When the facts don’t support your bullshit, there must be a conspiracy to alter what is factual.

David Kyle Foster
David Kyle Foster (Who dresses this guy?)

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According to David Kyle Foster, ex-gay, there are 6 Things to Understand before Ministering to the Transgender Community. According to Foster we are all terribly ignorant and confused. Rather than providing useful information about gender dysphoria, Foster unloads with a mega “Unfair!” Apparently there is a vast conspiracy which exists to frustrate the efforts of conservative Christians.

Before I get into Foster’s “poor us,” here are four indisputable scientific facts:

  1. No intervention known to medical science addresses gender dysphoria.
  2. No one — no one — knows what causes gender dysphoria.
  3. People become transgender to mitigate the effects of gender dysphoria which include anxiety and depression.
  4. Gender affirmation allows people with gender dysphoria to function with levels of anxiety and depression at, or near, normal levels.

It is also a fact that transgender people could be the most vulnerable and fragile minority group in the world.

The conspiracists:


A Wealthy & Powerful LGBT Movement (which for most of its history distanced itself from TG people) but who now see it as a cause that can be harnessed to increase their wealth, power and influence.

The wealthiest and most powerful organization in the entire world — the Catholic Church — is the greatest transgender antagonist. So what is the point. More importantly, LGBT advocacy cannot change the science (something the Church tries to do).


Wealthy & Powerful Professional Guilds, (such as the American Psychiatric Association & the American Psychological Association), who ceased using science as the foundation for their mental health diagnoses when they began caving to pressure from homosexual activists 46 years ago.

Today you can lose your license if you disagree with the decision – a threat that forces therapists to keep their mouths shut. For example, when Pure Passion Media attempted to interview therapists for its documentary (TranZformed: Finding Peace with Your God-Given Gender), only one could be found (the late Dr. Joseph Nicolosi) to go on camera to talk about the dangers of promoting transgenderism.

The idea that activists have affected the conclusions of medical organizations is mythology used to explain why those same organizations have scientific judgments differing from religious dogma.

Claiming that an absence of professionals to promote religious dogma is evidence of the power of professional organizations is even more preposterous than the “activist” trope. The more likely explanation is that this reflects a shortage of unprofessional crackpots willing to promote religious dogma as science. Joseph Nicolosi and now Joseph Nicolosi, Jr. have been thoroughly discredited.

Oh and professional organizations have nothing to do with the licensing of their members.


The Media – Ephesians 2:2 tells us that Satan is the “ruler of the kingdom of the air”. Almost all TV, newspapers, films & magazines have thrown themselves wholesale into promoting the great deception that transgender people are just as happy and healthy as the rest of the population and that they are blessed in that lifestyle by a god who they claim created them that way.

Because the authors of the Epistle to the Ephesians (a letter written in Paul’s name circa 70 CE) knew all about broadcast and social media. Some media are factually accurate. Some are not. David Kyle Foster is essentially claiming that the secular media is evil because they are secular. Almost all intolerance of transgender people stems from religious conservatives because trans people (according to those same conservatives) challenge a passage in Genesis. Dogma is prevalent in outlets like Baptist Post and CNA Daily News. Readers have that choice. Intelligent readers understand the difference.


Public Organizations like government, education, the AMA, public schools, colleges & libraries, etc. which have likewise been pressured and deceived into promoting sexually immoral agendas.

So now transgender people (people addressing a medical condition) are sexually immoral. And Foster wonders why he is considered a crackpot. There is a continuing and pervasive mythology that groups that do not agree with some religious conservatives are in disagreement because of deception and pressure. The simple answer is that most intelligent people are swayed by medical science. Shall they consult with Mr. Foster and his ilk regarding acid reflux? Perhaps that pain is a message from Foster’s all-powerful deity. Any guidance on flatulence?


The False Church – a conglomeration of liberal denominations that have been taken over by activists. Although they do not themselves believe in the authority of Scripture, they invent erroneous versions of it in order to sow theological confusion among those who turn to them for guidance.

Foster blames those mythical activists again. Religious groups that do not agree with David Kyle Foster are apostate because they have been captured by activists. Moreover, those same groups have a nefarious agenda because they do not agree with Foster.

As for invented versions of scripture, Foster quotes from (above) the New International Version which is a substitute for the earlier King James Version.


A Deceived Public that continues to vote the deceivers into office, whether in government, on school boards, professional associations or elsewhere. As a result, those parents who have children who present as homosexual or transgender and who naturally turn to the world’s experts for guidance are deceived into accepting the world’s fallen agenda. They want to do the right thing for their child and naively assume that cultural experts know what they are talking about, but that turns into the blind leading the blind.

Simply stated, people who do not agree with David Kyle Foster (most people) are stupid and easily deceived.

Just how arrogant is this schmuck? He knows more than medical science, other Christians and the general public. Foster’s imbecility is caused by his failure to appreciate the difference between a belief system, based on faith, and science which is based on evidence. People who refuse to accept the fact that scripture reflects the times in which it was written are just asking to be marginalized and ridiculed.

David Kyle Foster got his wish. Ridicule makes him a victim and people like him love victimhood. Then he blames the ridicule on a massive conspiracy because they need an enemy as Satan’s proxy. Are there no mirrors in Foster’s home?

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.