LGBT people are NOT broken! They do not require a religious repair.

Father Robert Wills, Deacon David Hoffman, Father Justin Allen and Bishop David Epps believe that LGBT people are broken and need to be fixed. They were part of David Kyle Foster’s audience.

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According to The Citizen, a Fayetteville, GA outlet:

About fifty clergy from across the Southeast attended a workshop and seminar on “Ministering to Sexually Broken People”in Jacksonville, Fla.

The keynote speaker was Dr. David Kyle Foster of Colorado …

Foster is actually from Tennessee as is his small nonprofit, Mastering Life Ministries (plural) dba Pure Passion Media. The pretentious “Dr.” honorific is permanently welded to David Kyle Foster’s name. Kyle does have a DDiv. However, it is through a correspondence course from a marginally accredited Christian degree mill1. Mazel tov.

Between 1976 and 1980 Foster had small roles in three movies and two TV films. Supposedly, at the same time, and for a total of seven years, Foster was a prostitute. He claims to have slept with two to three guys a night for money. Then the failed actor supposedly got religion.

It appears to me that Foster’s certitude about sexually broken people is based on the reality that he is broken. Add some bullshit to the mix, bake at 350 for two hours and you get a fanatical religious crackpot.

If his story is true (which is far from certain) an actor — even a relatively unsuccessful actor — who supports himself by hustling is not healthy. It is likely that he has done nothing to resolve his own problems except to inflict them on other people. David Kyle Foster is a virus.

David Kyle Foster

Supposedly ex-gay, David Kyle Foster makes a living by inflicting his neuroses on other people.

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Foster once wrote (in response to a letter):

As God heals those things that made you seek other men for sexual pleasure, your natural heterosexuality (which has been there all along, suppressed) will naturally begin to emerge, and like millions of other ex-gays, you will likely marry and have children and praise God for the rest of your life for the incredible miracle that He has done in you.

Millions of ex-gays? Kyle makes all sorts of crazy claims, none of which he bothers to support with evidence. I suspect that Kyle’s day job is holding these seminars. In 2016 he was able to take $54,000 out of his nonprofit. 2017 revenues were about half of what he scammed in 2016 and he was unable to take a salary.

Foster is only dangerous when people subscribe to his unsupported theories about LGBT people. If people believe that LGBT individuals are broken (as Foster claims) then their sexuality is a choice. If Foster was gay, he is still gay. I know that, he knows that and you know that.


1 Trinity School for Ministry. Apparently they misrepresented their status to the IRS and received a filing exception. A school affiliated with a church or operated by a religious order is exempt from filing an annual report with the IRS only if it is below college level. I sent a referral to the Service.

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By David Cary Hart

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