ADF’s Jeremy Tedesco is seemingly incurious and dishonest.

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Alliance Defending Freedom is an anti-LGBT hate group according to Southern Poverty Law Center — and that is an indisputable fact. A piece, Thursday, in American Family Association’s blog includes this:

Twitter recently made the decision to cut ties with Southern Poverty Law Center. OneNewsNow spoke with an attorney who thinks websites should follow suit.

“Twitter has come out and said that they have dropped relying on the SPLC as part of their Trust & Safety Council for monitoring and regulating speech and groups on their platform, and that is a very welcomed thing,” explains attorney Jeremy Tedesco of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

I suspect that Jeremy Tedesco got this from a piece in the ever-credible Daily Caller on April 7. It’s not true. Tedesco took not steps to verify or even inquire.

Using the Wayback Machine ( I wanted to figure out when Twitter dropped the SPLC from its Trust and Safety Council (the SPLC is not on the list).

I started with March 16, 2019 which is “recently.” No SPLC. November 8, 2018? Nope. I checked a few more captures with the same result. Eventually I visited the earliest capture at which is August 2, 2017. Again, the SPLC is not listed as a member of the Council. It would appear that the Southern Poverty Law Center has never been a member of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council. Twitter did not recently cut ties with the SPLC. That is deep-fried bullshit.

I find it sardonically amusing that Jeremy Tedesco follows with this:

“Twitter didn’t exactly say the reason,” he continues, “but everybody essentially knows – and that is the SPLC has recently been racked by internal controversy and turmoil over what its former and current employees are saying is a systemic problem with racism and sexism within the very halls of the organization.”


  1. AFA’s propagandist, Chris Woodward has the intellectual curiosity of kim chi. He wrote “recently” without inquiring when what he was writing about occurred.
  2. ADF’s Jeremy Tedesco is not only incurious but corrupt. If, in fact, he got this from the Daily Caller, their piece mirrors my conclusion. Quoting a Twitter spokesperson: “The SPLC is not a member of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council…”
  3. The Daily Caller is equally dishonest. In spite of the quote that they solicited their headline reads “Twitter backs off partnership with SPLC…”
  4. Some self-righteous, holier-than-thou Christians are full of crap.

It’s not the biggest lie in the world but it is a lie. It also has ramifications. It is possible for a hate group to make the claim: Twitter dropped the SPLC. You should too. Again, that would be a lie. Nothing would have stopped Mr. Tedesco or the Daily Caller’s Chris White to do exactly what I did.

American Family Association is also an anti-LGBT hate group. That too is an indisputable fact. The post I quoted from is titled: SPLC’s forte: Morph disagreements into hate. That is also a lie. The SPLC is very clear about what defines a hate group. Hate groups “attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.” That is not disagreement. This is not about different views. Hate groups like Alliance Defending Freedom and American Family Association attempt to impose their bigoted views on others and on public policy. They lie about LGBTQ people to denigrate them. They have no problem being untruthful

Getting back to Tedesco’s last quote about the SPLC: Whatever the organization’s problems are, it has terminated its founder and accepted the resignation of its president. It has brought in an organization-development consultant to undertake a thorough review. Moreover, none of this alters what a hate group is.

In spite of some turmoil, the organization has been extremely productive and proactive in meeting its mission; now as it has in the past. Alliance Defending Freedom and American Family Association do what these hate groups always do. They attack the Southern Poverty Law Center ad hominem. They do not dispute anything that the SPLC says about them in arriving at their hate group determination. I wonder why that is.

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By David Cary Hart

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