When AFA is not indulging in silly boycotts they are targeting LGBT children.

American Family Association must be having a sale on the promotion of ignorant bigotry. I would prefer not to write about the hate group twice in one day but AFA is sufficiently hateful to warrant the attention. On their phony news blog one of their village idiots, Chris Woodward, writes CA Dems unhappy with lesson on biology & grammar. (Here we go again.)

The post is about transgender and gender nonconforming children. The spew is adorned with a photo of Desmond is Amazing who is neither trans nor gender nonconforming.

A bill in California seeks to force foster care parents to use a child’s preferred name and gender pronoun, but there is pushback against such an “Orwellian” demand.

AB-175 was introduced by Assembly Member Mike Gipson (D-District 64), who says the goal is to make a child’s home environment more inclusive.

The state probably works hard to prevent LGBT children from being placed in foster care with religious crackpots. Frankly, no child should be placed with a religious fanatic. It begs the question of what happens if a kid already in foster care develops gender dysphoria, is properly diagnosed and feels compelled to transition?

If you believe the zealots at AFA, a child wakes up one morning and decides to be transgender. After all, who wouldn’t want to endure withering ridicule day after day? While they are having all that fun they get to make Christians unhappy. Whoopie.

There are no volunteers in the trans/nonconforming orbit. That takes me to the University of Texas at Austin.

A study of a large and diverse group of transgender youth determined that the use of their chosen name at home and at school dramatically decreased the risks for depression and suicide. It stands to reason that the reverse is true. “Deadnaming” a transgender child (using birth name and natal pronouns) increases the potential for depression and suicide.

Why then does AFA insist that deadnaming is necessary? Misgendering a trans child does violence to that youth. Woodward offers the following:

Responding to the assemblyman’s bill, Greg Burt of California Family Council tells OneNewsNow it sends a message to Christian foster parents that California doesn’t want them.

“The Assembly Human Services Committee approved this particular foster care bill 7-1,” Burt says. “We had one Republican on our side, one defaulted. Then they more or less said they liked the bill, that parents are going to be forced to use the gender pronoun of their child’s choice, and that’s the loving thing to do and that anybody that resists is part of the problem.”

Read the first sentence, above, again. It’s all about them. Fuck the kid. He or she doesn’t really matter. It’s the Christian blowhard who is important.

What is so goddamn difficult about addressing the child properly? What this is really about is not missing an opportunity to claim that the overwhelming majority of this country is being victimized.

While they take part in this self-indulgent exercise they are sending a toxic message to transgender youth that they are irrelevant deviants. That sure sounds “Christian” to me.

Kevin Snider, chief counsel for the Pacific Justice Institute [another hate group], also spoke against the legislation, saying it is not only content-based restriction on speech, it is also compelled speech.

“If your religious convictions, science, or the logic of grammar lead you to believe that a male is a he and one person is not a they,” Snider told the hostile, Democrat-led committee, “then the government cannot force an individual to say something known to be demonstrably false.”

That’s right. Snider has the temerity (and inherent stupidity) to claim that medical science is wrong and that gender is a meaningless construct. What do those scientists know anyway? They are the ones who claim that Earth is more than 10,000 years old.

Wait, this moron is not done:

Snider wasn’t finished, either, telling lawmakers it is “Orwellian” to force someone by law to claim illogically that two plus two equals five.

“Young people do not need a Big Brother to write a long list of house privileges,” he argued. “They need parents who can parent them through the turbulence of being a teenager.”

Even though Snider implored the committee to use logic and common sense, his testimony didn’t sit well: Democratic Assembly Member Mark Stone responded that Snider had resorted to “fear-mongering” and an emotion-driven argument.

“Orwellian” usually means a dystopian and tyrannical state. It is tyranny to protect children from people like those at these hate groups? Mr. Snider claims to have a monopoly on logic and common sense. Common sense means not trying to conform the real world today to ancient texts that are usually wrong about the natural world. Logic means to pay attention to peer-reviewed research in order to care for children properly.

Mark Stone had it right but he was too polite. Kevin Snider was engaged in mindless fear mongering. Science is based on evidence. There is no evidence that Mr. Snider has more intellectual curiosity than a dead cat. There is not evidence that Mr. Woodward has critical thinking skills greater than the average urinal mint.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.