Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks before the Anti-Defamation League

Straight or gay, Tim Cook is my hero for running the largest company on the planet. Imagine the performance required of him at each stage of his career to end up as CEO of Apple. While corporate politics might have played a role in his success, ultimately Tim Cook is where he is because of results.

Contrast Mr. Cook with Doug Mainwaring who has never achieved anything in what amounts to a career in misadventures. Mainwaring, a Catholic zealot, was not happy being gay so he returned to his ex-gay ex-wife. I am certain that they have a “marriage made in heaven.” But I digress:

Wednesday, Mainwaring wrote: Apple CEO: It’s a ‘sin’ NOT to ban those who disagree with company’s ‘values’. Not exactly Dougie. It is not what Cook said and (shock,shock) it is grossly out of context.

Mainwaring goes on:

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed Monday that his company’s mission extends far beyond designing hardware to spreading Apple’s own interpretation of morality.

In what is an ironic co-opting of religious terminology, the secular tech mogul made his appeal speaking about “morality,” “sin,” and that which is “sacred.”

Cook, who recently announced that being gay “is God’s greatest gift to me,” said technology companies have a moral obligation to ban certain people and content from social media and digital platforms, and that to not do so is a “sin.”

Cook, who is a person of faith, quotes from the Torah in (well-pronounced) Hebrew which he then translates to: “Do not be indifferent to the bloodshed of your fellow man.” He goes on to assert that this creates an obligation in us to speak up for immigrants. “It moves us to speak up for the LGBT community” because their differences “can make them a target for violence and scorn.”

Cook said that we cannot be bystanders to the hate which is expressed in the digital world. “We only have one message for those who seek to push hate, division and violence: You have no place on our platform.” Cook goes on to note that Apple has always prohibited white supremacist music on iTunes and violent conspiracy theorists in the app store.

Regarding “sin,” what Cook actually said is that the most sacred thing that we are given is our judgment, morality and the innate desire to separate right from wrong. “Setting that responsibility aside at a moment of trial is a sin.”

That is a far cry from what Mainwaring dishonestly claimed. In fact, he linked to a video of Cook’s speech posted by some right-wing hack who also smeared the Anti-Defamation League. It edited out Mr. Cook’s remark about sin. Mainwaring’s version ends abruptly, just prior to the relevant quotes. The embed, above, is complete.

Mainwaring eventually goes on to actually quote some of what Cook said but it is entirely inconsistent with his interpretation (as quoted above). Then he misconstrues Cook’s message:

Cook made it clear through repetition that the standard for being banned from social media should be opposition to the “values of Apple.”

What Cook said, unambiguously, is that people who peddle hate or violence have no place on Apple’s platform. The only reason that Mainwaring is writing this is because Cook included the LGBT community and he — Mr. Mainwaring — is a peddler of anti-LGBT hate and discord.

To some, Cook’s remarks appear to be a thinly veiled warning to conservatives and Christians to brace themselves for exclusion from social media as tech giants begin to wield their own peculiar brand of religious power.

If your idea of a conservative is Alex Jones who traffics in dishonest conspiracy theories then, yes, you already have a problem. Social media is unlikely to permit people to peddle nonsense like the basement of a pizza parlor (with no basement) being used by a pedophile ring led by Hillary Clinton. That bullshit actually caused an armed confrontation.

Mainwaring can easily avoid being axed from social media. All that is required is to present his arguments as: “The Catholic Church teaches …” It is the dishonest effort to construct secular arguments for religious dogma that gets people like Mainwaring in trouble.

Furthermore, the title of this mess is: “Apple CEO: It’s a ‘sin’ NOT to ban those who disagree with company’s ‘values.’” That is a thoroughly dishonest interpretation. It’s a lie from the moralists who claim to have all the right values. Tweet crap like that and you might have a problem with Twitter and rightfully so.

Mainwaring goes on to quote tweets from people who agree with him. Very compelling I am sure. What all of these people have in common is the perception that they are victims and they love it.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.