“The biggest problem that the children of gay couples face is the bigotry towards their parents expressed by unhinged religious zealots.”

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Mayor Pete Buttigieg and his husband announced last week their plans to raise children. This is a remarkable opportunity for a child or children. Mayor Pete, a Harvard graduate with an MA from Oxford, is a Rhodes Scholar, military veteran and enormously popular mayor. Mayor Pete’s husband, Chasten Buttigieg, has a master’s degree in education and is a teacher at a Montessori school. They appear to be ideal parents (at least to sane, rational people).

The Buttigiegs’ background is not good enough for the Christian crazies. Gay crackpot, Doug Mainwaring took the cynical approach:

Once Mayor Pete’s presidential campaign took off, of course his advisers were going to tell him to obtain one or more photogenic children, because Americans like to have their presidents be family men.

That is factually wrong. Buttigieg said that the campaign has delayed their desire to have kids. More importantly, this takes an amazing amount of chutzpah. Mainwaring married an ex-lesbian, left her for a time to be in a relationship with a man and then returned, supposedly for the benefit of his children and to conform to Catholic dogma. Whose children are more likely to be stable, healthy, happy and successful? Whose kids are likely to do better in school? The Buttigiegs’ or the Mainwarings’? Whose children are more likely to be neurotic, unstable and unhappy?

Mainwaring cites the outrageous tweet of Leila Marie Lawler who appears to be a professional Catholic:

Ms. Lawler’s judgment, when it comes to children, might be depicted by the fact that she has an e-book on the meaning of marriage with an introduction by George Cardinal Pell. Pell is a convicted pedophile and Lawler has not removed the intro. The full title of this page-turner is: God Has No Grandchildren: A guided reading of Pius XI’s encyclical Casti Connubii, On Chaste Marriage. Fascinating no doubt.

Katy Faust of Ask the Bigot fame does not approve of the Buttigiegs either:

I would have a few questions for that individual.

Mr. Mainwaring has more to say:

I’m hoping that the Mayor Pete is an intellectually curious soul and that he is will willing to weigh his own interests against the interests of any child he might obtain.

The man was a Rhodes scholar and a graduate of Harvard and Mainwaring has the balls to question Mayor Pete’s intellectual curiosity. Mainwaring’s curiosity extends no further than the catechism of the Catholic Church. He was Brian S. Brown’s little self-loathing poodle billed as “the gay man who opposes gay marriage” while NOM schlepped him to anti-gay events. But Mainwaring has more advice:

I suggest that the mono-gendered Buttigiegs begin by watching the Disney remake of the movie The Parent Trap, in order to see how children deprived of a relationship with either their mother or father continue to hunger for their missing parent, no matter how celebrated, wealthy or loving their household is.

Great fucking advice! You nailed it Dougie! He goes on to reference three amicus briefs:

Robert Oscar Lopez and B.N. Klein [Brittany Newmark Klein aka Rivka Edelman]

Heather Barwick and Katy Faust

Dawn Stefanowicz and Denise Shick

Those six people are all well known for their anti-gay bigotry and their alignment with anti-LGBT groups. All six have questionable mental hygiene (they really are quite nutty) and all six have “daddy issues.” Obviously none of the six was raised by a married gay couple. In fact it is questionable if they were raised by gay people at all. Lopez, for example, was raised by his mother whose lesbian lover did not live in the same home. They also have campaigned for the necessity of biological parents which would dispense with adoption altogether.

Mainwaring, further displaying his personality disorder:

I can’t imagine that either Peter or Chasten Buttigieg could’ve easily done without their own moms, but choosing to “have” a child with no mom involved is tantamount to proclaiming exactly that: “Mother Buttigieg and Mother Glezman: Your services as a parent weren’t all that necessary. We don’t think our future child requires the sort of love and care you gave either of us.”

Really? Well the best president in my lifetime, Barack Obama, was raised by a single parent. Mainwaring would be spouting the same bullshit about the need for a father were the Buttigiegs lesbians. Mainwaring’s problem is that the Catholic Church does not approve of gay people. In fact, according to the Church, Mainwaring himself is “objectively disordered.” Who parented him and made him so neurotic and self-hating?

“In the gay marriage debate, adults were framed as victims,” noted Faust, writing at Public Discourse. “While it’s true that many LGBT adults have experienced struggle and loss, the real victims of the marriage and family battle are children. Too often, victories for adults cost children their fundamental rights.”

Wrong! Actually, as Justice Kennedy noted, the greatest victims of marriage inequality were the children being raised by gay couples. Moreover, the “fundamental right” of children is to be raised in a loving, stable home. My community’s children seem to be over-achievers. They are as psychologically well adjusted, if not slightly more so, than children raised by traditional couples. What was that about curiosity? Perhaps Mr. Mainwaring should be sufficiently curious to consult the recent research. Another. And one more (of many).

A gay president obtaining children via surrogacy sends the wrong message
My former colleague, Ana Samuel, academic director of CanaVox, recently wrote an open letter to Pete Buttigieg, titled A Message to Mayor Pete from a Latina Mama: Don’t Force Your Sexual Ideology on Me and My Children, after he suggested that those who fail to support LGBT ideology are bigots…

Dishonest crap. I wrote about Ms. Samuel’s drivel last week. Furthermore, this “support LGBT ideology” drivel is appalling from a gay man like Mainwaring. Not to mention that he is begging the question. He knows perfectly well that being LGBT is not a doctrine or philosophy. What Mainwaring is really saying (while framing it dishonestly) is that Buttigieg demands the approval of religious conservatives. That is not what he said and we don’t care. Their disapproval is irrelevant but we will set the record straight. We will debunk religious dogma with scientific facts and we will out the bigotry of people who have a religious objection to the very existence of gay people.

There is a noisy fringe of religious kooks who claim that the children of gay couples are disadvantaged. However, the overwhelming conclusion of social scientists is that they are as healthy, happy and successful as the children raised by opposite-sex couples.

Mr. Mainwaring should worry about his own children. They are being raised by two neurotic ex-gays who are religious fundamentalists. The concern is obvious.

The biggest problem that the children of gay couples face is the bigotry towards their parents expressed by unhinged religious zealots. In spite of that these kids are doing just fine; thank you very much.

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By David Cary Hart

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