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Last Tuesday, March 19, the editors of the journal PLOS ONE issued a correction to Lisa Littman’s study of so-called Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. Between the correction notice, the formal comment, the apology and the revised paper there was a great deal to unpack. Among other things, Littman was required to provide more information on recruitment and to emphasize that this was a study of parental observations as none of the teens with the supposed condition were actual subjects.

It should be emphasized that what Dr. Littman described is a form of late-onset gender dysphoria which makes the condition unusual before we get to whether or not it can be the result of social influences. Most children are diagnosed between five and 12 years of age. The young people whose parents participated in the Littman study were, for the most part, in their late teens.

Perhaps the key finding in the correction notice is this:

For a clinician to make a diagnosis of gender dysphoria in childhood, a child would need to exhibit at least six of the eight indicators. Given that 97.6% of the participants reported 2 or fewer readily observable indicators, even if hypothetically all participants incorrectly under-reported all three of the subtler indicators, 97.6% would still have fewer than six indicators. So, although no clinical evaluation was performed and a clear presence or absence of a diagnosis cannot be verified, given the reports of the easily observed behaviors and preferences, it can be said that it would be very unlikely for these AYAs to have met criteria for childhood gender dysphoria if they had seen a clinician for an evaluation.

“AYAs” are adolescents and young adults. In other words, at least 98% of the teens would not have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria — ROGD or otherwise. Therefore, these young people should not have been at risk for unwarranted hormone consumption (they were beyond the age where puberty blockers would be beneficial).

What they were most at risk for was terrible parenting since they were not subjected to clinical evaluation. Parents might have feared that a proper diagnosis would have confirmed the existence of gender dysphoria when, in fact, it would have done just the opposite. It might have allowed the individuals to properly contrast their beliefs to reality

The Christian right has done a very good job of convincing the public that gender clinicians are pernicious crackpots compelled to transition all of the children they evaluate. That is simply not the case. Intentionally misdiagnosing gender dysphoria would amount to medical malpractice and most doctors have a strange attachment to their licenses to practice medicine. The truth is that there are far more lucrative areas of medicine. These doctors are fiercely dedicated to helping an under-served and fragile minority of children.

I do not doubt that a teen could be convinced that they have gender dysphoria when they do not. As I have stressed many times, a diagnosis of gender dysphoria is objective. Self-diagnosis of any condition poses a danger.

That brings me to Pique Resilience Project (PRP)

The Pique Resilience Project was apparently started by “Chiara,” the daughter of the founder of 4thWave; a transgender denial site. The best way to have indulged in denial would have been to obtain a competent diagnosis.

PRP consists of four young women who feel that they experienced late-onset gender dysphoria: Dagny, Chiara, Jesse and Helena.

All four of us experienced Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) and subsequently identified as trans men for several of our teenage years. We have all since detransitioned/desisted, and have been able to explore other individual factors that may have caused or exacerbated our dysphoria.

“Pique” is resentment due to an insult to one’s pride. “Resilience” is the ability to rapidly recover from difficulties. Resentment of the ability to recover doesn’t make much sense. They do not explain how they arrived at the name. I am anal retentive and I digress.

One of the four, “Dagny” claims to have been on hormone replacement therapy. We do not know how that came to be or what she was taking. HRT clinics are as ubiquitous as diet centers and they are profit-driven. They are usually not operated by board certified endocrinologists. A young girl could conceivably receive male HRT without a referral from a gender specialist while skirting required parental consent. Testosterone (if that is what she is referring to) is widely available on the Internet.

What’s the point?

I do not doubt the sincerity of these four young women. Yet, they have become darlings of the religious right including hate group leader Tony Perkins and the ultra-Catholic LifeSiteNews (which I regard as a hate group).

At the end of the day, this “project” and these four individuals prove nothing that is relevant to the issue of gender identity. They do not provide useful information. We do not know how four desisters came to know each other. I could speculate that it was through 4thWaveNow but I do not know and they do not tell us.

They really do not tell us much at all beyond:

Welcome to our official website! We are four detransitioned and desisted women with the goal of sharing our stories and providing information on detransition, as well as support for those who may be questioning their gender or identity. Please visit our About page for more information about us and what we do. All content produced by us will be posted on this site’s Blog page.

We are not informed of any details regarding either transition or detransition. We have no idea if any of the four were clinically diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

Oh, but they do ask for money. There is a PayPal link and a link to Patreon, a site dedicated to the development of “membership businesses.” We are not informed what donations would be used for. If this is a business model, there is nothing wrong with that (I am a fanatical capitalist). Disclosure is in order.

THE Blog

Readers know that I will read just about anything. I consume more anti-LGBT crackpottery on the average day than most people would expose themselves to in a year. What I will not do is watch videos unless there is a visual necessity for the video to exist. I haven’t the patience to listen to profoundly time consuming conversations.

PRP’s blog consists of one page of comments and two videos. The comments are of no interest to me, particularly when they cannot be appreciated in context. Nor are they via the Disqus platform which usually allows one to obtain some information about who the individual is. One video is about detransitioning; another about social media. I am not going to listen to conversations of the four sitting around a table. Moreover, the subjects of these videos do not arouse my curiosity.

Elsewhere on the site there are links to an audio podcast Binding and Cosmetic Changes. I do not have 40 minutes to listen to what I could read in ten minutes or less.


The Littman study and the Pique Resilience Project are closely related. More so since the Littman study was corrected. Littman and the correction notice shed increasing light on the fact that rapid onset gender dysphoria does not really exist as a clinically diagnosed condition. Rather, it exists as a delusion of late onset gender dysphoria. It requires treatment that is vastly different from gender dysphoria.

I do not doubt that it is possible for a young person to experience late onset gender dysphoria that is not a delusion. Only a trained gender clinician can separate the two and, at least based on Littman’s paper, professional diagnoses did not seem to exist.

There is no intervention known to medical science to successfully treat gender dysphoria. Sufferers obtain relief through gender affirmation. The religious right pushes a close cousin to gay conversion therapy (in order to prevent people from transitioning which pisses off their deity). The religious zealots are far more interested in dogma than doing the right thing for people with a medical condition. Based on the available information which is lacking in detail, these four young women would have benefited from psychological counseling.

In that case a therapist would not be treating gender dysphoria but the illusion of gender dysphoria. The two things are considerably different.

Via Twitter I will notify the four young women. If I got anything wrong I will be happy to correct it.

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By David Cary Hart

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