“She is not being politically incorrect. Rather she is odiously obtuse and obnoxiously ignorant.”

The author of a spectacularlystupid
anti-trans diatribe prefers to
remain anonymous.

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Iris Harper writes: How Transgender Authoritarianism Hurts People Who Are Mentally Ill.

To accept transgender people at face value is to deny those who want to be treated for mental illness.

of personal freedom. I think that we can safely assume that whoever Harper is, she is in no danger of being locked up for her nitwittery. Nevertheless, perhaps she will tell us who the authority is.

Transgender activism has overtaken social media, as Twitter recently announced users who “misgender” or “dead-name” those who identify as transgender will have their accounts suspended. Thus, I would be considered “transphobic.” I accept this, but I know it’s not accurate.

Actually, that is perfectly accurate. Deadnaming or misgendering vulnerable transgender people does violence to them. Doing so serves no meaningful purpose except to demonstrate disapproval with self-centered determination. Also, it is usually religious nutjobs who use identify as. The correct phrase is: people who are transgender.

It is not transgender activism which caused Twitter’s reaction. I place that squarely on the shoulders of the Vatican and the Southern Baptist Convention. The pope, in particular, from the very first days of his papacy was railing against “gender theory” which morphed into “gender ideology.” The last time I checked, Pope Francis does not have a degree in any medical science.

Religious attitudes have provoked people to be uncivil and to display just how moronic they can be.

I have deep compassion and empathy for those who identify as transgender, even if I also believe that the alignment they are searching for can’t be found by altering their bodies. …

“Alignment?” Furthermore, I hate to break it to this person but most transgender people have not altered their bodies. Here is the empathy part:

I am bipolar. My disease manifested in my teens, but because of the state of psychiatry in our country, I wasn’t accurately diagnosed until I was in my 30s. It took me a few years after that to find the right medication, but these days I lead a pretty normal life simply by managing my condition. It’s not easy, though, and I could write a whole other piece on navigating our health care system with and without insurance.

What does that have to do with transgender people (and I still want to know who this authority is)? I am mentally ill. I have acute PTSD, the result of being ambushed and shot. My condition is somewhat managed with many medications. The meds keep me out of an orange jumpsuit but they don’t make life particularly easy. Yet, I do not write idiotic polemics about transgender authoritarianism.

Following several paragraphs of self-absorption:

To accept transgender people at face value is to deny those who want to be treated for mental illness. The high suicide, violence, and depression rates of gender dysphoric people don’t change much between those who have changed their bodies and those who haven’t. So if sex reassignment surgery and hormones aren’t making this population happier, why do we insist that forced acceptance will?

Where does this person get this information from? She also needs to choose between writing about trans people and writing about people who have had gender-affirming surgery. They are not equivalents.

There is now a considerable body of research confirming that people who transition (particularly at an early age) have levels of depression and anxiety that are reasonably consistent with the general population. Common sense should prevail. Transition does make people happier which means less likely to commit suicide.

The discontent that remains for trans folks is brought on by minority stress. People like Ms. Anonymous are carriers.


Embracing transgender identification as healthy is like telling a suicidal person to embrace her feelings of hopelessness, a bipolar person to embrace the manic, and a schizophrenic to embrace the delusions. The desire to ends one life is never a rational thought. Nor is being in the midst of a manic episode, no matter how much I might protest to the contrary at the time. The most compassionate thing that can be done at times like this is for those around us to encourage us to seek treatment, not to embrace the transient feeling.

First of all, people transition to get relief from their torment — and it works! This has nothing whatsoever to do with schizophrenia, bipolarism or my extreme hypervigilance. And most transgender people have ongoing counseling because it is not easy being transgender.

I hate when these people talk about compassion. Ryan T. Anderson does it all the time. Following their self-projected compassion they inevitable indulge in bigotry. Claiming to be compassionate is simply a device enabling them to think that they appear less bigoted. Well, it doesn’t work. Compassion is accepting transgender people for who they are. Does Ms. Anonymous think that people line up to volunteer to be transgender?

Furthermore, a little knowledge would go a long way toward not appearing to be an imbecile. There is no intervention known to medical science to successfully treat gender dysphoria.

I am skipping over plenty of material but need to move on:

It’s truly ironic that, as this demand of accepting transgender ideology steamrolls through social media, they are simultaneously banning the people who would be the most compassionate. Maybe not specifically because the person feels as if they were born the wrong sex, but because the person is human and suffering. Shouldn’t we want to alleviate that suffering permanently for all people through medicine and science, instead of temporarily through activism and demands to think a specific way?

There is no such thing as “transgender ideology.” Gender dysphoria and gender affirmation  are neither a doctrine nor a philosophy. People who insist on addressing people with incorrect pronouns or deadnames are the most compassionate? Furthermore, a little research on her part might help but once they use religious terms like transgender ideology they are usually too far gone.

I hate mania. I also hate the cliff of depression after the relatively short burst of euphoria. I will always feel empathy and compassion for someone struggling through his or her internal battles, because I spent 20 years fighting my own private war. So we have to stop pretending that we are helping when we ignore science and medicine in favor of acceptance and activism. Embracing medicine and the frailty of the human mind is the only way to progress forward and truly help those who are suffering.

It’s not about her. Or me. If we are discussing transgender people then that is who it is about. This person needs to talk to a trans person just for starters. She needs to research the medical literature and she needs to understand the difference between religion and science which is to appreciate the difference between faith-based belief systems and evidence-based science.

She never mentioned religion. She just gave us all of the usual clues.

The author requested anonymity to avoid reprisals for discussing her mental health and taking a politically incorrect stance on transgenderism.

Reprisals? Opprobrium for sure but reprisals? More importantly, she is not being politically incorrect. Rather, she is odiously obtuse and obnoxiously ignorant. Above all, she is a coward.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.