“Am I comparing AFA to the Klu Klux Klan? Yes I am and I am not afraid to say so.”

Tim Wildmon
Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon has no limits on how he will smear the LGBT community. There is no governor on his bigotry.

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Monday, American Family Association sent an email to supporters titled: See who wants to ‘groom’ your children.

AFA is exploiting the common understanding of “grooming” which is how pedophiles make children less resistant. It is loaded language designed to provoke a negative reaction by conflating LGBT people with pedophiles. This is how bigots create bigots.

Be afraid (an attack on the entire LGBTQ community):

Ensure that your family and friends are aware of the danger

More and more often, our nation is becoming awash with “Drag Queen Story Hours” at local public and school libraries. These, as you might guess, involve men dressed up as garishly adorned women who read LGBTQ-themed books to young children under the guise of performing a public service.

AFA is using drag queens as a proxy for all of us. Drag queens are female impersonators. Their attire highlights the fact that they are impersonators because they are entertainers. The kids get it. The books are not necessarily LGBTQ-themed. Perhaps they should be. AFA is implying that LGBTQ-themed books are evil because LGBTQ people are evil.

AFA’s supporters are already predisposed to avoid Drag Queen Story Hour. AFA is using the existence of these events to attack the entire LGBT community.

In just the past few months, such activities have occurred in places like Evansville, IN, Astoria, OR, Houston, TX, Mobile, AL. Sadly, even the American Library Association heartily endorses the events and has a webpage dedicated to their promotion.

The ALA librarians like Drag Queen Story Hour because it brings people to the library where they can understand the many resources available to them. Children are entertained, they become encouraged to read and to enjoy books. They also learn that being different is not a bad thing. Everyone wins.

If these close-minded imbeciles think that DQSH is perilous then they can choose not to bring their kids to an event. Problem solved.

According to the American Library Association:

The American Library Association affirms that equity, diversity, and inclusion are central to the promotion and practice of intellectual freedom. Libraries are essential to democracy and self-government, to personal development and social progress, and to every individual’s inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To that end, libraries and library workers should embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion in everything that they do.

Needless to say, AFA does not like the ALA.

It would be too easy for me to write that these conservative Christians are afraid that these events will turn kids gay or trans. That is just part of the fear mongering. There is more.

Tim Wildmon’s father, Don, is an anti-Semite. He once wrote something to the effect that Jews are too tolerant of gay people. In other words, Jews — according to Don Wildmon — diminish the effect of AFA’s persecution and bigotry. Bigotry is a core value for AFA. Their organizational culture includes an obsession with hating LGBTQ people and the promotion of that hate.

What Tim Wildmon really fears is that children will learn to be accepting of LGBTQ people. That is the real danger that he perceives. In order to continue to exist, AFA needs to promote homophobia, Islamophobia and transphobia to a receptive audience. The real peril of DQSH, is that people will be less receptive to American Family Association’s anti-LGBTQ hate.

The obvious goal here is to convince an entire generation of children that transvestites are perfectly normal. It’s an attempt to promote deviancy before most of the children in the library even know what deviancy is.

Some drag queens have admitted that their goal is to “groom” the next generation. According to LifeSiteNews.com, drag queen Dylan Pontiff told the Lafayette City-Parish Council in Louisiana, “This is going to be the grooming of the next generation. We are trying to groom the next generation.”

Obvious goals? There is nothing deviant about drag queens. That is just nonsensical hyperbole. Note the use of the word transvestites who are different from transgender people and drag queens. They just wanted to get trans into the matter in order to confuse people. Transvestites, by the way, get pleasure from cross-dressing. Some drag queens are transvestites but most transvestites are not drag queens. But I digress.

What Dylan Pontiff admitted is that he (not they) is “grooming” children to be kind and tolerant. He should have used the word teaching instead of grooming.

Dylan Pontiff poses a real threat to American Family Association and the religious fanatics at LifeSiteNews which should also be designated a hate group. Both groups do not want people to be kind and accepting of LGBTQ people.

The word “indoctrination” is a hate group imperative. Not only are we all pedophiles but we are aggressively pursuing Christian children:


1. Ensure that your family and friends are aware of the danger of this indoctrination and “grooming” of our children. Check regularly with your local public and school librarian to learn if drag queens are scheduled to hold “Drag Queen Story Hours.”

2. AFA has a resource to educate family and friends on this topic. In this AFA Cultural Institute DVD, Preparing Your Children for the Transgender Revolution, Christian author and apologist Tom Gilson explains what parents need to know and what children need to hear about the transgender revolution. The one-hour presentation equips parents with the knowledge they need to confidently address the issue with grace and truth.

If you don’t like Drag Queen Story Hour then don’t attend. Point 1 presupposes that AFA’s supporters have a right to make decisions for other parents. This confirms that the real fear is that kids will learn to be more accepting. That is what they mean with the word “indoctrination.”

AFA conveniently pivots from drag queens to transgender people. They have re-configured gay-hate rhetoric to trans-hate rhetoric. As for that DVD, Tom Gilson is a piece of work. He edits The Stream which is kind of like a merger of Opus Dei with the Tea Party.

Transgender people are just that; people. Judging them by their sexuality is intellectually superficial. Doing so accuses transgender people of making poor decisions. AFA employees are incapable of seeing beyond someone’s sexual orientation of gender identity.

So who is evil? Real evil is represented by people who sow discord and prejudice. They coarsen our society while believing that they are acting on behalf of a deity.

People who believe that they are acting according to God’s will are often dangerous. In the extreme it led to the ethnic cleansing of native Americans and support of slavery.

Every Klansman claims to be an obedient Christian. Am I comparing AFA to the Klu Klux Klan? Yes I am and I am not afraid to say so. AFA is not directly violent but they inspire violence. AFA’s beliefs about LGBT people are as strident as the Klan’s racist beliefs.

I, and most of polite society, do not approve of American Family Association or Tim Wildmon. Our disapproval is based, not on their religious beliefs, but on their conduct. We hold them in contempt.

Note: With today’s email his is a heavily edited post that was originally published on February 13.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.