If one desires to look like a religious blowhard, refer to a transgender person as “a transgender.” Indeed, only religious blowhards do so. Monday, Bill Bumpas writes at the blog of the hate group American Family Association: Jury says transgender has legal right to huddle with women. Bumpas (I swear they all do have porn names) follows with:

The leader of a sports ministry says it’s troubling that a court ruling in Minnesota is allowing a biological male to play in a women’s football league.

They tie themselves in knots to prevent ever writing or saying “transgender woman” which is what she is.

Never a lost opportunity to look like an ignorant bigot:

A jury decided last month that the Independent Women’s Football League violated the Minnesota Human Rights Act by not allowing “Christina” Ginther to compete against other women.

“Christina” was awarded $20,000 in damages because the league prohibited males from playing due to the obvious safety issues.

The woman’s name is in obligatory smear quotes but Bumpas slipped up when he put the word “other” in there which concedes the point that Ms. Ginther is, in point of fact, a woman irrespective of religious disapproval based on some interpretation of ancient screeds.

Let’s misgender her for good measure:

Ginthen demanded to join Vixen, a semi-pro team, and said he felt “violated” after he was told biological males weren’t allowed to join, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

Speaking of religious ignoramus blowhards:

“When this male athlete decided to compete as a female, he had biological advances that he can never reverse,” says Steve McConkey of 4 Winds Christian Athletics. “The muscle and skeleton system of a male is always going to be superior no matter what hormone treatment is given.”

Where did this schmuck get an advanced degree in biology or medicine? The International Olympic Committee disagrees and settles the matter based upon testosterone levels which is all this football team had to do. The IOC does have world-leading experts on gender and physiology.

In addition, I hate to call him a liar but McConkey is being dishonest. “Bearing false witness” doesn’t seem to apply when LGBTQ people are being denigrated. McConkey’s objection has nothing to do with muscle mass or skeletal advantages. Those are just an attempt to obfuscate the truth which is that McConkey has a religious objection based on those ancient screeds.

“This will spill out to every situation,” predicts McConkey, “where a transgender has felt like their rights have been violated, and this will come into employment situations. This will come into the church. This will explode everywhere.”

McConkey, you nitwit, transgender is an adjective. Someone’s gender identity should not be a consideration in the workplace. Why would anyone give a crap about anything other than job performance or, in the case of hiring, past performance. Sadly, most municipalities and states do not protect transgender people from employment discrimination.

As for exploding everywhere, OMG, about 0.5% to 0.6% of the U.S. population is transgender. Just how much of an impact could they really create. If the transgender population seems outsized it is because of the collective shit fit of conservative Christians over something that should be irrelevant to their daily lives. These people love nothing more than being miserable. Although, … claiming persecution always has considerable traction.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.