“This schmuck is directly saying, without nuance, that teaching kids to be nice (which is what the Day of Silence is all about) turns kids gay or transgender.”

Larry Tomczak
Larry Tomczak circa 2015

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Christianist blowhard Larry Tomczak writes: This Friday’s “Day of Silence” Harmless or Harmful for Your Children? The intellectual prowess on display is truly impressive. This thing begins with a faux quote which reflects Tomczak’s disdain for LGBT people:

“Students listen up. Just days ago, Chicago, the 3rd largest American city, elected its first lesbian, socialist, same-sex partnered, black female mayor, Lori Lightfoot! In her acceptance speech she said, ‘I think about the children…boys and girls seeing leaders who look like them.’ And the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, is also gay and ‘married’ to his homosexual partner and preparing to declare his candidacy for President of the United States! Let’s give it up for LGBTQ advances today!”

Suffice it to say, Mr. Tomczak will never be the mayor of a major city with complex problems and Ms. Lightfoot crushed her opponent winning all of Chicago’s 50 wards. Her sexual orientation was irrelevant. As for Mr. Buttigieg, note the petty defensive quotes describing the fact that he is legally wed. Does Tomczak know that Mayor Pete is a former Navy intelligence officer and was a Rhodes scholar? That he graduated Harvard magna cum laude? How about the fact that Buttigieg is a devout Episcopalian?

None of that matters to people like Tomczak. They cannot see anything other than a person’s sexual sexual orientation. Can Tomczak appreciate the works of American composers Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein, Charles Ives, Samuel Barber or Igor Stravinsky (to name just a few)? They were all gay.

It is in the first paragraph of this tirade that we appreciate the true intellectual depth of Mr. Tomczak:

This Friday is a big day in thousands of elementary schools, middle and high schools, colleges and universities across America. GLSEN (The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) promotes underhandedly the LGBTQ lifestyle to impressionable sons and daughters by calling for solidarity with a “Day of Silence”. This diabolical initiative erodes and corrupts the innocence and morals of our children at a time when “progressives” propagandize the LGBTQ ideology in our schools.

What part of that paragraph is the most idiotic? The idea that GLSEN is being underhanded; the notion that a sexual orientation Tomczak disapproves of is a “lifestyle;” the premise that GLSEN is corrupting children; or the idea that sexuality is an ideology? I can only think of two reasons to be so distressed:

  1. The Day of Silence turns kids gay or transgender or;
  2. The Day of Silence encourages students to be more tolerant of LGBT people.

Which is it? Does Tomczak really believe that sexuality can be influenced by others? Almost every LGBT person on the planet has, or had, heterosexual—cisgender parents and gay couples tend to raise straight children.

Or is it option two that has Tomczak so exercised? Perhaps because when young people come to appreciate just how idiotic it is to denigrate sexual minorities which, in turn, makes people like Tomczak look like idiots. It turns out to be both.

The deity is part of the equation:

Since God directs fathers and mothers to train their children in righteous standards, it’s imperative that you find out if your particular school is one of scores signed on to this annual propaganda “promo.” Parents can put their collective foot down at this insidious trickery by joining in the nationwide DOS (“Day of Silence” Walkout).This also provides an excellent opportunity to share respectfully with school officials you “choose today whom you will serve…as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh 24:15).

It never dawns on self-righteous folks like Tomczak that most observant Christians and Jews completely disagree with him. What he is oblivious to is the idea that, if there is a god, he or she will be most concerned with how we treat others. Tomczak’s rhetoric is re-purposed anti-Semitism (from pretty much the same people). It is the re-arranged racist rhetoric of the Klan in opposing integration. It is the bigoted rhetoric of people obsessed with the sexuality of others. It is necessary for those “others” to know just how much the bigots disapprove of them.

Getting back to the quoted text, “share respectfully with school officials” means informing them that the sharer is a sanctimonious bigot.

An opportunity to squeeze in some unrelated bullshit:

While you’re checking, you may want to inquire if the library is allowing registered sex offenders to perform drag queen routines and readings for children, the latest “trend” in diversity training in schools today.

Tomczak is oh-so-cleverly referring to Drag Queen Story Hour. Among thousands of events, a registered sex offender was one of the drag queens at one event where nothing untoward occurred. Christian youth counselors present far greater potential peril.

Apparently option #1 (above) is at work:

Parents in these challenging times must be part of God’s special forces who are “watchmen on the wall” and give no ground to “powers and principalities” setting up schemes to seduce our children into ungodliness. The cultural war is real and the days of of passivity are over. When Miley Cyrus boasts of influencing 82 million Instagram followers by her hedonistic example, it’s a wake up season for Christian pastors and parents.

