“Dr. Michael Brown is a sociopath. He doesn’t consider, not for a second, how to treat a child who is in extreme distress…”

Dr. Michael Brown
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The sanctimonious Dr. Michael Brown doesn’t seem to be terribly concerned with telling the truth. Brown’s essay Wednesday is titled: Why We Cannot Be Silent. I, for one, am quite pleased that Brown is not silent. Each utterance demonstrates the dishonesty of his nonstop anti-LGBT diatribe. Each polemic depicts both his animus for, and obsession with, LGBT people. Wednesday was no exception:

A growing number of parents are devastated after their vulnerable, confused, trans-identified daughters have had their breasts removed, only to realize they are actually women. Or their sons have had their private parts altered, only to realize they are actually boys. Dare we be silent?

There is a link in the above quote to anonymous posts on one of those anonymous transgender denial sites, Kelsey Coalition, which I wrote about on April 9. Anything is possible but, while Brown is busy not being silent, perhaps he can explain how those daughters had surgery without parental consent. Or perhaps he can explain how they were diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

Recent research demonstrates that there is overwhelming satisfaction with gender confirmation surgery. How much time supposedly elapsed between when these girls supposedly had surgery and when they had surgical regret? A requirement of gender-confirmation surgery is living as one’s gender, with hormone support, for at least a year. During that year they are further required to undergo intensive counseling which continues after surgery. Did these girls or women travel to Uruguay for their supposed surgery?

As I said on April 9, I know bullshit when I see it. I neglected the obvious odor.

It is not easy for children to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria. They must meet six of eight objective criteria (outlined in the link, above) and the child must be experiencing significant distress or impairment in function, which has lasted for at least six months.

Brown doesn’t know any of this because he does not want to know any of this. He doesn’t want to know because it might contradict his religious convictions.

As noted by the Kelsey Coalition, “History is replete with medical scandals. Frontal lobotomies to treat mental illness. Forced sterilization to control ‘undesirable’ populations. The infamous Tuskegee Experiment. Indefensible, unethical medical procedures were performed for years. Why did it take so long to stop them?

“History is repeating itself.”

Brown should surrender his PhD for comparing gender affirmation to either frontal lobotomies or the Tuskegee Experiment. In both cases the patients did not provide informed consent. Brown has not been clear on whether he is referring to children or adults. Brown is conveniently short on details. It is dishonesty through omission. If he cannot get answers to obvious questions then he should find some other avenue of anti-LGBT bigotry.

The trans denial sites are supposedly, and universally, concerned with children in their early teens who supposedly experience late-onset gender dysphoria which, in most cases, would not survive competent diagnostics. The reference to lobotomies is common on these sites. We have no idea who is involved with these sites. We do not know how many people are really involved and how much overlap there is from site to site. It could be one or two people. My latest domain for a link shortner cost me 15 bucks.

Neither Brown nor anyone else has explained the departure of these people (the subjects of the trans denial sites) from established medical science. Not one medical doctor or psychologist who actually works with transgender people has ever written about this supposed group of people who defy medical science. There should be plenty of grant money around to fund such a study. Witherspoon would spend a bundle to discredit transgender science.

Today, “young people are often prescribed risky hormonal treatments. … Not a single long-term study supports such risky medical interventions.” Worst of all, “Minor children may be treated surgically. Girls may have their breasts removed at age 13 and their uterus at 16. Teen boys may have their penis and testes removed shortly after their 16th birthday.”

I will assume that Brown is quoting from the anonymous at the anonymous. There are numerous long-term studies. One that immediately comes to mind is a peer-reviewed article in Journal of Clinical & Translational Endocrinology. Researchers analyzed 47 years of literature and concluded: “Hormone therapy in transgender adults is safe with provider supervision.” Moreover, the Endocrine Society endorses hormone therapy as safe and effective. They have been around since 1916. Are they all irresponsible crackpots?

As for the treatment of minor children, that requires parental and patient consent. 13-year-old trans boys would not require chest surgery had they been placed on puberty blockers. Brown couldn’t care less about the substantial distress experienced by a trans boy who starts to grow breast tissue. The fact that gender confirmation surgery is available at 16 does not mean widely performed.

