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My day began with Walt Heyer. Now I shift to Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Council. She is upset that the Wisconsin Group Insurance Board is covering some gender-affirming surgeries under Medicaid. According to an August, 27 2018 newsletter of Board approved actions:

To remove the exclusion of transgender services and benefits in Uniform Benefits, effective January 1, and defer to medical necessity of treatment as authorized by the health plan.

This seems to be a result of considerable study and discussion by the Board. They received and reviewed  108 pieces of correspondence related to this issue.

The hell with medical science. Julaine Appling has a religious objection. To get there we first wade through the musings of Charlie Butts at the hate group, American Family Association:

In light of lawsuits from two transgender activists, the state’s Group Insurance Board reversed itself and decided late last year to allow transgenders to use Medicaid to pay for gender mutilation surgery – a decision that took effect January 1. Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Council, says it’s a wrong decision because the procedures are not medically necessary – by anyone’s standard.

Swifty should re-read what he wrote. It is impossible to “mutilate” gender because it is a personal sense of one’s identity. I suppose that he will never stop using transgender as a noun. As for Ms. Appling’s claims about medical necessity, where did she get her degree in medicine? Her problem is that she thinks that Jesus would not approve. Who does she think she is fooling?

“They” all share the same irrelevant talking points:

“You cannot change your sex,” she states emphatically. “You cannot fundamentally alter an XX or XY chromosome arrangement. Doing these surgeries is an attempt to deal physiologically with a psychological or ideological problem.”

That is correct. A person cannot change their sex. No one has ever claimed that sex could be changed. This is how religious fanatics skirt the separate issue of gender. They do not wish to deal with a medical reality that is undisputed by medical science.

Pants on fire liar:

It’s a mental disorder called “gender dysphoria,” meaning professional counseling is needed to align a person’s psychological makeup with their born gender. For years, experts on the subject have been very clear about it. As Appling explains, mutilation surgery isn’t the solution.

Gender dysphoria is not a disorder. It is a condition. There does not exist an intervention known to medical science to address gender dysphoria. The counseling that she claims is necessary does not exist. “Experts?” Name two. They must be actively practicing medicine and they must have experience treating people with gender dysphoria. Who in the hell is this woman referring to?

Making it up on the fly:

“Doing these irreversible surgeries that really do mutilate the reproductive organs is not taking care of the problem,” she offers. “And the mental and psychological issues that the folks who are struggling with this problem are going through are not helped because they’ve had these surgeries.”

Gender-affirmation is the only known method for mitigating the effects of gender dysphoria. These are people who are suffering. Gender-affirmation does indeed help people function more normally. Most people do not opt for surgery. Some do, usually after living according to their gender for a lengthy period of time.

Predicate for discrimination:

All this moronic verbiage is tasked with making gender dysphoria a choice. If it can be cured with talk therapy (it cannot) then having the condition is a choice which means that becoming transgender is a choice. If it is a choice then people are not entitled to nondiscrimination protections. The religious zealots are recycling the anti-gay rhetoric.

Worse yet, none of this nonsense — the lies, the willful ignorance — has anything to do with what is best for people or for society. It is based on scripture. The deity created only male and female people and there is no room for people who are transgender. It is a close cousin to Young Earth creationism. Science does not matter. Evidence does not matter. Common sense is arbitrary as is simple logic.

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By David Cary Hart

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