“Did Ms. Lobatos not recognize that a few things were missing among the collection of misfits that comprise MassResistance?”

Shanda Lobatos

Shanda Lobatos has joined forces with the hate group MassResistance to persecute LGBT kids in Anaheim, CA.

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MassResistance, an anti-LGBT hate group has an odd post on their website titled: MassResistance parent derails big “transgender” push in California elementary school district. They are detailing something from 2017 in Anaheim, California that did not really occur. The post is without attribution but is probably the handiwork of Arthur Schaper (pronounced “shopper”).

Arthur Christopher Schaper, an anti-immigrant activist, formed the California chapter of MassResistance in 2016. Schaper, an apparently unemployed resident of Torrance, is so abrasive that the Republican Party revoked the charter of Beach Cities Republican Club, of which he is president. He has a reputation in California for disrupting public meetings.

MassResistance, California manages to combine crazy with stupid. None of the people associated with the group seem to have exceptional mental hygiene and none are exactly scholars. They all seem to believe that there is a massive LGBTQ conspiracy intent on world domination. I am saddened that I have not been invited to join in. I think that I would enjoy being part of world domination.

The parent they are referring to is identified only as “Shanda.” She is Shanda Lobatos. Barring name similarity, Ms. Lobatos is also an anti-vaxxer crackpot. A small group of unhinged people were opposed to California SB-277 which removed personal belief exemptions to vaccination requirements for entry to private or public elementary or secondary schools in California. These people were so insane that they made death threats to the office of the state senator who authored the bill.

Getting back to the subject of the MR post:

When a California school district began to implement a full “transgender” indoctrination program targeting their elementary school children, one of the parents became a MassResistance activist, organized others, and successfully derailed its big week-long propaganda push.

That’s right. Diversity proponents are causing children to acquire gender dysphoria. If teaching tolerance is indoctrination then someone needs a new hobby. Hopefully, our school boards are guided by people who know a thing or two. That would include the American Psychiatric Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and others. The bottom line is that a transitioned student needs to know that he or she is safe in school. There should be no objection to that. Students should receive age-appropriate information about gender.

In the Anaheim Elementary School District, most of the families are Latino and over 80% are Spanish speaking. These are poor, immigrant communities …

In these environments, the LGBT agenda often thrives. There is little citizen oversight of the school board meetings. Some of the parents don’t even know what “LGBT” means. [Please.]

I confess that I do not know what the LGBT agenda™ is. My agenda is equal protection and due process. Aside from that, and in point of fact, LGBT acceptance increases as people are more educated. College educated people are far more likely to respect diversity and understand that being LGBT is involuntary and immutable.

Bringing in the “transgender” agenda

The whole thing seemed to be right out of the LGBT playbook. As the 2017 school year began, the school administration announced that two children in the district – one of them a kindergartener – were “transitioning” to a different “gender.” It was sad and bizarre. One mother told us that the kindergarten “girl” looked, acted, and sounded like the boy he really was. “It’s so tragic that his parents are doing this to him,” she said. “There’s no question he’d grow out of it if he’s just left alone.”

That moronic (and quite ignorant) mother is evidence of why trans and gender nonconforming children need to be protected in school. As for the child’s prognosis, I am pleased that she shared her professional opinion.

It never dawns on these people that no parent wants a trans kid. They allow a child to transition after diagnosis and opinions from doctors (usually more than one) who have the necessary training and experience. Who the hell do these people think they are? None of them are remotely qualified to opine about gender dysphoria. And by the way, once the severity of the condition is such that a child feels compelled to transition there is no growing out of it.

After describing what seems to be a teaching-tolerance program:

However, one of the Betsy Ross Elementary School mothers, Shanda, a trained social worker, immediately recognized what was going on and became alarmed. Shanda could see that the radical transgender agenda was going to be pushed in a district where the parents were completely uninformed. She began to gather information. She organized a group of parents. And she began to work with MassResistance.

Trained social worker? Shanda Lobatos does not have so much as a cosmetology license. I find it remarkable that this individual would claim that parents are uninformed. The fact that she associated with a rabid hate group tells you what you need to know. Schaper and his pals are not exactly college professors. Did Ms. Lobatos not recognize that a few things were missing among the collection of misfits that comprise MassResistance?

Ms. Lobatos wants teachers and staff to be as ignorant as she is:

The first phase of the project was mandatory transgender “training” for teachers, staff, and administrators. These kinds of teacher indoctrination sessions were pioneered by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and GLSEN, both national homosexual groups. HRC’s national elementary school push is titled “Welcoming Schools.” They used sophisticated psychological techniques to bring teachers into line. When Shanda found out about this – and that the school board was paying the LGBT Center over $12,000 for it – she was livid.

Yeah, school boards pay for training by outside groups, companies or individuals. The LGBT Center, by the way, is separate from GLSEN and the Human Rights Campaign. Oh, I know [raises hand while shouting “call on me; call on me!”]: It’s all the same conspiracy.

Oh the horror of it all:

But the big assault on the children’s minds at Betsy Ross Elementary was to come with “Diversity Week” – scheduled for the end of April. Shanda found out that it was to be a week full of horrific programs from the Welcoming Schools and GLSEN training frameworks. In addition, the “transgender” children’s book “Jacob’s Dress” was going to be read to all the kids.

There are children who are transgender. That is a fact. Nothing that MR does or presumes to do will alter that simple fact. They never explain precisely why they object. Claiming indoctrination is not an explanation. Do they think that this will turn kids trans?

Adding to the irrationality:

(Welcoming Schools is particularly frightening. It uses psychological reconditioning techniques to cause children to accept and internalize cross-dressing, “gay” families, homosexuality, and a range of other LGBT behaviors.)

“Psychological reconditioning?” Seriously?

[Shanda] showed [the school board] examples of the unprofessional behavior of the person who is in charge of their “Diversity Week,” Laura Kanter. The woman they have teaching children about “tolerance” has a history of sending out rather repulsive social media messages, such as “F—k Trump” and colorful descriptions of school board members in a nearby district.

Very compelling I am sure. The very idea that these ignorant airheads could influence a school board is absurd. I reached out to the school district’s media contact. I will update this post if I find out anything different.

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