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According to CBN:

An aviation ministry located in Texas is set to become to the world’s first Christian airline.

The ministry known as Judah 1 announced last week that the Federal Aviation Administration had accepted their application to switch from a private operator to becoming its own airline.

The ministry currently serves Christians traveling around the world and domestically for mission trips and religious tours.

Perhaps they should first book a flight to the Internal Revenue Service and explain why the “ministry” has not filed a tax return since 2015. Unfortunately, according to our spectacularly idiotic tax law, they will not lose their nonprofit status unless they do not file a return for 2018 which is due in about a year.

By the way, according to that 2015 return they had an unsecured loan of $1.2 million against assets of $91 thousand. The organization was insolvent. Who would want to fly on an airline that has no money and cannot organize a tax return?

According to their website:

Judah 1 Inc is an aviation ministry dedicated to fulfilling “The Great Commission”. We serve missions minded Christian people of all denominations traveling to the mission fields of the world. Our planes have delivered hundreds of missionaries and transported thousands of pounds of cargo. It is very rewarding to know how many Judah 1 and our partners have helped. This includes the thousands who have been seen in medical clinics, and the thousands who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. It is our passion to help you reach the estimated two and a half billion people who do not know Jesus and it only takes YOUR HANDS, GOD’S LOVE, OUR WINGS.

Yeah, well: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.”

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