Predictably, the Christian right is exploiting an errant CDC survey to incorrectly claim an explosive growth in transgender kids.

Official Heritage Foundation misinformer and defender of the faith, Ryan T. Anderson.

Image: CBN News

Monday at Heritage Foundation’s blog, Ryan T. Anderson authored The Left Is Shunning Liberals With Concerns About Transgender Agenda. Terrible grammar aside, Anderson’s only concern is defending the catechism of the Catholic Church. Transgender people do not really exist for the Church.

According to the dogma, people with gender dysphoria do exist and they need talk therapy to correct a mental illness. The fact that such therapy does not exist does not deter Mr. Anderson.

Recently, I heard from a woman who has a teenage daughter four years into the process of transitioning.

Throughout that time, this mom has been trying to get left-leaning media and think tanks and professional associations to take seriously the concerns coming from the left.

Instead she’s found herself and her colleagues essentially left behind by the left.

But her situation is hardly unique in today’s America.

Perhaps I am having a communications crisis today. None of the above makes a whit of sense and we haven’t gotten to anything substantive. Is it me or he?

Four years are not required for transitioning. If the concerns are coming from the left then why does the left require persuading? Why does a parent even care about the opinions of anyone other than the medical professionals treating her daughter? “Colleagues” What do mom’s coworkers have to do with any of this?

Just last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report showing that 2 percent of American high school students now identify as transgender.

That’s a population-wide statistic. The percentage is even higher in particular communities and schools.

The above is completely false. While the CDC uses the word transgender, as I pointed out on Saturday, it is abundantly, unambiguously clear that 1.8% of students in the survey feel some sense of gender dysphoria. Some of those children might be transgender. All that is required to reach that conclusion is to actually read the CDC paper in its entirety. Anderson is either too lazy to do so, is intentionally misleading people or lacks the intelligence to understand the material.

Something is going on.

Too many of these young people feel unsafe, attacked, and they commit self-harm.

We need to find better ways to support them without damaging their bodies for life.

Anderson is correct. Something is going on. President Obama had the temerity to attempt to protect these kids in public schools. Christians had a massive shitfit because transgender people create a conflict with a passage in Genesis. Ever since, they have been on a campaign to marginalize trans people. Anderson even wrote a book on the subject a 200 something page appeal to ignorance. Their ultimate objective was, and is, to prevent gender identity from becoming a protected class. Oh, the horror should that happen.

Anderson has a set of balls to reference self-harm. If they want to reduce self-harm then they should stop oppressing transgender and gender nonconforming youth. When they come up with a better approach than gender affirmation then they can let us all know. Meanwhile the American Academy of Pediatrics (the folks who really do know something) recommend the “gender-affirming care model.”

What irritates me most about Anderson is the phony compassion. Experience informs us that Anderson couldn’t care less about these kids. His only interest is as a defender of the faith.

And so this mom, who wants to remain anonymous, wanted to know if The Heritage Foundation could host a conversation featuring liberals with concerns about the left’s embrace of the transgender agenda. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is currently pushing the Equality Act, which would have legal ramifications for those who don’t agree with the transgender agenda.

That’s the mom with a trans child who needs something other than what her kid’s doctors provide and who has co-workers who are equally concerned about, … something and who can’t get the left to address concerns from the left without Anderson identifying what the left’s concerns are. She’s the mom who now turns to the Heritage Foundation which — and correct me if I am wrong — has never published peer-reviewed medical research. That mom? Seriously?

Occam’s razor prevails. The simpler explanation might be that Ryan T. Anderson cannot keep his own bullshit straight.

On Monday, I hosted at Heritage an event titled “The Inequality of the Equality Act: Concerns from the Left.”

See? We have gone from a troubled mom with a trans child to protected classes and, by the way, The Equality Act no longer exists. It died in session. It could be reintroduced but why worry about legislation that doesn’t exist and if it did would not be ratified by the Senate and certainly would not be signed into law by
Trump of transgender troop ban fame?

Later on:

Just because we disagree about some things, even many things, that doesn’t mean we disagree about everything. And where we do agree, we can—and should—work together.

That is true but it is dependent upon good faith. Good faith requires agreement on factual matters. Here we have a mom who probably doesn’t exist and a therapy for gender dysphoria that definitely does not exist. You cannot lie and expect mutual good faith.

