Threats of violence towards accepting parents and healthcare providers are more common than we might appreciate.

Jeremiah Keenan
Jeremiah Keenan has some growing up to do

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Jeremiah Keenan has written five posts at the Federalist about a transgender Canadian boy. Keenan’s obsession has created a number of problems. Keenan lacks the intellectual curiosity to attempt to understand why people become transgender in the first place. It’s not because they wish to upset religious conservatives.

Keenan has been in league with the boy’s non-custodial father who, unlike Mom, does not accept his trans son. Daddy seems to think that he will affect his case in the Canadian courts by publicizing this matter. Keenan and Daddy Dearest have also conspired to subject the boy’s healthcare providers to criticism and even threats of violence.

Somehow denying the kid the best medical care according to experienced doctors will fix everything. The Canadian courts get it. The boys father is hopelessly ignorant.

Keenan’s current post is titled Authorities To Arrest Canadian Father If He Refers To Trans Child As Her Real Sex. He links to a highly redacted document of unknown origin. I would bet that it comes from the trans boy’s father and it violates a court order.

The full decision is here. This involves a trans boy referred to as A.B. and his non-custodial father, referred to as C.D. The introduction reads as follows:

AB, a 14 year old transgender boy, applies for a protection order to restrain his father, CD, from publishing, speaking or giving interviews about this case or about AB’s personal and medical information. He also seeks an order that would restrain his father from sharing related documents or information with other persons, including media and social media organizations, who might publish that information.

CD opposes this relief on the basis that the public attention that he brings to AB’s case through interviews, publishing information, and publicly speaking about this case is essential to society and to his rights as a parent.

CD acknowledges that AB identifies as male, but fundamentally does not accept AB’s chosen gender identity. Nor does he accept this Court’s determination that it is in AB’s best interests that AB be acknowledged and referred to according to his chosen gender identity. Finally, CD does not accept this court’s previous determination that referring to AB with female pronouns or otherwise denying his gender identity is causing AB harm. CD says that an order of this Court cannot change his beliefs in this regard, and that there is and should be no restriction on his rights as a parent to express those beliefs to AB and to the world at large.

AB’s mother, EF, supports AB’s application for a protection order. CD and EF share custody and guardianship of AB.

In other words, CD is a transgender denying schmuck who cannot accept the Court’s judgment which was based, in part, on medical and scientific evidence regarding transgender and gender dysphoric youth.

Some of the problems that Mr. Keenan is directly and indirectly responsible for:

Note that it is obvious that CD has provided unredacted material to Keenan who lacked decent judgment. This is just a partial list of the problems according to court records.

The Federalist articles use the pseudonym Maxine, but also originally identified AB by his chosen name. They also contain links to materials in this family law case, including a full copy (not redacted for anonymity or marked as an exhibit) of a letter sent to CD on December 1, 2018 by AB’s doctor discussing AB’s decision to proceed with hormone therapy.

After CD’s second interview with the Federalist published after Justice Bowden’s decision, the published comments included:

…Maxine should be told she is no longer welcome in the family home.

· So apparently trannies have a high suicide rate… is this a bad thing? Having difficulty seeing a downside here.

With respect to the above, it is, after all, the moronic Federalist which is an idiot magnet. As you will read, they believe in violence to solve problems.

In a related case; CD v. Provincial Health Services:

Below the articles in the Federalist, the Federalist has published reader
comments. A number of these comments encourage or approve of violence against
AB’s healthcare professionals. Some of the more egregious posts include:

  • All the state actors in this incident (these doctors, etc.) need to be
    executed for high treason as well as child abuse and child abduction.
    Stealing a child from his parents to perform sex change perversions on
    the child is demonic behaviour and must be punished by death.
  • When those in positions of power and trust abuse children, parents need
    to retaliate. And we will start to see that here as the current push
    continues. I can tell you this though; if I had a daughter who was really
    struggling and someone in the lab coat told me they were gonna inject
    her with chemical cocktails (with permanent effects) whether I wanted
    them to or not, well… Parents have both a right and a duty to kill those
    who would abuse their kids.
  • It would be wise for the dad to take his daughter and flee Canada. This
    would be unwise because he would not win, but the dad has the moral
    right to use violence to stop the doctors from administering the
    testosterone to his daughter. Above all, he has a moral duty to do
    everything possible to ensure she never gets a(nother) dose.
  • If he chooses violence and the doctor dies, that is not murder and it may
    very well be better than doing nothing.

