This sad little man is obsessed with the notion that he is an arbiter of morality.

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Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality sent out an email heralding his “accomplishments” and also his victimization at the hands of those contemptible homosexuals. LaBarbera has his hand out asking for money. Who could pass up the opportunity to finance a hate group?

…we at Americans For Truth keep on doing exactly what the LGBTQueer Lobby is trying to stop us from doing: speaking out in the media against a nefarious and revolutionary sexual agenda that threatens to silence Christian conservative speech even as it corrupts the hearts and minds of young children.

There is a link in the above to his diatribe about Desmond is Amazing. The ironic thing is that I think that LaBarbera and his friends have done more for LGBTQ rights than we could ever do ourselves. He provides a cartoon character of a crazed religious zealot. No straw man is required. LaBarbera provides the proxy for reality without an opponent having to distort anything.

I do not resent LaBarbera’s idiotic rhetoric. What I resent is the fact that we are still financially subsidizing a miscreant who has no accountability.

AFTAH is not tax-exempt.

Revoked, reinstated and revoked again.
All for not filing a simple form.

For more than a year after revocation, LaBarbera lied. He claimed that donations were tax deductible. Now he wants people to assume that their gifts to him are deductible. They are not.

There is nothing else on the page except a login link. Surely a moralist like Mr. LaBarbera would want people to be fully informed. He is assuming that the rubes don’t know the difference. It is bad enough that we subsidize hate groups but at least we have disclosure (most of the time). Now we are subsidizing Mr. LaBarbera and he has no accountability to the American people.

Others abet LaBarbera’s dishonesty.

The above page is at which is really Cornerstone Payment Systems in Virginia. Cornerstone is an independent sales organization (ISO) for Deutsche Bank. According to their website: “We are committed to separating ourselves from the industry through a commitment to Christ.” Cornerstone is indifferent to what users of their platform do. WWJD?

There is more to this than Mr. LaBarbera’s dishonesty. AFTAH lost its tax exemption because it failed to file required annual reports three years in a row. The last one that they filed was a handwritten, partially completed form, with round number guesses. Why would anyone finance something that is so disorganized that it cannot file a properly completed 990-EZ? Apparently LaBarbera is incapable of keeping books and records.

It takes balls to ask for money with no understanding of how that money will be spent. LaBarbera himself cannot tell you where the money goes. It all goes to him and he uses those funds to support himself so that he can spend his time making idiotic statements about people he disapproves of.

I would like to know how Mr. LaBarbera files personal tax returns when they are dependent upon the seemingly non-existent books of his malevolent “enterprise.” Guess who picks up the tab when Pete does not pay his fair share? What? Do you really think that he is filing a quarterly 1040ES?

I will file a referral with the Service whenever Trump figures out that he is not going to get his idiotic wall. I have an addendum to the Liberty Counsel referral that I am also holding until the shutdown ends.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.