I skipped over a great deal of sanctimonious nonsense to get to that. This schmuck is directly saying, without nuance, that teaching kids to be nice (which is what the Day of Silence is all about) turns kids gay or transgender. Larry Tomczak it trying to influence others to be spectacularly stupid. Undoubtedly there are incurious pious pinheads who believe this drivel. Some of those self-righteous simpletons have, or will have, LGBTQ children. Then what?

Larry explains it all for you:

Friday, April 12, in schools everywhere LGBTQ proponents again roll out their clever initiative having students remain silent to dramatize bigotry and discrimination to the LGBTQ “community”. They’ll be taught that we never discriminate if two students “come out as gay” and are proud of their newly discovered sexual orientation. The same applies if a fellow identifies now as a female mandating full access to girls’ changing rooms and bathrooms.

It’s not about discrimination. It is about prejudice. An inability to see people beyond their sexuality. (Or an ability to appreciate folks like Copland and Bernstein.)

Yikes — It’s a conspiracy:

Teachers can freely encourage participation in “gay clubs” and warn students not to question any of the above or other parts of the LGBTQ agenda. And here is the zinger: disagreement with the above is “bullying” and it will be prohibited, punished and put away in our “enlightened” culture of tolerance.

Beyond dumb Mr. Tomczak is championing prejudice and framing tolerance as an evil conspiracy. They won’t admit it but these people hate the ensuing ridicule. To them it is anti-Christian persecution. They lack the retrospection and introspection to appreciate the astounding hypocrisy.

Larry cannot read:

Is it true that it “hurts no one” to support confused young people drifting into unbiblical lifestyles? Is it really harmless to choose alternate behaviors clearly prohibited by God yet endorsed and celebrated by the LGBTQ community?

A little while ago, the Centers for Disease Control released their most extensive report ever on homosexual youth, “The Youth Risk Behavior Survey”. The results were downright scary!

• The life expectancy of homosexuals was 20 years less.

• Statistics on their high incidence of sexually transmitted diseases were chilling.

• They were four times as likely to attempt suicide.

• They were twice as likely as heterosexual teens to have been victims of sexual or physical dating violence; to be regular cigarette smokers; to have tried marijuana before age 13; to ever have used cocaine, hallucinogenic drugs, ecstasy and taking prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription.

• They were more likely to be current marijuana users than heterosexual students; more likely to drink alcohol; plus, over four times as likely to have used methamphetamines or heroin.

• They were 25% more likely to have had sexual intercourse; more likely to be currently sexually active; and, to have had four or more sexual partners.

• They were more prone to hopelessness and depression.

Tomczak is saying that tolerance encourages young people to be gay or transgender. It is 2019 and he still doesn’t get that sexuality is involuntary. It’s not a choice and it is not subject to influence.

The YRBS is a comprehensive report on all, not just LGBT, high school students during the ten years ended 2017. Nowhere in the YRBS is there a life expectancy calculation. LGBT high schools students are twice as likely to be bullied which might explain, in part, why they are twice as likely to experience persistent sadness or hopelessness. It might also explain why LGBT kids have a much higher rate of attempted suicide. LGBT high school students are also more likely to use illicit drugs.

My hypothesis (supported by medical science) is that these factors are associated with minority stress. Tomczak is saying don’t be LGBT because of certain risks. In the real world people have no choices regarding sexuality and if you want to reduce the risks of being LGBT then reduce the oppression of LGBT kids. Mr. Tomczak is an oppressor. Day of Silence is doing something to stop the oppression so that gay and trans kids are not more likely to be bullied, depressed and suicidal.

Sexuality cannot be influenced by others. Bigotry, however, is passed along:

Were parents to listen to nitwits like Larry Tomczak then their children would have a much higher probability of being bigots and bullies. They would harm LGBTQ students because of the bigotry that his been instilled in them. What Tomczak is really displaying are measures of the harm that he and like-minded people are doing to others.

Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? So much of scripture encourages decency in how we treat others. Tomczak is using a passage in Leviticus to do just the opposite because he is heavily invested in the doctrine of voluntary sexuality. Day of Silence highlights the fact that he is just a self-righteous fool. Superstitious fool if you prefer. Option #2 (above).


Here’s the deal: practicing homosexuality and lifestyles contrary to God’s loving design for humanity is sinful and brings severe consequences to those who disobey. Our sacred duty is to safeguard our children from this “penalty” not sentence them to suffering by our silence.

Sure Larry. That is why two-thirds of Catholics, Orthodox Christians and white mainline Protestants now say they are in favor of same-sex marriage. Evangelical Christians are the outliers. Maybe that says more about them than the LGBTQ people they denigrate.

What is it that drives Larry Tomczak to be so unkind and obtuse? Only he can answer that question. It is a question that he will never ask of himself?

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.