Warriors for Christ
Warriors for Christ merchandise.
This hat screams “Hit me!”

Rich Penkoski is the insanely homophobic and transphobic person who is the leader of Warriors for Christ which is headquartered in West Virginia. Rich Penkoski can be very proud because now he is officially a hate group leader! That’s right. The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated Warriors for Christ a hate group.

Penkoski is in good company. In my database Warriors for Christ indexes in just above Westboro Baptist Church.

In case you didn’t know, Warriors for Christ claims to be a church. Of course that would be news to the West Virginia secretary of state. Mr. Penkoski hasn’t bothered to register his group. But he has assembled a troop of misfits. There are three elders of the non-existent church. They go only by first names: Maria, Alex and Jeanie. Then there is professional anti-LGBT litigant Aaron Guidry and someone by the name of Sherry Mclain. Oh, and they claim to have a “missionary” in Myanmar. Sure.

Much like a church they do ask for money. They even take credit cards. Of course, good honest Christian that Mr. Penkoski is, there is no notice that donations are not tax deductible. By the way, that idiotic hat is 26 bucks through Shopify if you really must have one.

Speaking of misfits. You just know that something this loony has some connection to Chris Sevier who acts as Penkoski’s legal advisor. Sevier is disbarred and one judge recently observed that he is probably engaging in Unauthorized Practice of Law. Sevier, by the way, has become such a nuisance at state legislatures that he has been deemed a security concern in the Missouri Capitol. The state senate administrator sent out an email last Thursday to the entire senate and staff with the subject line: “Security concern.” It includes a photo of Mr. Sevier.

I could probably get this whole thing shut down. The “whole thing” is a cheesy website. Why bother? I have better things to do and its existence is a continuing source of amusement.

Last I heard, Penkoski was working for WizData Systems as a salesman.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.