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Were this transgender woman a teacher — BFD?

According to American Family Association, an anti-LGBT hate group, Liberal school board stumbles over trans teacher scenario. AFA propagandist Bob Kellogg continues:

With a growing number of public school teachers claiming they are transgender, more and more districts are facing awkward and controversial questions over who deserves “rights” and who does not.

Really? How many transgender teachers are there? How many say three years ago. If there are more is it due to growing acceptance or an epidemic of gender dysphoria? Mr. Kellogg doesn’t have any answers. I should program a hotkey to type out: Demonstrating disapproval of trans people will suffice.

Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute is watching that politically-charged issue unfold in that state’s liberal District U-46, where Higgins is attending school board meetings and transcribing the internal debate on her organization’s website.

Illinois Family Institute is also an anti-LGBT hate group. Laurie Higgins bears a great deal of responsibility for that designation.

Higgins describes how the school board’s attorney, Luis Rodriguez, walked into trouble recently after the board’s lone and much-hated conservative member, Jeanette Ward, asked if a biological male teacher could be allowed to supervise a girls’ locker room if he identifies as a woman.

The question was met with silence at first, Higgins recalled, then there was murmuring among school board members until Rodriguez finally answered, “Yes.”

The religious fanatics find it impossible to use the simpler, more appropriate description. In this case that would be “transgender woman.” There would be nothing wrong with a trans woman supervising a girls’ locker room unless, of course, one is an unhinged religious zealot.

“So a biological male,” says Higgins,” who pretends to be a woman, would expect to supervise only female students.”

Higgins’ recollection of that exchange recalled that Tony Sanders, the school district’s CEO, jumped in to claim that was a “hypothetical” situation that would never happen.

Higgins lacks the intellect to do much more than beg the question. A transgender woman isn’t pretending to be a woman. She is aligning her presentation with her gender. It is hypothetical because there simply aren’t that many transgender people. Of those there aren’t that many teachers. It is a minuscule percentage of a minuscule percentage.

It isn’t that far-fetched, however, since OneNewsNow has reported that a male P.E. teacher in Florida was told by school officials to supervise a transgender boy — a biological girl — in the locker room or risk punishment for refusing to do so.

So what? I would also point out that this example is not on point. The original issue was transgender teachers supervising cisgender students. In Florida — at least according to hate group leader Mad Mat Staver — a cisgender teacher is somehow upset because he is supervising a transgender child. Apparently that kid is terribly threatening.

Either way the objection is moronic. It is exceedingly rare and no one dies. People like Laurie Higgins promote discord. If people accepted transgender people as they are there would be no problem. Expressing religious disapproval through inflammatory phrases like “male pretending to be a woman” create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A real educator would be more interested in what gifts a teacher, LGBT or not, brings to the school for his or her students. That should be the focus. Instead Higgins wants to shine a spotlight on genitalia. Many transgender people, I suspect, pass through the workplace without being identified as transgender. There will be more of those as medical science improves. Must we do a blood test to satisfy the religious zealots?

On her website, Higgins also points out the Florida case as a real-life example, and she also recalls a high school teacher was fired for refusing to refer to his female student as a “he.”

Should we reward people who are too boorish and uncivil to address others according to their gender? Is it that necessary to express religious disapproval by deliberately misgendering a child? Just how obtuse are these people? Is this the Christian kindness™ that they incessantly talk about but often do not fulfill?

Higgins tells OneNewsNow that such policies are designed to promote the ideological agenda of leftists bit send a misguided message to students.

“It is teaching every child in that school,” warns Higgins, “that biological sex, if it comes in conflict with gender identity, if they come into conflict, biological sex must always be subordinate.”

Factual medical science is misguided? When gender and natal sex are incongruent and when that discordance causes a person to affirm their gender then gender prevails over natal sex. Were that not the case there would be no transgender people. Higgins’ problem is the fierce desire to have science conform to scripture. Higgins succumbs to intellectual dishonesty when she muddles a faith-based belief system with evidence-based science.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.