My interest in the Drag Queen Story Hour “controversy” is that it is a manufactured squabble centered on religious disapproval of LGBTQ people.

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Our “swarm” is depicted in a piece by one Rodney Pelletier at Church Militant: LGBT Activists Swarm in support of Drag Queen Story Hour.

In the way of background, Church Militant is a “brand” of St. Michael’s Media in Ferndale, MI. It is run by ex-gay Michael Voris. 2017 revenues were about $2 million. Southern Poverty Law Center has described the operation as an ultra-orthodox Catholic propaganda ministry. Suffice it to say, the cult-like operation is long on religious fanatics and short on critical thinking. But I digress.

Indoctrination afoot:

On Saturday, the public library in Huntington Woods, a small Metro Detroit neighborhood, became the place where LGBT activists confronted pro-family Christians protesting the Drag Queen Story Hour.

It’s part of the latest effort by activists to normalize the sexualization of children and indoctrinate them in gender ideology, pushed in over 20 cities across the United States, as well as Puerto Rico, Sweden and Japan.

There is nothing “pro-family” about denying parental rights or attempting to frustrate parental rights. What those Christianists want to do is to prevent parents from bringing children to an event that the morality police disapprove of. Those Christians have no right to make those decisions for any other adults.

“Gender ideology” is religious BS. They are confused and understandably so. The dogma of the Catholic Church is an ideology or doctrine based on faith. The gender continuum is a scientific reality based on evidence.

Those dastardly LGBT activists are present only because anti-LGBT bigots have made this an issue in an attempt to substitute their judgment for that of parents who see the value of the event. No religious protest — no LGBT activists. According to the founders of Drag Queen Story Hour:

Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) is just what it sounds like—drag queens reading stories to children in libraries, schools, and bookstores. DQSH captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models. In spaces like this, kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress up is real.

In other words, children are taught that being different is not a bad thing. That is a valuable lesson. Furthermore, sexuality cannot be influenced. Those kids are in no danger of being “recruited.”

Rich Penkoski is mentioned later on in Pelletier’s narrative. He was one of the protesters. Penkoski (as a proxy for disbarred Tennessee lawyer Chris Sevier) seems to think that kids are being influenced to have gender dysphoria and then to become transgender. The whole protest is an exercise in absurdism.

Marxists join in on the fun:

Over 200 activists organized by the Metro-Detroit Political Action Network, a progressive-Marxist organization, gathered to protest the presence of Mass Resistance and Warriors for Christ, along with a handful of other Christians present objecting to the sexualization of children.

I can think of many words to describe the Network. These include progressive, compassionate and inclusive. One has to wonder if Mr. Pelletier knows what Marxism is. There is no evidence that the Metro-Detroit Political Action Network is Marxist other than the fact that Pelletier does not approve of them.

A group of Catholics assembled in front of the library to pray a Rosary, but it’s not long until the LGBT activists arrive and warn the crowd to stay away from the Church Militant news crew, calling them bigots.

They are bigots. The only reason that they are there is because they want to impose their disapproval of LGBT people on others. So much so that they would deprive parents of the right to make decisions regarding their own children. So much so that they think that sexuality is contagious. The Church teaches that transgender people do not really exist and that gay people are “objectively disordered.” Both of those assumption defy medical science.

Rich Penkoski arrives:

Rich Penkoski, spokesman for Warriors for Christ, traveled from Tennessee to be present at the event.

He commented, “The point of this event is to promote the fluidity of gender. They are trying to indoctrinate children.”

He went on to add, “Events like this lead to what we saw last week with that 10-year-old little boy posing with a naked drag queen, and two weeks before that, a boy stripping at a gay club. That’s what this leads to. Our country is being led down the road of pedophilia.”

Penkoski is from West Virginia, not Tennessee. No child “stripped” at a gay club. If Mr. Penkoski has any intellectual curiosity that is something he could find out for himself. He is referring to a performance by Desmond Napoles (Desmond is Amazing) at a gay venue. I can assure you that Desmond remained fully clothed.

Warriors for Christ does not exist. It is not registered as an entity or an assumed name in West Virginia (or Tennessee for that matter).

More importantly, the notion that seeing drag queens leads to other events that they disapprove of is not supported by any evidence (there’s that “E” word again). The presence of a drag queen is not a slippery slope to pedophilia. The very idea that there is some correlation is just idiotic. Idiotic on the part of Penkoski and idiotic on the part of Pelletier for repeating something that is obviously preposterous

Ru Paul is pretty mainstream and, yes, the show is watched by children. They “get it.” A few adults who should know better do not. Rudy Giuliani regularly appeared at events in drag. Milton Berle was famous for drag and his show was the family entertainment of his time. This whole thing is ridiculous.

More imbecility from Penkoski:

He continued, “There’s no reason a three-year-old should be introduced to any sex-based lifestyle yet, they’re three, they’re four, they’re five — they’re kids. Leave them alone. Stop pushing your agenda on these children.”

The “reason” is for their parents to decide. Not Penkoski. Drag queens are entertainers. Associating them with a “sex-based lifestyle” is just stupid. and exactly who is pushing an agenda? The parents who want to attend these events with their children or people like Mr. Penkoski.

Penkoski needs to go back to West Virginia and find more constructive things to do. Apparently he is now a salesman for WizData Systems. If so, that should keep him occupied. Being one of Chris Sevier’s pawns is an awful waste of time and energy and he has nothing to show for it.

My interest in the Drag Queen Story Hour “controversy” is that it is a manufactured squabble centered on religious disapproval of LGBTQ people. It is just one more excuse to dispense shame as if shame ever made a gay person straight or prevented a child from being L, G, B or T.

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By David Cary Hart

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