“Cynthia B. Burris is a former South Carolina beauty queen. She was admitted to the South Carolina bar in May, 2017. It is an option when one stops beauty queening.”

Brooke Burris, Cynthia Burris

Pretty is as pretty does. Former South Carolina beauty queen, now professional anti-LGBT bigot, Brooke Mosteller Burris aka Cynthia Burris.

Image via Palmetto Family Council

As “Mark Christopher Sevier” and as “Chris Sevier” the disbarred attorney has filed at least 63 federal lawsuits since the Supreme Court’s ruling in United States v. Windsor. That is in addition to a multitude of attempts to intervene in cases filed by others. In addition to attempts to undermine marriage equality, Sevier has engaged in a campaign against Drag Queen Story Hour.

U.S. District Court Judge William J. Martinez (Colorado) had enough of lawyers associated with Sevier. In Sevier v. Hickenlooper:

ORDER DISMISSING ALL CLAIMS WITH PREJUDICE. ORDER: 1.All of Plaintiffs’ claims and both Case No. 17-cv-1666-WJM-NYW and Case No. 17-cv-1750-WJM-NYW are DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE as a sanction for Plaintiffs’ violation of Court Orders, in particular of their continued ad hominem attacks, and for non-compliance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, … other litigation misconduct, and for failure to state a claim under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure … Defendants shall have their costs upon compliance with D.C.COLO.LCivR 54.1; and, 6. The Court will entertain requests for an award of attorneys’ fees upon motion of any Defendant … by Judge William J. Martinez on 1/18/2018. (dhans, ) (Entered: 01/18/2018)

“With prejudice” means that the case cannot be refiled. In the order the Judge also noted:

These filings signed by Harley and Kohl bear a clear, often verbatim, resemblance to
several of Sevier’s and/or Gunter’s filings, corroborating the Court’s view that Sevier has been
engaged in the unauthorized practice of law by acting on behalf of the other pro se plaintiffs. 

Eventually, just to drive the point home about eight months later:

ORDER Granting Defendants’ Motions for Attorneys’ Fees. State Defendants’ Motion for Attorney’s Fees (ECF No. 137 ) is GRANTED to the extent is seeks attorneys’ fees pursuant to the Court’s inherent authority. Plaintiffs shall pay, on a joint and several basis, attorneys’ fees pursuant to the Court’s inherent authority in the amount of $20,405.00, made payable to the State Defendants and delivered to the State Defendants’ attorney. County Defendant’s Motion for An Award of Attorney Fees (ECF No. 138 ) is GRANTED in its entirety. Plaintiffs shall pay, on a joint a several basis, attorneys’ fees pursuant to both the Court’s inherent authority, as well as 42 U.S.C. § 1988, in the amount of $19,772.50, made payable to the County Defendant and delivered to the County Defendant’s attorney, by Judge William J. Martinez on 8/23/2018.

Thus far, Sevier et al haven’t paid a dime of that $20,405 due.

Three of those plaintiffs were represented by:

Cynthia B. Burris

(843) 822-3505

National Association of Missing and Exploited Children

215 Butler Court

Suite 215

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Cynthia B. Burris is a former South Carolina beauty queen. She was admitted to the South Carolina bar in May, 2017. I guess it is an option when one stops beauty queening. She is known professionally as Brooke Burris and Brooke Mosteller Burris. Burris is the East Coast regional director for the William D. Lynch Foundation For Children which is headquartered in San Diego. I have been in touch with the organization’s executive director and await comment. “Are they aware and do they care?”

Keep in mind that Ms. Burris is the primary recipient of Judge Martinez’ ire. In my opinion she has suborned perjury. As an issue of fact she has committed perjury (I have the document which I shall refer to the bar association).

National Association of Missing and Exploited Children is a phony organization. The real organization is National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. At times, Burris has represented herself as counsel for the real outfit. The use of the similar-sounding name is intentional to confuse judges. I think that she confused herself. Burris did not bother to file a certificate of assumed name in North Carolina as required.

