“…nothing poses a greater potential threat to the lives of dysphoric children than fanatical religious crackpots.”

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Jane Robbins is a graduate of Harvard Law. Given the competitiveness of admissions it seem reasonable to presume that Robbins is an intelligent person. Unfortunately for her, Ms. Robbins is a fundamentalist Catholic. The unyielding belief system turns religion into a cult whereby its adherents are incapable of independent critical thinking unless it conforms to the dogma which is not critical thinking at all.

Robbins is affiliated with the American Principles Project, an anti-LGBT organization co-founded by Robert George.

Thursday, Robbins writes: Pediatricians Speak Out Against Medical Profession’s Utter Lack Of Caution For Trans Kids. Hers is an extremely bloated posting. I am going to dispatch with it relatively briefly, The subtitle reads:

Given the undeniable medical and psychological risks of administering opposite-sex hormones, the physicians question how any child, adolescent, or parent can give truly informed consent.

Let us first dispense with the notion that Robbins gives a crap about trans kids or that she is trying to protect children with gender dysphoria. Neither is true. Her sole intent is to defend the teachings of the Catholic Church which amount to “transgender people do not really exist.” No, I am not a mind reader. I reach this conclusion after reading many of Robbins’ polemics, all of which have something to do with LGBT people.

It’s a conspiracy!

The most troubling agenda item for the transgender radicals became the demand that dysphoric children be provided medical intervention to help their bodies mimic those of the opposite sex. Such interventions can include puberty blockers (which disrupt the natural maturation of the body), cross-sex hormones (which flood the body with hormones natural to the opposite sex), and surgery to remove healthy but unwanted reproductive organs and perhaps to craft faux organs natural to the opposite sex.

I do not know who these “radicals” are. What I do know is that the treatment of transgender children is based on evidence-based scientific research. Activists need not apply. In these circles there are always evil radical activists doing the work of Satan, Robbins is also dishonest in that children are not ordinarily candidates for gender-affirming surgery.

These treatments are controversial even among the “LGBs” in the LGBT alliance, in part because plentiful research demonstrates that the vast majority of children with dysphoria will outgrow it …

These treatments align with medical science and are thus not controversial. One more time (sigh): When the severity of gender dysphoria is such that gender-affirming treatment becomes necessary the desistance rate is minuscule.

Robbins goes on at painful length. Physicians and their professional associations are all part of a conspiracy to, … to do what exactly? What is the nefarious purpose of virtually the entire medical profession? What do they seek and why do they seek it? Robbins never gets beyond political correctness and peer pressure which is profoundly nonsensical. Those things do not yield scientific evidence. Robbins blames the entirety of medical science including:

Involving Mental Health Professionals

Having glided over these problems, the guidelines also mention the advisability of involving a mental health professional in the diagnosis of dysphoria. But what if that doesn’t happen? Some physicians, such as the radical activist Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy in California, see no more need for a psychological evaluation in this case than in the case of a child who needs insulin.

They are all part of the conspiracy. She is also misconstruing Dr. Olson-Kennedy’s position which is that she is skeptical of psychological evaluations. Skepticism is a concept that Ms. Robbins will never understand.

Part of Olson-Kennedy’s concern is that if a child is determined to go on puberty blockers and then thinks that a wrong answer in evaluation could cause the medication to be withheld they become defensive and possibly dishonest. As the article in The Atlantic states, she opposes mandating mental-health assessments for all kids seeking to transition. “All” being the important word.

This leads to Robbins criticism of the Endocrine Society. (It is also in on the conspiracy.) A reminder that the title of this religious screed is: Pediatricians Speak Out Against Medical Profession’s Utter Lack Of Caution For Trans Kids. I’ll bet that most of you already know who those pediatricians are:

Some Physicians Dissent

But not every physician has been cowed into submission by the LGBT bullies. Doctors in the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) can be described as profiles in courage, as can intrepid psychiatrists who bravely point out the naked emperor who seems to have seized control of the medical profession. Most recently, a group of endocrinologists have dared to challenge the politicized insanity in their own professional organization.

A consistent theme of this kind of bullshit is that medical protocols are the result of LGBT activists, here characterized as bullies. American College of Pediatricians is a tiny operation which has never underwritten any research. It is designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Those “intrepid psychiatrists” is actually Paul R. McHugh, Defender of the Faith and all-around crackpot who has not practiced medicine in decades. There is more:

Dr. Michael Laidlaw, Quentin Van Meter, Paul W. Hruz, Andre Van Mol, and William J. Malone lay out the case against the “gender affirmative treatment” (GAT) advocated by the Endocrine Society:

At one time or another I have covered the first four of those. They have two things in common: 1) They have never treated a child with gender dysphoria and; 2) They are conservative Christians. Similarly, Dr. Malone generally treats diabetes out of a practice at a Catholic hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho.

I am skipping over much of the content. One thing that is noticeably missing is an alternative to gender-affirmative care. They do not have one. It is true that more research is needed in regards to the treatment of gender dysphoric children. However, there is no research published to a respected peer-reviewed academic journal which supports any other intervention.

Another missing element is any reference to the American Academy of Pediatrics and their recommendations in support of the gender-affirmative care model. It is easier to focus on hormones and their possible side effects.

Sure, things like hormones have the potential for harm but nothing poses a greater potential threat to the lives of dysphoric children than fanatical religious crackpots. These people are trying to conform medical science based on evidence to faith-based religious dogma.…

Yes, this diatribe does come to a conclusion:

So these physicians have thrown down the gauntlet and are presumably bracing for the inevitable backlash from ideologues. But there’s safety in numbers, and their courage may catalyze more professional opposition to the politicization and corruption of medicine. Perhaps this resistance will expand to include all people, physicians and otherwise, of all ideological stripes, who will finally rise up to protect children from those who would sacrifice them as pawns in a political battle.

It’s just a noisy fringe of doctors who do not treat trans kids. None of these people have ever published research, let alone any that would support their religiously motivated views. They are not taken seriously and have no hope of being taken seriously. Simply stated they are not experts in the field.

For her part, Ms. Robbins tries oh-so-hard to support the catechism. It is one more bit of the bat with little to show for the effort.

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By David Cary Hart

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