Brown thinks that’s a shocker. A 16-year-old receiving gender-confirming surgery has lived as their gender for a number of years, has received (and will continue to receive) substantial counseling, has parental consent and has the consent of the medical staff involved. It might explain why desistance rates are minuscule.

But Brown doesn’t care about any of that. Nor does he care about the plight of people who require gender-affirmation to live normal lives. Nor does he care about all of the professional organizations that recommend gender-affirming care. No. Not at all. The only thing that Brown gives two shits about in this regard is a passage in Genesis which says that his god created man and woman. Brown is incapable of processing a biblical conflict.

More bloviation:

Our moral framework is collapsing, and our kids and grandkids and great-grandkids will pay dearly. How can I hold my tongue from speaking or restrain my pen from writing?

It is love that motivates me and moves me. Love for God. Love for America. Love for the coming generations. Love for what is best.

How is treating kids according to the best available medical science immoral? Shall we consult with a faith healer? Immoral is not treating people in accordance with established science due to superstitions.

Brown is ever self-serving with his so-called love. Claiming that people should be made to suffer in order to conform reality to scripture is not love. It never has been. Conservative Christians have a record of extreme barbarity which today’s adherents seek to excuse. Their treatment of sexual minorities is just another chapter.

Brown attempts to immunize himself from criticism:

You can call it hate. You can brand me a Nazi. That will only encourage me to speak up all the more clearly.

It sure as hell isn’t love. Brown expresses bigotry and he is obsessed with expressing bigotry towards LGBTQ people. Brown’s animus is the result of blind obedience to ancient manuscripts in the absence of critical thinking. In his own way Dr. Michael Brown is a sociopath. He doesn’t consider, not for a second, how to treat a child who is in extreme distress due to gender dysphoria. Should a parent find some crackpot who offers some variety of conversion therapy?

Brown is quick to quote some ignoramus questioning the availability of research on hormone therapy (there is an ample supply). Where is the peer-reviewed research to support any form of talk therapy for people who are transgender or gender nonconforming? Brown doesn’t care. He would prefer the suffering over creating the biblical inconsistency.

As always, Christians are the real victims:

… a concerned mom posted [to Twitter]: “Sad truth! Even my daughter who goes to a Christian school comes under attack for defending what the Bible has to say about homosexuality. She gets so frustrated. Cried today to me about having to defend 2 genders among a few of her friends. Jesus said we would be persecuted.”

All that proves is that the ignorance gets passed down from mother to daughter. Most Christians disagree with that mother. There is a reason for that. We know more today than people knew when the Bible was written. But that is besides the point. What does that woman’s stupidity have to do with Brown’s bigotry towards transgender people?

Even Brown’s religious assumptions are nonsensical:

Pat Buchanan put all this in context in a recent article, noting that, “If Pete [Buttigieg] is right, since the time of Christ, Christians have ostracized and persecuted gays simply for being and behaving as God intended. (Buttigieg is the aforementioned gay presidential candidate.)

“And if that is true, what is the defense of Christianity?”

The “progressive” response is simple: Just rewrite the book!

Wrong! Brown wants to put words in my mouth and the mouths of other people who do not agree with him. He creates a childish straw man which is a logical fallacy per se. The rational response is to recognize that the Bible represents the times in which it was written. That makes the most sense unless he wants to start stoning brides who are not virgins.

There was no such thing as known homosexuality in biblical times. It was done in total secrecy. What was known is the conduct of the owners of young slave boys who were mostly heterosexual. Where is the point of reference?

Brown goes on at some length to describe how we are going to hell in a handbasket. He is ignoring real problems to hone in on his favorite hobby. Our greatest problem today is climate change. If Brown were really worried about our future he would spend time writing on that subject.

In addition, more and more conservatives are expressing concern over economic inequality and the widening divide. When someone like Jamie Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan Chase) is saying stuff like that, it is time to pay attention. Many things are far more important than the religious transgressions of LGBT people.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.