed their opponents as being “against civil rights.”) Using that mantra, they gathered an unbelievably huge list of endorsements from corporations, small businesses, politicians, and other entities. …

Camenker is wrong on both counts. The campaign to retain the nondiscrimination law was about decency. Civil societies have an obligation to treat people fairly. Transgender rights are about protection from discrimination. The key phrase from the Human Rights Campaign was:

HRC calls on Equality Voters to vote YES on 3 and preserve the dignity and respect for transgender Bay Staters…

With respect to how HRC portrayed discriminatory adversaries:

Anti-equality extremists have sought to scare Massachusetts voters into becoming the first state in the nation to repeal these critical protections, invoking in their campaign a disengous [sic] myth around safety in restrooms.

Camenker admits that bathroom safety is a sham:

The rallying cry of the pro-family groups trying to repeal the law was the well-known “bathroom safety” argument – that in addition to transgenders, this law allows male sexual predators to lurk in women’s restrooms to prey on girls and women. This was technically true, but was largely contrived. They also talked about privacy in restrooms and locker rooms. They did NOT address the “civil rights” claim – which gave the LGBT lobby a complete free pass to use it without pushback. Nor did they address the bizarre and delusional nature of transgenderism itself in their arguments, except to say that transgenders “already have good legal protections” and didn’t need more.

In other words, Camenker agrees with HRC which describes “a disingenuous myth around safety in restrooms.” The threat of male sexual predators is not “technically true” as Camenker asserts. It is a complete fabrication. It never happens.

What Camenker is also claiming is that his campaign was not sufficiently bigoted. He needs to posit that transgender people are deranged which is contrary to medical science and also contrary to the ethos of a civil society. I suppose that promoting Camenker’s bewilderment over gender and gender identity as a stratagem might work in Alabama.

The above is not the first time that Camenker admits the intellectual dishonesty of attacking transgender people with the bathroom myth. On November 7 Camenker wrote:

Let’s be honest: This isn’t really about bathrooms, per se. This is about forcing the lunatic ideology of “transgenderism” on everyone. But in Massachusetts (and just about everywhere else) the “establishment” pro-family groups simply refuse to say that, or even criticize the concept of “transgenderism.” So they come up with “less inflammatory” arguments. But that rarely works.

Brian Camenker — November 7, 2018

Transgender people are not maniacal. Camenker’s belief system, in contrast, reflects a serious personality disorder. Camenker does not seem to be a religious zealot. Generally speaking, only orthodox Jews are anti-LGBT. I haven’t spotted Camenker in a long black coat and fur or very wide-brimmed hat.

The theory in action:

About a month before the election, MassResistance activists formed their own “No to 3” ballot committee to campaign on this. They felt strongly that three important points were not being presented to the public: (1) the LGBT movement’s “civil rights” argument has no basis whatsoever; (2) that “transgenderism” is actually a mental disorder and a destructive ideology…

Perhaps that is why 68% of voters voted to keep the nondiscrimination law in place. Nevertheless, I think that Mr. Camenker should stick with that strategy. It is bound to be successful in the future. Again, Mr. Camenker should be more careful about calling something a destructive mental disorder.

Trans people are not crazy. Mr. Camenker’s unhinged ravings, however, are untethered to reality. I’m not a shrink but Camenker displays inexplicable irrationality. Outside of religious faith, we expect a reasonable correlation of beliefs to evidence. That connection usually forms the basis for our actions. Camenker’s actions seem to be based on extreme paranoia and anxiety.

Others refused to participate in the insanity:

Sadly, the Massachusetts “conservative” news outlets were skittish about deviating from the relatively comfortable “bathroom safety” argument and avoided publicizing our admittedly more inflammatory alternative arguments.

It’s not just an “inflammatory alternative.” It is insane.

More of the crazy:

History repeats itself

Over a decade ago when LGBT movement took the “gay marriage” battles into the state legislatures, and later into the federal courts, the major pro-family groups tried a similar strategy. As we reported at the time, they refused to argue that homosexuality was immoral, had terrible health risks, was fraught with addiction and mental health problems, etc.

Actually, anti-equality groups made all those arguments and then some. None of those argument are remotely accurate, making them easier to refute. And by the way, none of those groups are entitled to the label “pro-family.” They are not “pro” anything. LGBT people also form families.

And, finally:

What do we do now?

One thing we’ve learned in twenty-five years of fighting the culture wars is that none of us is going to change how other conservative groups do things. It’s very different from the Left which is dominated by their internal group-think. And there are a lot of other reasons for that, but that’s the way it is.

Assigning things to the left and right is rather foolish. Ted Olson, a marriage equality champion, is as far right as anyone. The reason that folks like Camenker consistently lose these contests is reason itself. We campaign with truth and with evidence.

In contrast, while Mr. Camenker admits to dishonesty in one form (bathroom mythology), he is wed to the idea that portraying transgender people as lunatics is somehow more honest. Honesty requires evidence. The evidence in this case is the basis for peer-reviewed research published to respected academic journals.

Transgender people are perfectly sane. Once transitioned, much of the anxiety that they experience is attributed to the minority stress model. Mr. Camenker is a stresser. He lacks the inherent decency to act accordingly.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.