Yesterday, I wrote about Rich Penkoski who is homophobic and transphobic to the point of insanity. That is not hyperbole. We have the evidence of his personality disorder.

I mentioned that, according to his LinkedIn profile, he was a contract recruiter for Mars Chocolate. That raised some concerns because Mars (which is a subsidiary of Wrigley) has an EEO policy that includes sexual orientation and gender identity. There is simply no way that Penkoski could comply.

Friday morning the profile has changed:

Furthermore, Mars has been completed eliminated from the profile. Penkoski now claims that his last recruitment contract was for the seven months ended January, 2015. I’ll get some information from Mars’ press rep when I have a chance.

Note that Penkoski claims to reside in Fairfield, NJ. In a West Virginia action (see below) Penkoski claimed to be a resident of the state (which is mirrored in his Twitter profile).

Rich has been a busy boy:

I have had a chance to review the complaint against the Lafayette, LA library. I wish that I had remembered that once something is read, it cannot be unread. Penkoski claimed to reside in Scott, LA (presumably via a cheap motel). There is some exculpatory language in the brief but it could still be construed as perjury.

Penkoski does not like Drag Queen Story Hour because he thinks that it promotes some sort of transgender agenda. Rich: Please write on the blackboard 100 times that Drag queens are not transgender.

This case was obviously being managed by Chris Sevier. That’s like saying the Freddy Krueger manages traffic on Elm Street. I have never seen so many stricken docket entries. This case is a mess and Sevier lost every round, every motion. The judge terminated Penkoski from this case in October but there is still the September 18 complaint in his name (and other plaintiffs). It comprises a bucket of every anti-LGBT cause ever pursued.

The library issue takes a backseat to an attempt to nullify same-sex marriage. “Marry my laptop” is back in play. LGBT is a religion. This became Batshit Story Hour. Enter Coalition of Doctors Defending Reparative Therapy. What on earth? Who on earth? Why on earth?

In the complaint Sevier admits that his license was revoked for mental instability. He insists it was strictly political because he threatened to expose, … something by, … someone.

Other Penkoski with Sevier cases:

Penkoski et al v. Justice et al — an attempt to nullify same-sex marriage in West Virginia.

Sevier et al v. Mueller et al — an attempt to terminate Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

There are probably others. The above were limited to Penkoski as a plaintiff. I cannot begin to imagine how much bullshit Sevier has flooded the federal courts with. The Louisiana action now has 134 docket entries — all at taxpayer expense.

Time to send some letters to some judges.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.