I will exempt Keenan and the Federalist for the following:

Online posts relating to this proceeding also appeared on the online forum
4chan. Many of these posts also encourage violence against members of AB’s
healthcare team. Some of the more egregious comments include the following:

  • …massive problem and there is only one solution: kill all the enablers –
    kill the judge and his family – kill all those who convinced the daughter
    that she can be a man – torture them violently on HD video to make an
    example of them once this is done the enablers will be scared and they
    will stop.
  • If the dad murdered the judges and doctors that forced this and I was
    selected for jury duty in this trial I would not convict him

Keenan is complicit in the following:

On February 26, 2019 the two healthcare professionals specifically named as
respondents in CD’s petition received a direct email from an anonymous address
calling them a “child abuser,” stating that they should not be permitted near children,
and that they belonged in prison. The emails contain a link to the February 26
Federalist article. Both have since felt compelled to make security changes at their
practices and clinics, and are concerned about their safety and that of their other

The February 26 Federalist article contains a link to a letter written to CD
regarding AB’s medical status and recommended treatment by AB’s doctors. This
letter identifies both the healthcare professionals, and the child by his birth name.

CD’s response to the Court was to the effect: “You cannot prove that I supplied the letter.” Sure.

The order of the Court:

  • a) CD shall be restrained from:
    • i. attempting to persuade AB to abandon treatment for gender dysphoria;
    • ii. addressing AB by his birth name; and
    • iii. referring to AB as a girl or with female pronouns whether to AB directly or to third parties;
  • b) CD shall not directly, or indirectly through an agent or third party, publish or share information or documentation relating to AB’s sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, mental or physical health, medical status or therapies, other than with the following:
    • i. His legal counsel;
    • ii. Legal counsel for AB, EF, and the named respondents in the Petition currently filed as Vancouver Registry S-191565;
    • iii. The Court;
    • iv. Medical professionals engaged in AB’s care or CD’s care;
    • v. Any other person authorized through written consent of AB; and
    • vi. Any other person authorized by order of this court;
  • c) CD shall not authorize anyone, other than his own retained counsel, to access or make copies of any of the files from the Registry in relation to this proceeding or any related proceeding, including CD’s petition proceedings currently filed as S-191565

Returning to Keenan’s current piece in the Federalist:

Therefore, Mr. Keenan, CD has been fully represented by counsel in this matter. He has had his fair day in court. The Court has ordered that he comply with what has been determined to be in the child’s best medical interests. The father is being prevented from further inflicting his own stupidity on his son. When people do not comply with court orders they become subject to enforcement actions.

Another idiot heard from:

Kari Simpson, the president of Canadian pro-family organization Culture Guard, complained that the “BC Court has become a Star Chamber,” using raw power to rewrite reality.

“This is extreme and dangerous,” she said, arguing that the court was forcing Clark to embrace a “delusion” about his daughter’s gender and her “abuse” at the hands of doctors, or else be arrested.

What is delusional is the notion that medical science should conform to ancient texts. Ms. Simpson seems to think that reality is defined by those same ancient chronicles which, by the way, claim that Earth is the center of the universe around which the sun rotates.

The threats of violence noted by the courts referred to AB’s healthcare providers because that was what was at issue. That is what the Court took notice of. It is very easy to see how this could bubble over to AB’s mother and AB himself. As for young Mr. Keenan, he needs to find something more productive to do with his time.

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