In a Sevier related case, Burris co-authored an amicus brief on behalf of the Coalition of Doctors defending reparative therapy. It reads like a fifth-grade writing project. Trying to pick out my favorite part was challenging. Perhaps this bit of crackpottery:

Is it a medical fact that a gay gene exists or is it an unproven faith-based assumption that is implicitly religious?

-The idea that people are born gay is a faith based assumption that is inseparably linked to the religion of Secular Humanism and is out of step with the medical profession.

Genetics and immutability are two separate things. Remarkably, Ms. Burris knows even less about medical science than she does regarding the federal rules of civil procedure. She co-authored similar amicus briefs for American Family Association of PA (an SPLC designated hate group) and National Alliance of Black Pastors.

Burris has signed these briefs as:

/s/Cynthia Burris Esq./



215 Bulter Court Apt. 215

Chapel Hill, NC 27514


That “Defacto Attorney Generals” is a bit of Chris Sevier bullshit. De facto, by the way, is two words. Furthermore, the correct plural is attorneys general. Burris’ co-author is:

/s/Anna C. Little, Esq./


426 Route 36,suite 3

PO Box 382 Highlands,NJ 07732

732-708-1309,732-391-2134 fax



Attorney For Amicus Curiae

Anna C. Little is an unsuccessful Tea Party politician, conservative Catholic warrior (and defacto attorney generals) who was once mayor of Highlands, NJ (pop. 5,000). Little is a bankruptcy attorney. Since 2007 she has had only one other client in federal court in what appears to be a police misconduct case. Little’s client lost. I took the liberty of updating Little’s self-promoting Wikipedia page.

These cases are not just advocacy by Ms. Burris and Ms. Little. Not at all. They represented nutty litigants assembled by Chris Sevier who are subservient to Sevier’s will. Rather than merely representing clients they have aligned themselves with an attorney disbarred for mental instability (Sevier claims in court filings that he was disbarred as an act of political retribution). They apparently did not bother to review the disbarment case. Are they aware of Sevier’s stalking arrests?

These folks, Burris, Little and the “professional” litigants made a decision to challenge marriage equality, file frivolous lawsuits and engage in other anti-LGBT endeavors because they share the same bigotry. These people are all being used by Sevier who delights in the attention paid to him. Yet none are innocent victims.

Of the 63 cases I found that Sevier has been involved in, he has lost 62 — one remains open but that is the next loser. Many of these have the same litigants who must possess a startling amount of anti-LGBT bigotry and animus to continue to risk their reputations. Moreover, they are on the hook for legal fees in at least one case.

Do plaintiffs Joan Grace Harley, John Gunter, Jr. and Whitney Kohl even know that they are on the hook for those fees? In that one example, legal fees were awarded eight months after the case was dismissed. Do these people realize that they could be driven to bankruptcy?

I wonder if Cynthia Burris or Anna Little are even aware of the fact that Sevier has lost all of these cases. Did they review the record? As lawyers they have more resources than I have to investigate the matter.

Cynthia Burris (Brooke Burris) is clearly out of her depth. I can find no record that she joined a law firm after obtaining her law license. Now she has put that license at risk. Decisions have consequences and Ms. Burris has made a string of very bad decisions.

In addition to her homophobia, Ms. Burris seems to have some problems with telling the truth. On the LinkedIn profile of Brooke Mosteller Burris she claims to be the “Director of Policy at the William D. Lynch Foundation for Children.” She is not. At least not according to the foundation. I guess that she figured no one would notice. She also claims two brief stints as a law clerk in 2014 and 2015. It’s possible but, according to the South Carolina Bar, she was admitted to the practice of law in 2017 and did not graduate law school until 2016.


One final note on this matter. The William D. Lynch Foundation does good work. In the 2018 fiscal year, the foundation provided grants in excess of revenues and none of the officers received a salary. That is telling.

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By David Cary Hart

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