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David Kyle Foster has produced a theatrical presentation. The script is designed to falsely portray LGBTQ people as diseased and broken.

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According to Steven Strang (owner of Charisma Media): Ex-Gay Man: Keys to Spirit-Empowered Deliverance From Sexual Brokenness. That supposedly ex-gay man is David Kyle Foster.

David Kyle Foster is entitled to call himself anything that suits him including “ex-gay.” Indeed, David Kyle Foster is a professional Christian ex-gay. What Foster does not seem to care about is the fact that he is promoting hate and ignorance.

Some background:

Foster is the prototypical nutty “ex”-gay. Between 1976 and 1980 Foster had small roles in three movies and two TV films. Supposedly, at the same time, and for a total of seven years, Foster was a prostitute. He claims to have slept with two to three guys a night for money. Then the failed actor got religion. Foster claims to have a Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity School for Ministry. Following conservative Christian custom, “Dr.” is pretentiously welded to Foster’s first name. Foster has a small nonprofit based in Tennessee, Mastering Life Ministries dba Pure Passion Media. In 2017 the organization had revenues of $141 thousand, almost 50% less than the prior year. Foster is a resident of Colorado.

Foster promotes a very simple — utterly false — motif. LGBT are broken and need to be fixed. Foster presumes to be the fixer intervening for Jesus. If adults fall for this BS so be it. What concerns me is that parents might subscribe to Foster’s folly. Brokenness is the state of an LGBT kid who is told that his sexuality is a disease.

According to Mr. Strang:

One of the biggest problems our country faces is sexual brokenness. We live in a day when anything goes in regard to sexuality, or at least so it seems. And as time passes, it’s as if people invent new ways of breaking God’s commands for purity. The saddest part is that it’s not just the world; many Christians struggle with sexual brokenness of one kind or another. That’s why Dr. David Kyle Foster has worked hard to minister to people with sexual strongholds.

One of the biggest problems that conservative Christians face is the unscientific notion that sexuality which does not conform to their interpretation of ancient texts is an evil choice. A “stronghold” is fortified against attack. This is a case of self-fortification which some people call intractability. It is a persistent belief in dogma regardless of ample evidence to the contrary.

Apparently, “God commands” many things that even the most pious of people ignore. What makes their interpretation of permissible sexuality any more valid than murdering insolent children? Or do they believe that bratty kids or brides who are not virgins should be knocked off?

Religion exists to provide a path to an afterlife which is subject to the approval of the deity. Foster is obsessed with the notion (or projecting the idea) that he is doing God’s work by trying to convince people that they can change their sexual orientation of gender identity. Would how we treat others not be more important? How do Foster and Strang measure up in that department?

Every gay Christian has a story of child abuse:

David has a 38-year unbroken record of walking in sexual healing. I met him at the National Religious Broadcasters conference several years ago and became fascinated with his story. David says when he was about 7 or 8, someone likely sexually abused him. He became sexually obsessive and suicidal, both of which are signs of sexual abuse.

There is no scientific evidence of a correlation between childhood sexual abuse and sexual orientation. Foster is using this device to claim that his sexuality is not his fault. This in turn creates the notion that his abuser broke him and that he needed to be fixed or “healed.”

It is a dangerous idea. If LGBTQ people need to be “healed” then they are sick. Their own LGBTQ children would be diseased. According to evidence-based medical science the combination of one’s sexual orientation and gender identity are natural variants of human sexuality.

Daddy’s fault:

“It just got worse and worse and worse over the years,” David says. “I tried to take my life several times. I felt very unloved and unaffirmed by my father. Then when I went out to Hollywood, I was already out of control.”

Keep in mind that this is nothing but a sales pitch. At this point Foster believes his own narrative regardless of its factual accuracy. Foster’s background consists of a series of anecdotes, some true and some false, which attempt to substantiate that he was sick and needed to be healed.

Enter Jesus as requisite staging:

“So I got on a plane and flew to Israel, and Jesus just met me there,” he says. “He saved me and transformed my life. Then I flew back to Hollywood, and from there went off to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School …”

So the gay prostitute got religion or, wait. If the gay prostitute flew to Israel he was already a practicing Christian. A gay conservative Christian hooker? I doubt that Foster is even capable of providing an accurate account of his personal history. Nevertheless he is claiming that Jesus has saved him. Through Foster, Jesus can save others by changing their sexual orientation or gender identity. It constitutes self-absorption.

Foster on conversion therapy:

“…There are a lot of programs out there that are really good and that deal mostly with man-centered psychology. And a lot of them are very good, and they do a lot of help. But if you don’t develop this intimacy with the Father through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, all you’re going to end up with is a maintenance program. But God is offering a transformation program.”

Foster is, in some respects clever. He knows that people have gone through conversion therapy and they are still gay. According to Foster, conversion therapy is good but ultimately ineffective. What these folks really need is to pray away the gay (or trans). His claim that “God is offering a transformation program” really means that David Kyle Foster is offering a program. He is the intervener for his deity.

A conversation with his god:

One night, David says, he was complaining to the Lord about how badly he wanted to sin. In response, God told him to name the demons that were tempting him and cast them out. David began doing so and within a week, he had listed each demon he felt was tempting him and cast them out. Though temptation still pulled at him, it was much less powerful without the demonic realm involved.

Presumably the above is plausible if one is a conservative Christian. The more important concept is to consider how such “thinking” shapes their view of us. LGBTQ people are demonic or choose not to cast out our own demons. It provides a foundation for bigotry.

“Daddy God:”

Notice how the narrative changes from meeting Jesus in Israel:

David told the pastor, “I’ve been sleeping with two or three people a night for 10 years. You’re going to tell me to stop, but I’m here to tell you I can’t stop.”

To David’s surprise, the pastor said, “I’m not going to ask you to stop.” Instead, he told David that it was good he realized he couldn’t overcome his sin on his own. “So why don’t you let Jesus do it for you?” the pastor asked.

That was the key of faith that changed David’s life and led him down the road of sexual healing. The more he relied on Jesus’s power and developed an intimate relationship with the Father—whom he calls Daddy God—the more he overcame sinful patterns.

So then he flew to Israel? This guy slept with “two or three people a night for 10 years?” That claim is in every interview and presentation involving Foster. Foster has adopted this assertion and, irrespective of actual accuracy, it has become lore. He believes his own BS.


I hope David’s story inspires you as it does me. It’s wonderful to see God through His Holy Spirit teaching His children how to walk in the lasting freedom He promised in the Bible. To learn more about David’s teaching on sexual healing, visit masteringlife.org and check out his YouTube channel. Click on the podcast below to hear more of David’s unique insight into sexual deliverance and share this article if you believe David’s teaching can help someone you know!

For most people, freedom is based on the ability to be who they actually are. The idea that LGBTQ people are imprisoned by their sexuality is just part of the show. It is a theatrical production which serves as a pretext for discrimination and persecution of LGBTQ people.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.