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Another day. Another dishonest plea for money to keep National Organization for Marriage afloat. Why anyone thinks that is a worthwhile cause remains a mystery. Name something that NOM is legitimately responsible for (other than sowing discord and bigotry).

Today’s missive is titled: They’re coming after us. It really has become quite comical — sardonically amusing.

Oh great soothsayer, do tell (emphasis per original):

In 27 days, the 116th United States Congress will be gaveled to order. Nancy Pelosi is expected to be elected by her colleagues as Speaker of the House, and the Democrat ic [sic] party will take over all House of Representatives leadership functions. Shortly thereafter, the assault on people of faith and traditional values will commence in earnest.

Hell, at least wait for something to happen before claiming to be a victim.

Them is us (emphasis added):

The LGBT community is one of the most influential and feared special interest groups within the Democratic coalition. They raise millions for Democrat candidates and they command great influence with the media, allowing them to target anyone they oppose with charges of “discrimination.” Anyone who opposes their agenda is immediately labeled as being motivated by “bigotry” and “homophobia.”

We call it what it is. Just because Brown spouts BS in defense of the teachings of the Catholic Church does not provide him with a special pass. Behave like a bigot — get called a bigot. Frankly, we would have a great deal less influence in the media and elsewhere were we not being routinely persecuted.

Every time Trump does something stupid or bigoted regarding LGBTQ people it is like firing a starter’s pistol. The media are doing the job that they are supposed to do. There does not exist a secular reason to oppose LGBTQ equality.

You just know what comes next

That’s right. Send NOM some money to piss away. They’ve burned through around $70 million for nothing. What’s a few more dollars on top of that?

Most of the partisan fire that will be unleashed will be aimed at President Trump. But while their attacks on the president will consume much of the media coverage, right below the surface we expect to see a major push for legislation and policies designed to force the LGBT agenda on the American people, along with a full-fledged attack on religious liberty.

Yeah, well, as long as Trump has his ass in the Oval Office and as long as McConnell has the Senate gavel, the House is stymied. Even were that not the case, what exactly can NOM do to influence legislation? Send out a few emails? I suppose that Brian S. Brown should no longer be called a bigot. After all, he is using “LGBT agenda” rather than “homosexual agenda.”

There is no area of civic life that gay activists aren’t determined to rule. Here’s just one example: they are intent on forcing shelters created to protect female victims of sexual assault by men to open their doors to biological men who claim a female “gender identity.” That’s right. A woman who has been brutally sexually assaulted and abused by a man is expected to shower with and sleep next to a biological man. If she’s afraid or concerned for her safety, worried that she is being made vulnerable once again, these fears are construed as a sign of her “discrimination” and “bigotry” against the LGBT community.

Is there a record somewhere — anywhere — of transgender women attacking other women? Does that trans woman’s safety have to be compromised by unfounded paranoia and bigotry? Brown is never going to get it. The Church says that transgender people do not really exist and that’s all Brown needs to know. He is not exactly a deep thinker.

It’s insane.

We are going to have our hands full fending off an incessant push by the LGBT lobby. They are wealthy, powerful and feared. It will take everything we can muster to stop them from prevailing. We need your immediate help.

Poor them. But who has more money than the Catholic Church?

I have said this before and I will say it again. NOM asks for money to stay in business so that they can ask for money to stay in business. The organization doesn’t really do anything except to express bigotry.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.