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The latest missive from Brian S. Brown, on behalf of National Organization for Marriage, is titled: It’s Much Worse Than We Feared.

Eleven years ago …

During the course of the Prop. 8 campaign, campaign manager Frank Schubert (now NOM’s national political director) produced a commercial showing a young girl coming home from elementary school to inform her mother that she learned in class that “boys can marry other boys and I can marry a princess.” The commercial was extremely impactful and represented an absolutely correct portrayal of the law, but was roundly criticized by the left as “false,” “fear-mongering,” and “homophobic.” Opponents of Prop 8, including the state’s top education official, took to the airwaves to promise that gay ‘marriage’ would never be taught to California elementary students. Voters did not believe them and destroyed conventional wisdom by passing Prop 8 by 600,000 votes.

Proponents of Proposition 8 spent more than $32 million on commercials like the one that Brown describes. Much of the money came from the Mormon Church. We handled the matter very poorly. In fact our side ran a terrible campaign — substituting too many lawyers for political activists.

Frank Schubert, formerly a tobacco opinion shaper, was a master of hyperbole and finding the buttons to push that would make parents fearful. At the time, my efforts to contact people involved in the campaign were frustrated. I was adamant that the right response was: So what if children are taught that same-sex marriage is legal?

The real concern of parents was that same-sex marriage would encourage their children to be gay. That is what we should have confronted head on because nothing sells like honesty. In point of fact the commercial was homophobic. The commercial was fear mongering. The commercial was based on the false idea that sexual orientation is subject to influences.

In any event, the Supreme Court overturned Proposition 8 nearly six years ago. The $32 million that proponents spent and whatever opponents spent became money down the proverbial crapper.

Brown returns to the present:

…the situation in California is a lot worse that we feared it would be. And as goes California, so may the entire nation go.

The California Department of Education is getting ready to consider adoption later this spring of a new K-12 Health Education Framework. The goals and objectives of the framework have been reworked to conform with pro-LGBT directives enacted by the legislature in response to demands by pro-gay extremists.

Among other things, the proposed framework would have teachers tell kindergarten students that:

  1. Gender is not based on biology;
  2. It is a “myth” that male and female body parts are different; and
  3. Believing that dress and a person’s reproductive organs signal their gender is “stereotyping.”

Before I get into this, exactly what does NOM propose to do? They are a Pennsylvania/Washington, DC based organization with limited resources. Moreover, educational professionals are not going to be persuaded by religious fanatics.

That graphic says much of what people need to know. “Gender Ideology” is a religious term first employed by the Vatican. It is a confusion of faith-based beliefs as a substitute for evidence-based science. That defines the catechism of the Church rather than the science associated with gender.

As for Brown’s claims, point 1 is a scientific fact. Gender is not based on biology. Point 2 is make-believe. No one honestly believes that male and female genitalia are not different and no one has any intention to introduce such an assertion into curricula. Similarly, point 3 is manufactured.

Brown has only one “legitimate” concern which is that children might be taught that gender is not based on biology.

Conservative Christians place their faith in Genesis 1:27:

So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

It seems sometimes that these folks purchase Bibles that are pre-highlighted for LGBT matters. There are many scientific fallacies in the Bible. Yet people don’t seem to be campaigning to recognize a solid roof — “firmament” — over the world. LGBT issues are different.

In close proximity to the edict for murdering insolent children is the anti-gay passage in Leviticus. The point is that, no matter how pious an individual is, we all engage in selective observation of scripture.

We do not advance religious beliefs in public schools:

Fortunately, our public schools are governed by the Establishment Clause (in most locales most of the time). Children need to learn scientific facts as opposed to religious mythology. As I said, gender as a separate construct from natal sex is a scientific fact. We have known this for over 75 years.

Brown prattles on:

NOM is committed to fighting against the gender ideology being advanced by LGBT extremists. Please help us do so by making your 2019 Membership contribution today.

What does he propose to do? Oppose the medical science? Convince professional educators to favor scripture over medical science? Do supporters not ask Brian Brown these obvious questions? Mr. Brown will say just about anything in hopes of raising a few dollars.

After about ten links to NOM’s donation site and attacking Gavin Newsom (along with Speaker Pelosi):

The new Health Education Framework being advanced in California does not just address steps that should be taken in kindergarten, of course. It includes extreme ideas and suggestions throughout a child’s time in school, all the way through high school. For example:

  • Third graders are likely to be read a book about choosing your gender, including a lesson plan with “the gender wheel.”
  • [Babbleectomy]

Mr. Brown is incapable of a single factual sentence without an editorial slant. People do not choose their gender. Were that the case it is unlikely that there would be an transgender people. This is a retooled anti-gay talking point; people choose to be gay.

After yet another send-money graphic:

NOM is at the forefront of fighting to restore marriage, protect religious liberty and defeat the push to impose California’s gender ideology on that State and across the nation. We depend on the support of families across America and individuals at the grassroots level; we don’t have billionaires or big corporations funding our work. Having a strong and dedicated base of Members – those people who contribute at least $35 annually to NOM – is critical to our organization and our ability to make a difference for American values and American families. Will you kindly commit to be a NOM member for 2019?

NOM takes credit for many things. If Brian Brown is for something and then it happens, Brown claims that he caused it to happen which is never the case. NOM does nothing more than ask for money to stay in business so that it can ask for money.

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