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Well, at least Larry Tomczak used “Democratic” in lieu of the customary “Democrat Party.” Ordinarily I write about Tomczak due to his spectacular bigotry towards LGBT people. Most recently I wrote about his tantrum in reaction to the film Boy Erased (Tomczak is a promoter of pray-away-the-gay practitioners). The current headline was too good to pass up.


I lived in the DC area for 24 years, worked directly across from the White House and taught the Bible weekly to 2000 young people 10 minutes away. Positioned in the heart of the Capital, we prayed for the government each meeting …

“… but I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.”


Actor Christian Bale, a Democrat activist and stepson of feminist Gloria Steinem, recently gave thanks to Satan for helping him win his Golden Globe award for his role in Vice destroying the reputation of former Vice-President Dick Cheney.

Well that knocked it out of the park. Christian Bale, by the way, is a British citizen. His actual quote was “Thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration on how to play this role.” Dick Cheney — who, by the way, was a supporter of marriage equality — did a pretty good job of destroying his own reputation.

While there is no perfect Party or politician, God-fearing Americans are asking if the time has come to say “Sayonara” to the Democratic Party as it morphs into a European secularist and socialistic entity. It has become increasingly leftist and anti-capitalist in its pursuit of “social justice” and “income equality.” It’s not the “fringe” or a few factions who believe they must aggressively remove “outdated” policies and “unenlightened” politicians hindering those they deem as the “disadvantaged”.

So Tomczak has political differences with some Democrats. Those differences surely mean that Satan is at work. After all, pious Christians are obliged to agree with Larry Tomczak. What I find most ironic is that Jesus would approve of the pursuit for social justice and greater income equality not to mention helping those who are disadvantaged.

They believe man is not sinful but basically good and by wealth distribution, freedom from repressive religion and by “progressive” education, we’ll enjoy utopia.

Holiness is not a substitute for, nor a guarantee of, probity and decency. The worst traitor in American history is probably Robert Hanssen and he was a member of Opus Dei. I believe in the Constitution. I also believe that the Establishment Clause means precisely what it says. Not agreeing with Mr. Tomczak’s politics is not a sin. Just how arrogant is this schmuck?

One more section and then I have better things to do:

The Democratic Party’s socialistic economic initiatives are taking root especially among millennials. They’re woefully uneducated on its tenets and the devastation it has brought hundreds of millions in history.

Larry wouldn’t understand an economic system if it was inscribed on biblical tablets. Devastation? Presumably our rocket scientist is confusing socialism with authoritarian communism. Democrats are not seeking to impose socialism on this country. In contrast, we are in pursuit of compassionate capitalism; essentially the Nordic model. But Larry has a list (and he hasn’t checked it twice):

A current example is their “Green New Deal”:

  1. Full employment and if you dislike your job you depart and the government gets you another.
  2. You cannot be fired.
  3. Free healthcare
  4. Free tuition from pre-K through college
  5. Affordable housing for all with rent control and inability to be evicted! This will fix “climate problems” and income inequalities they promise.

The Green New Deal is not an initiative of the Democratic Party. The first known use of the term was by Thomas Friedman in the New York Times Magazine and it dates back to 2007. The Green New Deal Group was formed and published a report in 2008. At its fundamental core are none of what Tomczak has listed. Rather, the objective always has been to create new jobs in environmentally friendly industries.

The real agenda looks something like this:

  • Government-led investment in energy and resource efficiency, as well as reusable energies and microgeneration;
  • Low-carbon infrastructure redevelopment in order to create jobs;
  • A directed tax on the profits of oil and gas companies with proceeds being invested in renewable energy and energy efficiency;
  • Financial incentives for green investment and reduced energy usage, including low interest rates for green investment;
  • Re-regulation of international finance, including capital controls, and increased scrutiny of financial derivatives;
  • Curbing corporate tax evasion through compulsory financial reporting and by clamping down on tax havens.

Tomczak’s list is likely the product of some other ignoramus. He repeats the stupidity because he lacks the intellectual curiosity to really know what something means. Moreover, Tomczak lacks the necessary skills to really understand what he is talking about.

The last time I checked we are a representative democracy. The citizens do not decide policy. We decide who decides. Public policy requires the approval of both houses of Congress and the president. Tomczak doesn’t like the Democratic Party. The reasons for his disapproval are irrelevant. However, his disagreement with the platform does not mean that Satan is at work. This approach is rank arrogance.

One of the reasons that people are fleeing organized religion is the presence of sanctimonious, self-righteous and arrogant windbags claiming to be leaders of the faith.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.