Jack Phillips

Apparently the American dream is a right to discriminate against people one disapproves of – all neatly cloaked in scripture. LGBTQ people are denied their American dream for equality.

Image: ADF email

Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-LGBT hate group, asks if Jack Phillips was “set up?”

Jack’s cakeshop in Colorado—Masterpiece Cakeshop—received a phone call. It wasn’t from a fan congratulating Jack about the [Supreme Court] news or a reporter calling for an interview. It was a call from a local attorney and LGBT activist.

The attorney called to request a custom cake designed with a pink interior and a blue exterior to reflect and celebrate a gender transition.

The request had all the makings of a setup.


In the year following that request, Jack received several requests for cakes celebrating Satan, featuring satanic symbols, depicting sexually explicit materials, and promoting marijuana use. As it turns out, at least one of these satanic requests came from that same Colorado attorney.

Does that sound like a coincidence [first name]?

Later on in a very lengthy email:

Alliance Defending Freedom is trusting God to provide $10.7 million by December 31 to prepare for the critical battles ahead. And a group of generous ministry friends has provided a special $2 million matching grant that will DOUBLE your year-end gift.

Matching grants (in particular anonymous matching grants) are usually scams. They are simply a restructuring of money already promised free of contingency. But I digress.

When I heard about the gender transition cake request I immediately assumed that the lawyer was testing Phillips’ continuing compliance with Colorado’s laws prohibiting discrimination. As ADF is fully aware, the Supreme Court left the Colorado law in full force and effect.

Minority groups have probably been testing whether or not businesses comply with anti-discrimination laws since the Civil Rights Act of 1866. Our government engages in stings — set ups — all the time to catch all manner of law breakers. The fact that businesses are tested improves their compliance.

Common sense should inform Phillips that he would be the target of such testing. In no way does it mitigate disobedience.

But that’s not really ADF’s point.

ADF is trying to anger people, relying on the prejudices of their donors against LGBTQ folks to ka-CHING their cash registers. It is disgusting.

The end game for ADF is to get another case to the Supreme Court in the hopes that the Court will find a need for religious exemptions to nondiscrimination laws. It defies existing precedence (Employment Division v. Smith) and would upend every nondiscrimination law in the country. A religious exemption could permit a baker to refuse to create a cake for a Jewish-Christian wedding.

It is Christian Privilege that ADF wants and they could very well be successful in spite of the consequences. Now I have pissed you off. But I am not asking you to send me some money. Perhaps I am missing an opportunity 😉

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.