Peter LaBarbera does not like this AT&T ad portraying gay parenting.

According to hate group leader Peter LaBarbera: AT&T ‘Just OK Is Not OK’ Babysitter Commercial Promotes Homosexual Parenting. This rhetorical theme, which includes claims like “[fill in the blank] promotes homosexuality,” has been around since  Anita Bryant’s misadventures. It should dawn on Mr. LaBarbera that this meme does not work.

The reason that it does not work is that it is dishonest. The only thing that AT&T is promoting is AT&T. The absolute reality is that some parents are gay. Some gay couples are even married (yikes). LaBarbera’s approval is neither solicited nor required. I would estimate that about 40% of Americans have a close family member who is LGBT. Recognizing the existence of LGBT people appeals to a wide swath of the populace. Just consider the overwhelming approval of marriage equality.

LaBarbera is a religious zealot and bigot who is at the fringes of American society.

Apparently the “promotion” of interracial couples is also problematic:

Anyone with a pulse who watches TV should have noticed by now that the ad business is engaged in heavy-handed promotion of interracial couples. (It seems as if 90 percent are interracial.) Even for everyday Americans like me who loathe racism and applaud such couples, the campaign is tiresome and condescending. As a friend told me the other day: “It’s as if in TV World, white people don’t marry white people anymore, and black people don’t marry black people.” Irritating overkill from the “diversity” scolds.

It is the same “promotion” language that LaBarbera uses to denigrate LGBT people. Furthermore, if it seems to Pete that 90% of couples in advertising are interracial then Pete has another problem. Adding this complaint to an unrelated matter is telling. In fact, he goes on to lump the two things together with unhinged bigotry:

Now throw sexual perversion into the mix. Hollywood and Corporate America have been working overtime for years to normalize homosexuality and gender confusion, and it’s only going to get worse. There is a key difference between natural (man-woman), mixed-race marriages and homosexual unions: the former naturally produce beautiful children, while two people of the same sex cannot reproduce (by themselves). One honors God’s created order, the other flouts it and defies our Creator.

The way I read that, interracial marriages are better than same-sex marriages. Apparently, however, they are not as good as same-race marriages. Only a bigot would not be embarrassed to make this comparison. It obviously “irritates” LaBarbera that white people marry black people. So much so that he feels compelled to air his displeasure that advertisers recognize reality.

LaBarbera feels left out. “Unfair!”

Remember, too, that big corporations score points on Human Rights Campaign’s woefully biased “Corporate Equality Index” scorecard for running pro-LGBTQ ads like this. (The HRC scorecard punishes the same companies if they dare to publicly support groups like AFTAH that defend natural marriage.) Surely most Americans are oblivious to this behind-the-scenes manipulation.

None of that is true. There is nothing in the CEI criteria that applies to advertising. LaBarbara trades on self-manufactured Christian integrity. The paragraph above is a bald-faced lie. The biggest reason that Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) has diminished appeal is the simple fact that it is not tax-exempt.

AFTAH’s tax exemption was revoked nearly four years ago and was never reinstated. Aside from the fact that donations are not tax deductible, the revocation is testament to the fact that LaBarbera is too disorganized to file required annual reports with the IRS. He cannot account for how donated funds are used. LaBarbera, who poses as a moralist, does not inform donors that their contributions are not tax deductible.

Misinformed and misinforming:

The irony of this ad is that intentionally denying children a mother (or a father) is not just “not OK,” it’s irresponsible, immoral and harmful to innocent kids. So is the modernist LGBTQ-progressive notion of the child’s most important role model (his parents) modeling sexual deviance as the norm in the home. And these fictional fellows are worried about the babysitter?

There is no research published to a peer-reviewed academic journal which supports that diatribe. Quite the contrary. About three years ago, the Cornell University What We Know project examined 79 studies regarding gay parenting (emphasis added):

We identified 79 scholarly studies that met our criteria … We identified four studies concluding that children of gay or lesbian parents face added disadvantages. Since all four took their samples from children who endured family break-ups, a cohort known to face added risks, these studies have been criticized by many scholars as unreliable assessments of the well-being of LGB-headed households. Taken together, this research forms an overwhelming scholarly consensus, based on over three decades of peer-reviewed research, that having a gay or lesbian parent does not harm children.

Mr. LaBarbera needs to find a new hobby. One that does not require honesty and reasonable intellect. Perhaps he should devote his energies to feeding the poor or adult literacy.

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