…if “gender identity” becomes a protected class in federal civil rights law, as Pelosi’s Equality Act would result in, there will be serious negative consequences. That’s where we agree. And that’s where we can work together.

Agree? Saying that there is agreement when there is none is a lie. Good faith depends upon factual and intellectual honesty. Deceit doesn’t work.

As I spoke with that anonymous mother about the possibility of a public event, several things became clear.

First, the media wants to present the transgender cause as the next wave of civil rights and as the natural extension of the past decade of LGBT successes. If you support what the media calls gay rights, you have to support trans rights. If you support what the media calls marriage equality, you have to support trans equality.

That nonexistent mother? Anderson doesn’t cite any media. What I see is reporting about the scientific truths of gender and gender identity. Those truths are based upon scientific exploration and evidence.

There’s little willingness to recognize that the LGB and the T are radically dissimilar, especially as applied to children.

No they are not dissimilar. LGBT people are all sexual minorities. They are all oppressed by people who have a slavish devotion to ancient texts of questionable provenance.

Second, the media wants to present this issue as one of science vs. faith. That there’s a consensus among doctors that people are born trans, that children as young as 2 or 3 can know their “true” gender identity, and that social transitioning and sex reassignment procedures—now referred to as “gender affirmation” or “gender confirmation”—are safe and effective treatment protocols. And that the only people who could think otherwise must be acting based on bigotry and blind faith.

Anderson is using a fictional agent (the media) to offer nonexistent facts that he can then dispute. It is not science vs. faith. Medical science is about science. What Anderson and his ilk do constantly is present faith vs. science while attempting to obscure the fact that it is faith which drives their dismay. Anderson will dishonestly torture logic to claim that a faith-based belief has a secular origin. Anderson can twist and turn while misrepresenting facts but there is one truth that remains:

There is no intervention known to medical science to address gender dysphoria.

The only means known to medical science to mitigate the misery of gender dysphoria is gender affirmation. If Anderson has an alternative then he should cite the peer reviewed research published to a respected academic journal. Do not hold your breath.

Third, the media wants to ignore all of the costs. They don’t care about the damage being done to young people’s bodies and minds—in fact, they celebrate it as a civil right.

Again, he is using media as a fiction agent to introduce the idea that the left doesn’t care and that there is damage and that it is preventable. “Celebrate” is a religious word. They use it universally as something that they claim we want them to do regarding LGBT people. In that context, celebrate (often in regards  to a marriage they disapprove of) means coercing their approval; something that they are required to withhold.

Who is “they?”:

They don’t care about the privacy and safety and equality of girls, when boys who identify as girls can share female-only spaces—like showers and locker rooms and bathrooms—and when boys who identify as girls win female athletic competitions.

They don’t care about the ability of doctors to practice good medicine, when bad medicine becomes mandated as a civil right, and good medicine becomes outlawed as a civil wrong.

And they don’t care about the rights of parents to find the best care for their kids.

Oh please. “Bathroom wars.” It’s just pretext for disapproval based on a passage in Genesis. Claiming that people don’t support quality medical practice is preposterous. Anderson is in no position to determine what is good or bad medicine. When he cites some research or the view of a recognized professional peer organization then he might not be full of crap. Until then…

As for that third paragraph, what I suspect he is referring to is laws that prohibit pediatric conversion therapy. When Ryan T. Anderson can cite some peer-reviewed research published to a respected academic journal which supports conversion therapy as safe and effective, then he can criticize. Until then …

Sadly, some religious people give support to these narratives, when they agree to support “gender identity” laws, provided they get a religious exemption.

But bad public policy doesn’t become good by exemptions for oneself that do nothing for the privacy, safety, equality, and liberty of others.

“Gender identity” ideology will impact everyone. Right and left. Conservative and liberal. Religious and secular.

Ryan T. Anderson’s definition of good public policy is policy which supports the dogma of the Catholic Church in defiance of the Establishment Clause. Gender identity is not an ideology nor doctrine. Anderson is confusing scientific fact based on evidence with religious belief based on faith.

Anderson’t entire treatise is dependent upon the acceptance of mythology. He starts with a fictitious mother, uses fictitious media reports and a mythical “left” as foils. He also offers a medical alternative that does not exist and he offers no specifics.

We are not all as stupid as incurious religious literalists. This is one steaming pile of manure.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.