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Jonathon Van Maren lacks initiative and curiosity. If something says what he wants to hear he adopts it as truth. Case in point is this headline: New CDC report shows staggering increase in ‘trans’-identifying youth. Van Maren gets a partial pass because he relied on a story in the Washington Post. I have already contacted WaPo.

Every poll for five years has been showing that the number of teens (and even children) identifying as “transgender” is climbing astronomically, but this latest number – reported by the Washington Post yesterday – is still staggering when you consider the implications:

Transgender teens — those whose gender identity does not align with their biological sex at birth — now represent almost 2 percent of U.S. high school students, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That conclusion stems from the agency’s analysis of data based on a nationally representative sample of 131,901 public school students in grades nine through 12, who were asked a variety of questions about gender identity and personal health and safety issues.

Van Maren doesn’t cite any poll. As for the CDC survey, I explained this in full on January 26. Rather than repeat myself, the bottom line is that 1.8% of the kids who were surveyed have some degree of gender dysphoria. Very few of those children will go on to be transgender.

On safety:

Even the researchers at the CDC were obviously taken aback by their findings, and their resulting recommendations are concerning. Without delving into why this is the case, the CDC reports that “transgender youth,” a broad and hard-to-define category when you factor in the amount of current confusion surrounding gender and sexuality, face far more physical danger and bullying than their peers, and that this reality has understandably devastating consequences. The CDC also vaguely reports that transgender youth feel more “unsafe.”

For the record I have communicated twice with the CDC. They need to clean up this mess. How the hell does Van Maren know that the researchers “were obviously taken aback by their findings?” The findings that he is referring to is the population of supposedly transgender kids (who are not transgender).

More offensive is that Van Maren’s solution for the danger and violence that trans kids face is for them not to be transgender. Does this idiot actually believe that kids volunteer to be trans in order to expose themselves to ridicule and physical danger?

Real solutions:

If conservative Catholics, like Van Maren — if the amateur psychiatrist named Pope Francis — would stop promoting bullshit these kids might just be safer and face less denigration.


When teens are trying to kill themselves, it is quite obviously true that more research is warranted. I fear, however, that any such research will be rigorously policed and constrained by the ideology currently being imposed on our culture by radical trans activists. Trans activists are not interested in the truth, as was so clearly highlighted by their vicious attacks on Dr. Lisa Littman and journalist Jesse Singal for publishing research and reports that questioned their cruel obsession with affirming the confusion of children – and Littman and Singal are not even opposed to transgender ideology on principle.

When teens are trying to kill themselves, people should eliminate their opprobrium, shame and disapproval due to some interpretation of ancient texts. That should be obvious. Once again, mythical “radical trans activists” are somehow in control of medical science. What percentage of the half percent of the population that are trans are radical trans activists? Truth to Van Maren means conclusions that conform to the catechism of the Catholic Church based on faith. Science is driven by evidence.

Gender affirmation is currently the scientific consensus for treating youth with severe gender dysphoria. Doctors do not transition teens. Nor do parents. The kids — desperate for relief — transition themselves, often secretly.

These people oil their machine with manufactured victims. I attacked Lisa Littman. Guilty as charged. For whatever reason, Littman published a “study” to a substandard (non-academic) journal with feeble standards for peer review claiming that being transgender is contagious. Her sample consisted of anonymous parents culled from trans denial web sites. It never should have been accepted for publication and is still under re-review. I did not write about Mr. Singal. Thus, I will reserve comment.

The rest of that paragraph is just religious bullshit about confusion. Trans kids are quite certain about their gender. It is Mr. Van Maren who is confused. As for cruelty, allowing children to affirm their gender allows them to function normally. Cruelty is subjecting these kids to superstitions which are not consistent with science.

It is not surprising that children and teens struggling with gender confusion might be afflicted with more mental health struggles than children and teens who are comfortable in their bodies. There are obviously many factors that contribute to gender confusion… [blah, blah, blah]

No medical professional would ever use the phrase “gender confusion.” As I said it is religious bullshit with the intent that all these kids need is to be unconfused. There is no intervention known to medical science to successfully treat gender dysphoria. Van Maren thinks that there must be a solution that conforms to a passage in Genesis about his god creating men and women. That is just plain stupid. Van Maren is long in noise and short on evidence.

Stupidity confirmed:

If you think that is an exaggeration, I would encourage anyone who is interested in getting a grasp of how the transgender movement has swept our culture to pick up a copy of Ryan T. Anderson’s phenomenal and sobering 2018 book …

Ryan T. Anderson, music major turned philosopher, doesn’t know a damned thing about human sexuality. The purpose for his book was to defend the faith. When he is not making philosophical pronouncements, Anderson relies in part on a handful of hyper-religious medical cranks at the outer fringe of medicine, none of whom treat trans people.

Did I mention victims?

In the coming months, we will see trans activists use the CDC report to come after Christian schools. Over the past several weeks, we have seen progressives turn their attention to Christian institutions of learning,…

So what? Some Christian schools deserve our criticism because of their bigotry. It is not universal. Many Catholic colleges and universities (Georgetown, Notre Dame and others) were ahead of society in welcoming sexual diversity.

Mr. Van Maren is at the fringe of his own religion. He and like minded individuals turn Catholicism into a toxic cult. Van Maren is likely referring to Canadian Christian schools which are public schools supported by public money. Poor them.

In the end this entire treatise is an exercise in misinformation. Jonathon Van Maren is just another noisy cultist with little regard for objective truth.

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By David Cary Hart

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