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Brian S. Brown’s latest technique for raising money for National Organization for Marriage is to tell supporters that they are all victims of evil gays. Who knew? Brown writes: You and I are the ‘Mike Pences of the world’. Brown goes on to rail against identity politics as he engages in, … identity politics:

Consistent with their penchant for identity politics, the field of Democrat candidates for president includes a number of women, people of color, some senior citizens and a gay man. The latter is Pete Buttigieg, the homosexual mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Young (he’s just 37 years old) and largely unknown, Buttigieg is leveraging his sexual orientation to get attention, and raise money. This helps to explain his utterly unkind, unwise, unwarranted and ill-informed attack on Vice President Mike Pence last week.

Pete Buttigieg might not become our next president but, if anything, he is leveraging his intellect. Buttigieg is very quick on his feet and very comfortable in his own skin. Buttigieg is extremely sharp. Do not forget that he was a Rhodes Scholar. The criticism was quite civil, on point, warranted and factually correct.

Let’s cut to the chase:

In other words: You are all victims so send us some money. NOM never offers specifics on precisely what they will do with that money or how they will do it.

It’s Friday. The idiots have worn me out. I will quote just one portion of Brown’s BS:

Since I am proud to be in the company of Mike Pence – a devout Christian, solid conservative, loyal husband and good and decent man – I’d like to respond to Mayor Buttigeg’s broadside. There are two key points that I want to make:

  • Mr. Mayor, let me firstly say that we don’t have a problem with ‘who you are;’ we have a problem with what you believe and your insistence that your beliefs be imposed on the rest of society.
  • Secondly, your Creator did not make you gay.

Mr. Brown cannot help himself. He is constantly projecting. In the first bullet Brown perfectly describes my problem with NOM. I am indifferent to the teachings of the Catholic Church but, from inception, NOM has tried to impose those beliefs on public policy. Furthermore, Brown definitely does have a problem with who Mayor Pete is. According to the Church, Buttigieg is “objectively disordered.”

Buttigieg believes in equal protection and due process. He is lawfully married to another man. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether or not Mr. Brown — or Mr. Pence for that matter — approve of his marriage. Marriage equality is the law of the land. If Brown doesn’t approve then he can try for a constitutional amendment to oppose what more than two-thirds of society approve of.

As for the second point regarding how Buttigieg became gay, Brown conflicts with medical science. Brown takes the coward’s way out:

I will cover the second point in detail in a subsequent email, but for today I would like to focus on the fact that supporters of marriage, like Vice President Pence, are not out campaigning against gays and lesbians for ‘who they are.’ Our cause is not condemning homosexuals, it’s upholding marriage. NOM has always maintained that gays and lesbians are free to live their lifestyle as they choose, but they are not free to redefine marriage for all of society.

Brown’s “free to live” is just bullshit if we cannot marry and if our children cannot have married parents.

I simply cannot wait for that “subsequent email” when Brown explains the development of sexual orientation. Brown goes on to say that he is not a bigot while saying bigoted things which include referring to a sexual orientation he disapproves of as a “lifestyle.” “Upholding marriage” is code for banning same-sex marriage because the Catholic Church does not approve. “Redefining marriage” is just rhetorical bullshit. Brown is implying that we are demanding approval from him and others.

Mr. Brown: Let me inform you, in no uncertain terms, that we neither seek nor require your approval for who we are. Because we do not seek approval, there is nothing that NOM can do — there is nothing for NOM to do — that has any bearing on the lives of people who do not approve of our marriages. This, in turn, exposes the lies posited in these fundraising efforts.

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By David Cary Hart

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