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A post at GayCityNews reminded me that Zach Wahls is now a state senator representing Iowa’s 37th district. Many of you will remember Wahls’ 2011 testimony, at the age of 19, before the Iowa House Judiciary Committee. Wahls, the son of two lesbians, demonstrated immense poise. His eloquence on same-sex parenting and marriage equality made Wahls a household name. The video of his testimony now has 19,090,417 views.

National Organization for Marriage was not pleased:

Zach Wahls says there exists no difference between homosexual marriages and heterosexual marriages. Statistics say otherwise. Choose now whom you will believe. Given our current level of rationality and thought, I’ve no doubt the video — at over a million views now — will convert many compassionate, well-intentioned young people to the cause. But it is false advertising, and I — though I wish for the sake of the children of gay marriages that I could – simply don’t buy it.

December 8, 2011


Lots of people know about Zach Wahls, whose two lesbians parents seem to have done a fine job raising him, by his own account. How many people know the experience of Dawn Stefanowicz? We don’t know how the average child raised by a same-sex couple or gay parent fares, yet. Do we care? Or would we just like to demonize researchers and people who disrupt the nice-nicey images we are always given?

July 21, 2012

Only a NOM numbskull could write “nicey-nicey.” Dawn Stefanowicz had a crappy gay father. Therefore, all gays are crappy parents. President Obama had a crappy straight father. Therefore, …

Maggie Gallagher, then president of NOM, was unnerved by Wahls. She once posited that the biased liberal media was complicit with the gay lobby in shaping public opinion through “the Zach Wahls effect.”

But I digress:

Zach Wahls, now 27, is just getting started. One of these days he might be United States Senator Zach Wahls. His only limitation will be his own ambitions.

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By David Cary Hart

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