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According to American Family Association, an anti-LGBT hate group, Drag Queen Story Hour has a sinister purpose: ACLU fights for right to ‘groom’ our most innocent.

A pastor who helped defeat perversion says it’s no secret anymore why homosexual men are going to court to demand the right to read to children.

Last December, family advocates in Louisiana convinced Lafayette leaders to shut down Drag Queen Story Hour, where drag queens read perversion-affirming stories to young children.

Louisiana’s chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has now filed a lawsuit seeking to require the public library to host Dylan Pontiff dressed up as a woman, using some stage name, who is intent on not only reading stories but win over the next generation.

I will get to the specifics but first:

An eight-year-old named Drew got the keys from mom. He entered the family vehicle; adjusted the seat; adjusted all three mirrors; inserted the key into the ignition and started the engine. Drew carefully craned his neck to make sure that no one was behind him as he backed out of the driveway. On the way to the library, Drew picked up two friends. Near the library he skillfully parallel parked …

What? You think that is beyond the skill level of an eight-year-old? Of course it is! Every child who attends a Drag Queen Story Hour event is there because a parent wants him or her to be there. Unlike one of AFA’s village idiots — Steve Jordahl — who wrote this jeremiad and unlike that moronic pastor — Rich Penkoski1 — critical thinkers know that children learn some valuable lessons.

Kids learn that being different is not bad and that is an important lesson. They also learn that the library is a resource for fun and knowledge along with the joy of reading. Everyone wins.

The broader point is that parents are free to decide if they want their children to enjoy Drag Queen Story Hour. Penkoski wants to impose his stupidity on everyone else. The plaintiffs in the Louisiana lawsuit are parents who wish to decide for themselves what is appropriate for their children.

Mr. Penkoski is immune to logic:

Penkoski says he opposes the event because of what he calls the depth of perversion on display not only in public but in front of innocent children.

“Why do a group of 20-year old gay men want to specifically target three- to five-year-olds so badly that they’re willing to go to court?” he asks.

Where, exactly, is the perversion? There is nothing perverted in an entertainer, a man who performs by being a female impersonator. The kids get it. Penkoski does not. Or does Penkoski believe that sexual orientation is contagious?

Then Penkoski claims that gay men have some sinister agenda. The title of Jordahl’s sermon uses the word “grooming.” Child grooming is defined as befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child to lower the child’s inhibitions for the purpose of exploiting him or her sexually.

That is what these two imbeciles — Jordahl and Penkoski — are implying. Kids being “targeted?” This is rank homophobic bigotry. There is a reason that AFA is deemed a hate group. Penkoski, a half-assed preacher, apparently without a degree, a real church or a tax-exempt entity, is trying to generate an income through hate and misinformation. According to LinkedIn (yes it is the same person), Penkoski is a “Contract Recruiter at Mars Chocolate.” That raises a number of questions.

Yes, Drag Queen Story Hour is grooming kids. They are groomed to be kind and curious persons who enjoy books and the library.


1 The last time I wrote about Penkoski, he was suing Facebook for zapping his “Warriors for Christ” page. He was also suing West Virginia in an effort to halt the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses. It took 11 months (at taxpayer expense) for that case to be dismissed.

Rich Penkoski is one of Chris Sevier’s litigants. Sevier, you might recall, is the “marry-my-laptop” lunatic. In fact, he lost his license to practice law due to “mental incapacity.” Sevier is responsible for scores of meritless suits, all of which have been dismissed. Sevier is also involved in the federal lawsuit against the library.

Penkoski claims to be in West Virginia whose secretary of state has no active record for Warriors for Christ or, for that matter, any other organization related to him.

According to Penkoski:

In 1996 Rich received a word from the Lord that he would be a leading preacher in the end time church and would see millions set free from satan’s grip.

Rich has seen countless men and women set free from sin’s power, men and women who have been set free from drugs, free from homosexuality as well as transgender lifestlyes.


Rich continues to preach the truth and he has not wavered one bit, recently winning $10,000 from a self identified lgbt activist for harassment and defamation of character.

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