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According to Family Policy Alliance: “We’re still a public policy partner of Focus on the Family.” Now that that is settled, one of their flunkies — Stephanie Curry — writes: What Prime-Time TV Isn’t Telling You.

After bemoaning some trans-positive content in prime time, Curry wants you to know several things:

Medical Resources intended for Women are being used by Men—For example, in Colorado a state medical program provides free or low-cost healthcare for low-income women who need breast and cervical cancer screenings. The program has been opened up to men, who say they’re women.

I realize that this woman has been indoctrinated but why is it so damned difficult to correctly refer to “transgender women?” She goes on to claim:

For every appointment a man makes, he is taking resources away from a woman in need and perpetuating misinformation as to what sexes are truly at risk for certain health conditions.

There are several problems with Curry’s rationale. Transgender women who take some form of estrogen have an increased risk for breast cancer over men. It has been difficult to research due to the small number of trans women overall. Unfortunately due to increased breast density, trans women also have a large number of false positives. Cervix screenings are a more complex issue. The Canadian Cancer Society recommends screening for some trans women.

As for the consumption of resources, there just are not enough transgender women to make it an issue.

Fake medical care is being offered to men– Several cancer research institutes are specifically educating transgender-identifying men on their need to get their “cervix” checked—by an Ob-Gyn. Men do not have cervixes and are incapable of getting cervix cancer, even after a sex-change operation.

Again, this woman is referring to transgender women — not men. The term “transgender-identifying men” is only found in conservative Christian rhetoric. It is intended to marginalize people they disapprove of based on ancient texts.

She is also practicing medicine without a license. In doing so she is endangering people because of her disapproval which is not supported by any science.

Transgender women who had a vaginoplasty that included the creation of a cervix (yes, creation of a cervix) need to be tested. Transgender women who had a vaginoplasty that did not include the creation of a cervix are still at slightly elevated risk of getting cancer in those tissues and should probably get evaluated.

Medical care for transitioning individuals is still wildly experimental – As we’ve discussed in the past, medical treatment for gender confusion is still experimental. The medical community still requires a psychological diagnosis for these individuals to medically transition, begging the question as to why we would not provide more psychological treatment and support. Studies have also shown medical treatment can make the psychological depression of a transgender-identifying individual much worse, indicating we are not treating the true problem.

Wildly mind you! There is no such thing as “gender confusion.” That term is only found in Christian rhetoric. Furthermore, the gender-affirming care model is developing but not experimental. It is regarded as the most effective treatment for some people with gender dysphoria. It depends upon the severity of the condition.

While there is no such thing as gender confusion, there exists profound religious confusion. Due solely to the fact that Ms. Curry does not personally approve of transgender people, she is recommending a course of treatment that does not exist. I should program a hot key: There is no intervention known to medical science to cure or even diminish gender dysphoria. Many people find relief through gender affirmation. It is the only reason that people are transgender in the first place.

Judging how people with a medical condition should be treated based on Bronze Age texts is more than just irresponsible. It is stupid and crazy.

Family Policy Alliance will strive to bring light to every aspect of this issue as we seek out compassionate and honest ways to help individuals struggling with gender dysphoria.

Stephanie D. Curry has certainly demonstrated honesty and compassion. She is demonizing transgender people while promoting crackpottery. Curry has a law degree from CUNY (US News #125). She obviously knows nothing about either gender dysphoria or transgender people.

She is trying to conform medical science to scripture which serves no one. Doing so is not honest. It is intellectually dishonest. Promoting that same false information as a religious apologist is not compassionate — Just the opposite.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.