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Sometimes Brian S. Brown’s pleas for money for National Organization for Marriage cause a reaction on my part that I self-censor. Today is the exception:

Give me a fucking break!

Tuesday’s money-beg is titled The Too-Familiar Case of Jussie Smollett:

For the past week, Americans have watched as the improbable claims of actor Jussie Smollett have unraveled. The mainstream media immediately latched onto Smollett’s story that he was the victim of a racist, homophobic attack. Smollett’s claims were not checked or investigated by the media. Instead, they were instantly broadcast as true throughout the world because they fit nicely into one of the media’s favorite narratives: that LGBT individuals face widespread intimidation, harassment and even violence and on a daily basis.


Sadly, this type of fake claim of anti-gay harassment and intimidation is all too familiar. These claims are made because people know that the media is primed and ready to publicize them on a moment’s notice, and that they will take off on social media like a wildfire.

No Mr. Brown, we will not permit you to obfuscate the facts about violence perpetrated against LGBT people
. We comprise less than 5% of the population. Yet, according to the FBI, hate crime victims targeted due to their sexual orientation or gender identity comprised nearly 17 percent of all victims.

How much of that violence exists because of religious disapproval?

Those figures understate the problem since most of the day-to-day violence does not come to the attention of the FBI. Much of it is not properly classified as a hate crime. Much of it is probably unreported to law enforcement.


The reason I am getting into this issue is because the inaccurate portrayal of the LGBT community as facing inherent and wide-spread bigotry and hate in America is what is behind pending legislation that would give them extraordinary special legal rights at the expense of people of faith and all other Americans. Both the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and The Equality Act would allow gays and lesbians to make claims of sexuality or gender-based discrimination and use those claims to punish all manner of Americans, especially those who maintain a traditional, biblical understanding of human sexuality, marriage and gender.

Bullshit! The reason that Brown is “getting into this” is to ask for money. The self-righteous Mr. Brown is a pathological liar. Speaking of lies, Brown is claiming, above, that religious beliefs regarding LGBT people require those believers to discriminate.

I have very different religious beliefs than Catholics. If I owned a public accommodation I would not think — not for a second — that those differences in beliefs would require me to discriminate. They would be perfectly welcome in my kosher restaurant.

Here is what the BS is really about:

Needless to say, each of those three banners is linked to a donation landing page.

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