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According to hate group leader Peter LaBarbera (Americans For Truth About Homosexuality) the Jussie Smollett matter demonstrates our national depravity. LaBarbera is quoted by American Family Association’s blog:

… Peter LaBarbera argues that liberalism has encouraged people like Smollett to act like victims in fake hate crimes.

“Liberals have deified homosexuality,” the pro-family leader asserted. “Liberals have decided that homosexuality –[which is] a sexual perversion [and] immoral behavior – a sin in the eyes of God — is almost sacred.”

Sacred? More like normal and it is not just liberals. There are plenty of conservatives — even pious Christians — who also accept the consensus of medical science which is that sexual orientation is a continuum (spectrum if you prefer) and that every point along the line represents a natural variation of human sexuality.

We don’t really know the full story of what Smollett did or did not do. If he faked a hate crime he did so for economic benefit. It has nothing to do with liberalism. Moreover, LaBarbera is severely outnumbered by Christians and Jews — people of faith — who do not believe that homosexuality is a perversion. Those more rational people believe that scripture reflects the times in which it was written.

Everything is a celebration:

The Christian leader also noted that homosexuality is one of the three pillars of liberalism today – along with support of abortion and illegal immigration.

“And so, because liberals have celebrated homosexuality to such a degree, they’ve helped these gay activists to feel like, “Oh, wow, I’m a victim, and the right is so hateful,” and they make up this whole mindset,” the outspoken conservative continued. “And then, sometimes, things can go off the deep end – like Jesse Smollett – and they act on it.

Oh, three pillars is it? we support a woman’s right to reproductive choice which is the law of the land. That is not the same thing as support of abortion. We support the idea that sexual minorities are entitled to equal protection and due process.

We do not support illegal immigration. We support the idea that people seeking asylum deserve to be treated with kindness. We believe that people who were brought here as children and have no connection to their native country have a right to remain here. It’s easier for LaBarbera to spout some unspecific gibberish than to confront the real issues.

We most certainly do not relish being victims. That is a conservative Christian trait. Nor do we have any desire to have anyone’s sexual orientation “celebrated.” That is just nonsensical religious rhetoric. As I said, we want nothing more and nothing less than equal protection and due process.

Peter LaBarbera is not exactly the brightest bulb in the chandelier and he thinks that everyone else is as limited as he is. He is using Jussie Smollett to denigrate gay people when there is no connection. If, in fact, Smollett staged a hate crime that was as an individual. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the LGBTQ community. We are law abiding.

Speaking of law abiding, on May 15 it will be four years since the Internal Revenue Service revoked the tax exempt status of LaBarbera’s little hate group. It was revoked because Peter LaBarbera did not comply with the law by filing tax returns. In addition, since his personal return is based on the organizational return I do not see how he could file an accurate 1040 (if he even bothered to file).

I also wonder if he is filing the required quarterly returns. AFTAH is required to file a quarterly 941 or a 944 each year. Either way, a sole proprietor is generally required to file a quarterly 1040-ES along with estimated taxes even if he files a joint 1040. I am sure that Mr. LaBarbera is right on top of the applicable laws since he knows so much about Mr. Smollett’s legal matters.

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By David Cary Hart

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