Smearing the SPLC is not going to make Liberty Counsel something other than a hate group.

Mat Staver
Hate group leader Mad Mat Staver – Liberty Counsel

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Hate group leader Mad Mat Staver (Liberty Counsel) is convinced from an article in Daily Caller that a partnership between Twitter and the Southern Poverty Law Center has been dissolved. Come to think of it Mat Staver doesn’t need to be convinced. He is perfectly willing to lie if he can shift the blame to someone else. This time he cannot even do that.

According to Mad Mat:

Twitter has finally distanced itself from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) after the implosion regarding the ongoing sexual harassment, racial discrimination and donor deception inside the organization. The SPLC hypocritically labels Christian, pro-family, and conservative nonviolent groups, such as Liberty Counsel, as “hate groups.”

Staver is making several claims, all of which are incorrect:

  1. Twitter had a relationship with the SPLC
  2. Twitter severed that relationship
  3. Twitter severed the relationship because of some internal problems that the SPLC has endured
  4. All of this was recent

None of the above is true

In fact, Staver’s source is the Daily Caller which he cites:

According to The Daily Caller, an anonymous source from Twitter confirmed that “The SPLC is not a member of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council as a ‘safety partner’ working to combat ‘hateful conduct and harassment’ and providing ‘input on our safety products, policies, and programs.’”

In point of fact, that statement is correct. Staver (and others) would like people to believe that the above quote means that the SPLC was at one time a member of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council. It doesn’t say that. It doesn’t say that because the SPLC was never a member of the Council which was formed in 2017.

In a prior post, I traced this back using with links to the representative historical captures. I could have just as easily asked for a statement from the SPLC but that wouldn’t prove anything. The links to the historical record do prove what I have stated as fact.

The lie continues:

The four major social media companies in Silicon Valley, Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter, worked with or consulted the SPLC as early as June 2018 to help police their platforms for “hate speech” or “hate groups.” Twitter appears to be the only one to now completely separate itself from the SPLC.

Note the “now” in the above quote. Staver doesn’t care. He figures that if he continues to state a lie it will become true. Now what is true is that Mat Staver has the intellectual curiosity of a pimento-stuffed olive. However, his is not a failure of curiosity. The one statement that he does quote does not say what Staver says it says. That means that Staver is lying. There is no other explanation.

Liberty Counsel recently joined a coalition of 69 other conservative leaders and organizations in releasing an open letter to news organizations, social media platforms and corporate donors to sever their ties with the SPLC and its ongoing effort to defame and slander mainstream conservative organizations.

None of this has the remotest connection to why Liberty Counsel is deemed a hate group. Staver lies because he is unable to make a statement to the effect that the Southern Poverty Law Center is factually incorrect about anything it says regarding Liberty Counsel. In other words this is an argument ad hominem — attacking the arguer rather than the argument. It is also profoundly dishonest.

Staver is wed to the notion that just being a conservative Christian is enough to give him a pass on hate group status. He equates piety to morality. Moral people at least try to be truthful.

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By David Cary Hart

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