Beyond all of that, the ultra-religious treat LGBTQ people as those who have made very bad choices. We are not just evil. We are presumed to have terrible judgment.

Gary DeMar
Gary DeMar – American Vision

via Southern Poverty Law Center

Hate group leader Gary DeMar (American Vision) stopped targeting LGBT people for some time. Perhaps he was trying to get off the list compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center which he admitted negatively affected institutional donations. Perhaps he no longer cares because he has reverted to form.

Predictable certainty:

There’s a great deal of sloppy thinking going on about human sexuality. Many Christians have capitulated on the topic of same-sex sexuality. They’ve given into the premise that God’s Word does not disapprove of such relationships. Students at some Christian colleges are the worst offenders. Students and alumni at Taylor University, a Christian College in Upland, Indiana, are denouncing the decision to have Vice President Mike Pence deliver this year’s Commencement because of his opposition to same-sex sexuality.

For the record, Taylor University is on Campus Pride’s Shame List because of its Title IX exemption which permits the school to discriminate without losing federal student aid. Pence will be the commencement speaker.

Some anti-Darwin rhetoric while he is at it:

Sex is a good thing. It was created by God. It didn’t evolve, and if it did, then any type of sex is OK, even rape. According to evolutionists, human beings, homo sapiens (wise man) to use the scientific vernacular, are evolved animals. Animals passed on their genes via rape and stopped genetic inferiors through “murder.”

Human primacy developed because of religious devotion. After all, they argued, only a human being has an immortal soul. Darwin and modern science changed all of that with the evolution continuum. Human beings have primacy because they are the most intelligent of animals. We also possess a level of emotional intelligence that does not exist in animals. I agree with DeMar that sex is, indeed, a good thing. Not only does it produce offspring but it feels great.

Sex defines morality:

People who engage in same-sex behavior must decide what side of the moral wall they are on. If they decide to abandon God, then homosexuality is just something evolved bags of meat and bones with an evolved monkey brain do.

We do not have to make that decision. Gary DeMar has saved us the trouble of doing so. Note the absence of the phrase “gay people.” They do not exist in DeMar’s world. They are substituted with people who have gay sex. Otherwise, Mr. DeMar is in the uncomfortable position of having to explain why some people have a different sexual orientation than most people. If you believe in an omnipotent god then the continuum -of sexual orientation is god-given.

It follows that we are sexual beings with sexual desires that we are compelled to act on. Why would the deity make people only to frustrate their sexual longings?

Therefore, DeMar and others of similar mind are obligated to dispense with the entire concept of sexual orientation. Our sexuality is not defined by intersecting points of gender and orientation continua. Oh no. Out of convenience our sexuality is defined by the kind of sex that we engage in which, in turn, defines us. The entire narrative is intellectually dishonest at the outset because it seeks to redefine reality to suit the dogma of a belief system.

Most assuredly morality is not defined by the kind of sex that we engage in.

DeMar continues with the idea that if gay sex is acceptable then there are no guardrails:

There is no right or wrong about anything. No hate crimes. No murder. No theft. No rape. No adultery. No prohibition against sex with children of any age.

The above is ludicrous. Sex (gay and straight), for example, is only acceptable when the participants are consenting adults. DeMar is manufacturing a condition that does not exist. Our civil society can accept homosexuality while, at the same time, condemning murder, theft and rape. DeMar is actually providing us with examples of the limitations and constrictions of unquestioned obedience to religious dogma.

In point of fact, some very moral people are gay or have had abortions. Some highly immoral people are — or at least claim to be — ultra-religious. As a society we have evolved past the point where religion defines morality. We are quite capable of differentiating between sin (my consumption of a lobster tail) and depravity (pedophiles). Lumping them together is dishonest.

Rewriting the rules with a straw man:

According to atheists, morality is a social construct foisted on humans based on religious myths. Atheistic materialism cannot account for any kind of morality since there is no ultimate lawgiver to pass judgment.

“Foisted” means an unwelcome imposition. Morality is an important construct for society. Morality is not dependent upon religious belief nor is it related to materialism. The belief that morality is defined by an interpretation and presumption of a deity’s judgment causes all sorts of problems. These include the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans, slavery and then segregation. They were all deemed to be moral on the premise that a god would approve.

In a truly moral society the means are never justified by the end. In our society today we have a number of sanctimonious supposedly moral Christian leaders who are making excuses for Donald Trump’s sociopathic behavior — past and present — to get some judges that they like appointed. As critical as I am of the Catholic Church, at least they condemned Trump for his cruel family separation policy. Evangelical Christians have not done so. Nor have they criticized the obvious greed and corruption in our government. None of that matters because they are obsessed with women’s reproductive rights.

In fact, evangelical Christians have enabled some of Trump’s worst behavior towards Muslims and other minorities. Those good Christians do so without apology. None of it matters if they have a possibility of eroding abortion rights and if they can keep LGBTQ Americans in check.

Our world is different. For example, we treat transgender people with dignity and kindness because it is the right thing to do. Conservative Christians treat them with inhumanity because their morality is defined — not by right and wrong — but, in this case, by a passage in Genesis. Where is the morality in treating children with savagery? Where is the morality in doing violence to people by the simple politeness of using appropriate pronouns in order to demonstrate their disapproval?

Beyond all of that, the ultra-religious set treat LGBTQ people as those who have made very bad choices. We are not just evil. We are presumed to have terrible judgment. I am quite comfortable in my own skin. But LGBTQ children hear the same barbaric messages. Where is the morality in malice directed at vulnerable kids?

In the end, opposition to Pete Buttigieg is not about him personally; it’s about what he does. The same standard that’s used against his sexual practices applies to everyone equally. It’s the same moral law for everyone.

No it is not the same moral law for everyone and who the hell appointed Mr. DeMar to be the arbiter of moral law? That passage in Leviticus that supposedly condemns gay sex is subject to the interpretations of people as scholarly as Mr. DeMar presumes to be.

Many faithful Christians and Jews believe that the Hebrew Bible and Christian scripture reflect the times in which they were written. What was prohibited was the violation of young boy slaves by their owners. The slavery, however, was not a sin. Nor was it sinful to murder an insolent child or a bride who was not a virgin. At least not according to the same ancient screeds.

In conclusion quoting a windbag:

I happen to think that Everett Piper is an incoherent blowhard as evidenced by DeMar’s quoted text regarding Pete Buttigieg:

Your sexual appetites are your business. The thing about obedient and faithful Christians is this; we consider someone else’s private life to be just that — Private. Please stop telling us what kind of sex you like. We don’t want to know. If you want us to stay out of your bedroom, please shut the door. Stop opening it up and forcing us to applaud and celebrate.

I think that we all know just how profoundly dishonest the above is. Why would Gary DeMar quote something so deceitful? Piper and DeMar are both offended by the fact that Pete Buttigieg is married to another man. Buttigieg’s sex life is no more on display than Mike Pence’s given that Pence has used his wife to advance political campaigns.

In the end this has less to do with what is moral than what Mr. DeMar approves of based on his literal (yet selectively observant) interpretation of ancient texts. Silly me. I always thought that morality was first depicted by adherence to the Golden Rule. But what do I know? I’m just a cranky atheistic Jewish queer.

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By David Cary Hart

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