So much of this is re-purposed anti-gay rhetoric and junk science from religious conservatives.

Warriors for the Faith at Heritage Foundation. On the extreme left is Ryan T. Anderson. The bald guy in the middle is Michael K. Laidlaw, a trans-obsessed California physician and shameless purveyor of BS.

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The headline at The Blaze: Doctors are now giving hormone treatments to children as young as 8 who ‘identify’ as transgender. It is the same headline I have seen at three or more other anti-LGBT outlets and it is a lie. This is the handiwork of Dr. Michael K. Laidlaw — a trans-obsessed Defender of the Faith. The post at The Blaze is written by someone named Sarah Taylor who has the curiosity of a frozen pizza.


Ms. Taylor cites another highly reputable source: The Christian Postreported:”

Laidlaw and his colleagues used FOIA requests to obtain more information about Olson-Kennedy’s study at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and found that in 2017 they lowered the minimum age for cross-sex hormones from 13 to 8.

Why would one require a FOIA request to view research? The 2017 paper that Laidlaw is referring to is presumably: Physiologic Response to Gender-Affirming Hormones Among Transgender Youth. The full text is available via Research Gate and it was published to Journal of Adolescent Health. Given how concerned for children that this lot claims to be, were they not already subscribers?

Moreover. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is a private organization, a 501(c)3. It is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act which applies to government. Even if the research is government funded, as Laidlaw claims, the only thing that the government would receive is the same thing that is available to the public. None of this makes any sense at all.

No surprise there. Michael K. Laidlaw makes no sense generally because he substitutes the catechism of the Catholic
Church for his best medical judgment. He attempts to merge a faith based belief system with evidence based medical science while preferencing the belief system. Returning to The Blaze:

“Imagine giving 9-year-old girls testosterone,” Laidlaw said. “They are in third or fourth grade. This is unbelievable, but this is going on.”

The panelists and attendees screened a video featuring Dr. Ilana Sherer and Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy — both of whom treat trans kids — who discussed how such treatments work on adolescents.

Where is the evidence of a 9-year-old receiving hormones? Notice how we have gone from FOIA to screening a video.

Hormone blockers are hormones?

According to The Christian Post, “Sherer explained that puberty blockers are given to children at age 8 or 9, when they are in third and fourth grades. Olson-Kennedy is doing a 5-year study, for which she has received a $5.7 million National Institutes of Health research grant, and in one of her publications, it shows that mastectomies have been done on girls as young as 13. In the clip Laidlaw showed, Olson-Kennedy is seen on tape insisting adolescents have the capacity to make life-altering decisions, including to have their breasts removed.”

Laidlaw’s claim is first that 8-year-old girls are being treated with testosterone, a hormone. Now he is claiming that they are receiving puberty blocker which are not hormones. Laidlaw knows this because — although he is not board certified in any specialty — he claims to be an endocrinologist.

Regarding top surgery, it is possible, I suppose, that a 13-year-old could require the procedure. A trans boy could be in considerable distress due to the growth of breast tissue. Typically a trans boy would receive puberty blockers at a much earlier age and that would prevent developing female breasts. Laidlaw and his conservative Christian friends don’t want trans children to receive those preventative (and safe) puberty blockers.

Religion or what is best for kids medically?

Laidlaw said that such early treatment is wreaking havoc on children, prompting further gender confusion and stunted — or malformed — physiological growth.

“Under the nebulous concept of ‘gender identity,’ children as young as 8 are receiving injections for gender transition treatment,” Laidlaw said. “The phrase was defined in a recent court case as a person’s ‘core internal sense’ of their own gender and that it was the ‘primary factor’ in determining their sex, not biology.”

The issue is not gender identity. The issue is gender dysphoria or gender incongruity. According to DSM5 a diagnosis of gender dysphoria in a child requires meeting six of eight criteria while experiencing significant distress or impairment in function, lasting at least six months. Each criterion is objection. The diagnosis is objective and scientific.

Laidlaw used the phrase “gender confusion” which is of Vatican origin. Does he want to be a doctor or a priest?

He added that the “research” is nothing more than scientific and medical experimentation on children.

“We are ignoring the voices of desisters and people who have come out of this and recognize their sex,” Laidlaw explained, “and the NIH is allowing unethical research to be conducted on adolescents, in my opinion.”

Laidlaw is trying to discredit is own profession and, at the same time, peer-reviewed research that he does not like due to religious beliefs. He does not cite specific research nor objectionable methodology. One reason might be the fact that Laidlaw has never published research; certainly not to a respectable peer-reviewed academic journal. Desisters are a minuscule percentage of trans people and Laidlaw provides no evidence to support his claim.

Heyer the Liar:

Others on the panel included a former transgender activist and a mother whose daughter identified as transgender. Both parties spoke out on the dangers of encouraging transgenderism in children.

Walt Heyer, the trans activist who recently announced that the media and doctors misled him to believe that the answer to gender dysphoria was a transition, extensively addressed the dangers of young transition.

Sarah Taylor is obviously confused. Heyer was never a “trans activist.” As for that supposed recent announcement, I have been writing about Heyer for more than three years. They failed to mention that this nut job self diagnosed himself with DID or multiple personality disorder. Which alter are we talking to? Moreover, what does Heyer know about adolescent gender dysphoria? He had surgery nearly forty years ago in his 40s.

Heyer — a male who previously lived as a woman — revealed that many people aiming to transition have been sexually abused as children.

“Over 50 percent of the people that I’ve worked with — hundreds of people that I’ve worked with over the last 10 years — were sexually abused boys who were abused at a young age,” Heyer revealed, explaining that many of those people believe that the only way to “cure” themselves from their gender confusion is to “cut off their genitalia and become female.”

The above is re-purposed anti-gay bullshit. Heyer “works with” people? How? By email? Why on earth would anyone want advice from a crank like Heyer? There is no association in the medical literature of sexual abuse to gender dysphoria just as there is no link of sexual abuse to sexual orientation.

This is a lie fabricated to give the impression that gender dysphoria can be cured with conversion therapy which would require changing someone’s gender identity. These people cannot cite research so they create a false impression.

“In their mind, that is their defense mechanism for sexual abuse,” he explained.

“We are manufacturing transgender kids,” Heyer added. “We are manufacturing their depression, their anxiety, and turned [it] into a huge industry that people are profiting from after kids’ lives are completely torn apart.”

Which alter is it that came to that conclusion? Where is the research to support any of this nonsense? Heyer and Laidlaw are long on bullshit but short on peer-reviewed research. Where is the evidence of a profit motive which is another manufactured meme or motif.

Nowhere in this diatribe does anyone provide any support for the idea that any 8-year-old is receiving hormones as the title promises. That is because none of this has anything to do with medical science. These people are manufacturing, or attempting to manufacture, secular reasoning for a religious objection.

Were a parent to subscribe to this idiocy they would put the health of a gender dysphoric child at considerable risk. Aside from not being a researcher, Michael K. Laidlaw does not treat trans people. Nor is he a psychiatrist or a trained behavioral health specialist.

There is ample research in support of gender-affirmative care. A parent might start with an understanding of the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. That should make more sense than gibberish from religious zealots and kooks.

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By David Cary Hart

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