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Michelle Cretella was the technical advisor for a transphobic piece on RT.com, a site run and funded by a foreign adversary.

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According to RT.com: A girl at mom’s, a boy at dad’s: ‘Transgender’ Texas child caught in custody battleRT is the virulently anti-American propaganda outlet funded by the Russian government. Its purpose is to shape American opinion.

The headline is incorrect. Custody in this case has been settled. Attorneys representing the mother are seeking a court order to prevent the father from abusing his trans daughter. For example, he forcibly cut the child’s hair.

I wrote about this case on Wednesday. According to court filings the child has a female name (Luna) “and is only known by her classmates as a girl.” In other words, she has transitioned for school. Those of you who are parents or who have raised children know that there is no way in hell to coerce, influence or demand a six-year-old boy to wear a dress to school.

According to RT:

In Texas, a six-year-old boy is being torn apart by the transgender debate. James’ mother thinks he’s a girl, but he acts like a normal boy at his father’s house. Now she’s accusing him of child abuse. Welcome to 2018.

Divorce is tough on children, but especially so for six-year-old James Younger. When he’s with his father, Jeff Younger, James is a normal boy. He dresses like a boy, hangs out with other boys, and refers to himself as a boy.

I have not seen testimony nor a legal brief to that effect. I have seen that claim made by the father’s Christian pastor. Daddy is desperate to be the father of a boy. He does not approve of his transgender daughter. According to sworn testimony, he is abusing the child.

Furthermore, according to the record, the child has been diagnosed as gender dysphoric by a qualified psychiatrist and has been in counseling with a qualified psychologist.

Most physicians accept the prevailing science and have only one agenda: The best interests of their patients, first, last and always. The writer at RT has never met the child and is in no position to weigh in on what is best for her.

RT fails to mention…

The child’s mother is a board certified pediatrician in private practice. She is also an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Children’s Medical Center in partnership with the University of Texas.

Dr. Georgulas has allowed for gender affirmation. Since then, her own professional association, the American Academy of Pediatrics has endorsed the gender-affirming care model as best practice.


Predictably, the therapist diagnosed James with gender dysphoria – a conflict between a person’s biological sex and gender identity. The diagnosis has given Georgulas ammunition to fight for permanent custody of James and she has threatened to terminate his father’s parental rights.

The religious narrative is that psychiatrists who specialize in gender dysphoria will always diagnose children as gender dysphoric. They are trying to assign diagnoses to irrelevance. Thus, RT says “predictably.” The truth is that good physicians go with the evidence. That is how doctors are trained.

Occam’s razor prevails. The simplest and most logical conclusion is that Luna was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Thus she is gender dysphoric. A complete diagnosis includes the severity of the condition. We can safely assume (absent evidence to the contrary) that the condition is severe enough that the child has transitioned to obtain relief. Neither parents nor doctors transition children. Children transition themselves.

About a dozen years ago, specialists attempted to prevent children from transitioning. However, we now know that children who transition have levels of anxiety and depression at, or near, those experienced by the general public. They can function quite normally. More so if we could eliminate minority stress.

If Georgulas wins, James’ therapist will assist him with his transition, eventually giving him access to puberty-blocking hormones and gender-reassignment surgery. However, court documents reveal that the diagnosis is shaky at best. When asked to point to whichever name he prefers, ‘James’ or ‘Luna’, the boy’s answer differs depending on which parent he is with at the time.

Puberty blockers are not hormones. In fact they are the exact opposite. They are hormone suppressors.

I have reviewed all of the court documents provided by the father (current as of September 1). The father does not assert to the court anything about Luna’s gender or behavior. To avoid suborning perjury his lawyer has claimed a general denial:

Respondent enters a general denial and demand strict proof of any and all claims by a
preponderance of credible evidence as required by law.

Throughout the pleadings, the father has never claimed any of the specifics that RT.com claims. Could there be additional documents? Sure but RT has been unspecific about dates and filings.

RT is also dishonestly introducing the notion of hormones and surgery. Luna is about ten years away from possible hormones and at least 12 years away from surgery. Most transgender people do not have surgery.

Gender dysphoria requires that a child be “persistent, consistent, and insistent” about identifying as the opposite sex, transgender author Walt Heyer wrote in the Federalist. A simple interest in crossdressing is not gender dysphoria, according to the American Psychiatric Association.

Walt Heyer is a religious zealot and ex-trans. He is correct that an interest in cross-dressing is not gender dysphoria. So what? Heyer is one more schmuck who has never met this kid. He has no experience or training that would qualify him as an expert.

Heyer had sex reassignment (gender-affirming) surgery about 36 years ago at about 42 years of age. He had the surgery reversed about eight years later. Whatever knowledge he possessed it ended around 1990. RT finds Heyer relevant because RT has an anti-LGBT agenda consistent with the Russian government.

The inconsistency of James’ identity hasn’t stopped his mother from fighting his father tooth and nail. Georgulas is accusing Younger of child abuse, for cutting James’ hair and “other non-affirming actions.” She has sought to forbid Younger from using male pronouns for James, demanded that Younger attend transgender awareness classes, ordered him to pay for James’ “rainbow counselling,” and filed for a restraining order.

First of all, there is no evidence that Luna’s gender identity is “inconsistent.” Cutting the hair of a trans girl so that she will be masculine is most certainly cruel. It does amount to child abuse. People do violence to trans kids when they misgender or deadname them. It is a shame that Luna’s mother has to prevent Luna’s father from inflicting abuse on their child.

In an email to Younger, Georgulas accused the father of bullying his son by cutting his hair.

I also request that you stop bullying Luna on FaceTime. When you ask if everyone at her school liked her haircut, you probably noticed she didn’t answer. She herself does not like her haircut. Please stop making her feel worse about herself than you already have.

The email was probably provided by the father (I can only find that text at RT.com). I am surprised that the father does not realize how damning the email is. Dr. Georgulas is clearly the grownup. There is strange water in Texas.

Nevertheless, James could be facing chemical castration as soon as he turns eight, if his mother has her way. The willingness of doctors and therapists to provide this therapy to children has been called“ institutionalized child abuse” by Dr. Michelle Cretella, executive director of the American College of Pediatricians.

I have been making a deliberate (perhaps unsuccessful) effort to be less caustic (the older I get, the crankier) but that is just bullshit. Dr. Cretella is not licensed which means that she does not have continuing education obligations. Cretella is also a fundamentalist Catholic. Time and again Cretella places the catechism of the Catholic Church above the best interests of children. American College of Pediatricians is a small hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The real professional association is the American Academy of Pediatrics.

At about eight years of age the child might receive puberty blockers. To call that “chemical castration” is mindless hyperbole. Puberty blockers are a stop-gap measure to allow the kid to explore her sexuality. They are fully reversible.

“If you have a child as young as three who is confused about their sex, and the treatment involves changing their name and their dress…in the process, you are indoctrinating all of the children around them…we’re not just stopping the body developing, we’re also permanently affecting the brain,” Dr. Cretella said.

But the child is not three and children with gender dysphoria are not “confused.” They are quite certain of their gender. “Confused” is religious-speak. I have no idea what this woman is talking about. She is advancing the fringe theory of plasticity which presupposes that, by allowing a child to transition, their brains are altered and they become transgender. This is lacking in evidence but Cretella doesn’t care. She is a Defender of the Faith.™

Personally, my brain has been irrevocably altered by the regular consumption of  pastrami.

I would really like to know why Michelle Cretella would agree to be interviewed by an anti-American outlet funded by a foreign adversary. Cretella’s religious agenda supersedes all other considerations.

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